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OMG, best movie ever
This movie is the best ever! A great cast, writer's, producer's! The music was perfect! I won't give any spoilers because this is a must see movie, even the trainer for Mel( the dog) did a great job! I would give this movie more stars if they were offered! Anyone who didn't like the movie has no taste when it comes to movie's. If you have never seen it, please take a night and watch it. I have watched it a bunch of times. I have it on right now again! If l watch a movie more than 5 times it's worth watching or even buying!

Independence Day

Great movie
Loved the movie. I won't put any spoilers in. Great acting by all cast members. I have enjoyed both, do hope there's a 3rd one in the future. I will definitely buy it! I just read alot of the reviews so l had to come back to say to the people that scored the movie so low, number 1, it was a fiction movie but it was a great movie. I loved hearing the President's speech, we need more of a speech in the real world today! That speech moved me even though it was just a movie! The part where he wants to join the other people to fight the aliens l thought that was great, again in real life be nice to have a President that cared enough if anything happened in real life would be willing to put his life on the line. That's what made this movie great! I think some people forget it's just a movie, but when l watch a movie l look at the story line, acting, etc. They all did a great job. I would like some of these people try to act in movie! I just don't get all the negative comments. Thank you to the ones who have it a 10 because that's what that cast, writer's and producer's deserved!

Independence Day: Resurgence

Great movie
I loved the movie and all the cast! Great acting! I was disappointed that they didn't bring Constance Spano character back and was said because of her age, and l thought that was crap since based on her picture which was up to date that for her age she looked great and Jeff was older than her. A little double standards to me. I had nothing against the actress that played the new woman in his life. Just they didn't have to say her age if they were just wanting to use a different story line. I hate. They killed off Dillions mom. I have to say over all l enjoyed it and have watched it alot of times. I always buy the DVD/ Blue Ray of l really enjoyed the movie, just don't understand why other people have low score on a great movie.

The Stand

Great movie
I enjoyed The Stand very much. I have watched it l know over 30 times. I watch it every night before l go to bed. I have read alot of the reviews and people have to remember that when it comes to TV, it won't be as great as the book because of the network. The cast did a great job! Just to let you know l'm watching it now. I love all of Kings books/movie's.

The Christmas Chronicles

Greatest movie for Christmas
Love this movie from beginning to the end. I have watched it on Netflix over 10 times, next step is to buy it at the store.

The Haunting of Hill House

Best Thriller ever
OMG, this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. I was up all night watching this great movie. A must see!!!

Beethoven's Christmas Adventure

Big loveable dog at his best
I just love all of Beethoven's movies, would love to see new ones. He just makes me laugh when I really need it. Thanks, Beethoven!

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