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Great Show, inspired by....
Of course the British Original "Trollied". Minus aspects of the show are, its actually just the Office cast with different faces. Same Characters, same development of the characters which really takes out alot of fun about the show. Still though, 8 points for fun, humor and a very good production


Worst adaption i have ever seen of a extremley well written book. Its in every bit awful thats why there nothing more to add, especially Uwe Ochsenknecht was just even minus anything.....german so called actors should be fobidden to work or even call themselves actors

Das Boot

As usual....
It´s german produced Television. Produced by Bavaria productions, so what to expect? I feared the "worst" and it totally met my expectations. Bad acting from people who are talking like those "reality tv scripted extras" from the street. I gave it 3 stars, cause at least the quality of the set, effects werent as bad as everyone is used to from german productions. But with a budget of 25 Mil. at least here was something to hope for.

Furthermore, who had the idea to implement in a 2nd WW Drama about Submarines two lead roles with strong women characters? There was no need, no sense even in doing it.

To wrap it up....Germany is, was and will never be able to produce 1, max 2 Movies in an amount of 2 decades which are acceptable. Everything else is on Til Schweiger Level and more then embarassing....Das Boot is par mediocre to give an objective judgement

Heute Show

A reason to smash your Television!
Unfunny german´s who are trying to be funny in a satirical way and making it even worse!

This is MAJOR CRINGE! you want to punch every actor in the face for his awefulness and these guys are still celebrating themselves cause they are so delusional and think that they are authentically comedians!

Even the fact that i am re reading what i wrote right now...Major Cringe is still a´s like being struck with brain cancers instantly

Extra Drei

as usual, it´s german "comedy"
Unfunny and actually a torture.....i would love to give it -10 points. Kalkofe isnt funny at all, nothing new....fat dude who normally dresses up in women clothes and thinks he is funny tries again does not even makes me want to switch off the makes me want to throw my TV out of the window

Der Wixxer

like every german movie
The headline sums it up at all.....poor acting, extremley unfunny jokes and parodies and a huge load of second hand embarassment feeling even watching it.....for german movices there should be a minus rating availiable. SO sad that i even tuned in by accident

Black Panther

When i watched it for the first time i couldnt even remotley grasp the hype about it. They said it is groundbreaking, they said oh my god...a black role model....oh my god it´s soooooo good cause there is a black super hero.

Producing a show to even generate such an effect shows everyone clearly...there is a society deeply in denial and not even near the 21st century regarding their social development and exploiting this fact makes it even worse....

Bottom line....some dude in costumes who does not sell crack is playing some obscure hero and everyone thinks its groundbreaking....WOW!


Maybe in a Mirror Universe things happened like this
If i could give minus 10 points, i would have done!


Of course....1 Sherman Tank, badly damaged, in the middle of a crossing is killing of a so called "super elite" SS unit with anti tank this point the rest of the plot was totally unimportant cause i condensed it down to only this...why waste my time with some character developments and acting if i have to watch this abortion of reality and total delusion?

Designated Survivor

Designated Braindead
Quite nicley produced, but nothing more....why?

Let me explain to you how every Episode is working....

Murica has a crisis.....connected to the crisis there is some morale "predicament" the President has with it, cause he is such a decent and inspiring mate, due to the fact he never wanted to be president. Then some "historically" quotes are coming up, like Lincoln did this, Kennedy did that....

Then justifications are being brought up, cause it´s every time...the ends justifies the means....and these justifications are justififed with, the Murican people have freedom....

Underlined is the show with some actors who are permanently using the standard phrases like, "it was an honor to server with you", "with all due respect" some other bla bla and everyone is sooo blown away and inspired by Kiefer Sutherland, cause he is the new George Washington / Kennedy / Lincoln President.

I gave it 5 stars.....the production is quite nice, actors are doing a well job and it´s a show i am letting running when i am doing some stuff which does not need any attention, that made it a bit entertaining.

The sad thing is....this show is actually some propaganda, AMerica No.1 show...nothing more. Potential was there, but wasted

The Good Wife

predictable and a mix of diferent series contents
Sometimes when me Girlfriend is watching this Desaster i spend a few minutes in front of the TV and take a short break of the reality watching this.

Every Character is extremley predictable in their decisions, development and actions. Makes it boring in the first place. It takes 10-15 min. to watch it, to predict what will happen within the next episodes, even if they put in their so called "plot twists" underlined with dramatic music. It does not really need brain power to get what they are doing.

Furtherthemore.....come on?! The want to be Underwod maried couple does politics? Also a hell of alot other contents from different series...

It deserves a ranking of 1 cause it is nothing more then the work of writers who watched several different other shows and thought, hell yeah, lets mix it together and develop some new stuff....

The Terror

Just awesome! One of the best series i watched in the last years. Jared Harris, Ciaran Hinds and Tobias Menzies are just blowing your socks off in this genius and well structured plot!

10/10 and i can recomend it to everyone

Troy: Fall of a City

an odyssey of mediocracy
To keep it short....the heading of the review meets all you ned to know about this show.

Black Zeus and Achilles climbed the olymp of mediocracy and boredome, like everyone else who gave me the impression that they are all in the show for the pay check and nothing more.

The Iliad produced for TV in all the wrong ways you could do it.

Roman Empire: The Triumvirate
Episode 1, Season 2

After 2 minutes i had to shut off my laptop while listening to such an enormous load of false facts and gigantic inaccuracy....of course Cesar served as ordinary legionary in the legions when he was 19 and he rose to the top....WTF?!

this is not an american success story fantasy Will smith´s a documentary. First get your facts right and please do not put authors of medioker books and assistant professors without any knowledge in there....


strong start got wasted....
I was quite optimistic at the beginning to watch it, cause the plot and story had an exciting appeal....but as "usual" nowadays the producers of so called historic inspired shows suggest bullshit to the viewer.....we are in Iowa in the 30s, in the United States where seperate but equal is going on....a black dude with a gun and a farm who his friends with some redneck that point you derailed it....make historic shows please historic adequate....i am now at episode 5 and i look forward to the possibility of gender diversity you surley have built in, cause we all know in the 30s everybody celebrated that.

After Trek

a show for a show.....
To even produce a show for a series which obviously isnt working at all explains everything.

The idea itself was braindead and this is highlighted even more as the series continues.

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