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Bang Bus

Student eats burritos
Plot Summary: So like these guys in a van are going around colleges looking to score with hot student chicks then they pass this black girl who is on her way home and they ask her to do an interview and she says no because they are like strangers and they are like OK show us your tits and she does for money and feminism then she is seduced by the money and she gets in the van because they are rich and white so they must be safe and then she sucks on the guy's burrito and rides it then she gives back the money and gets out of the van naked and they drive off laughing.

Review: Black is back and this time Haylee Wynters takes on a hot burrito in the back of a white van. Struggling with her college funds and being oppressed by men to keep her clothes on, Haylee cannot deny the slut she is for much longer as white knights in a white van come by and whisk her off on an amazing sexual adventure that will either leave her rich beyond her wildest dreams, or scarred for life. Wynters' acting is superb and goes beyond the limits as the dumb college slut. A difficult role to play but she nailed it like she nailed her co-star who did a good job in the supporting role as a guy who likes sex I guess. The pace of the plot starts of slow but is critical in understanding the protagonist's feminist roots and her backstory gives her convincing character more depth. By the end of the story, you realise that the movie takes on a more political message than realised at first, which is that a lot of the government's money is going towards training sluts to be nurses. Which is a good thing. Also a lot of praise for seeing a black female in an empowered role, however the fact that the protagonist is duped by the end is quite controversial.. but so true to life that it is tragic and brought a tear to my eye. 10/10 would bang.

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