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Banshee Origins

Too good to of not heard of!!!
The most underrated show I've ever seen . Can't believe I hadn't heard of it till now . It has everything , one of the best shows you'll watch guaranteed , 4 series's just didn't seem enough . The action and story keeps you wanting to binge watch it . A Must watch!!

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

Gone over a few people's heads
Not a huge fan of all Tarantino's film but this one I enjoyed. Brad Pitts character is definitely the most entertaining , but Leonardo's is a well played character who I found likeable as the struggling actor . Margot Robbie put in a good turn with her performance too as the young actress. I do think this film goes over alot of people's heads as you'll see in some of the review . If you are after non stop action it's not that kind of film but when you do get it it's definitely worth the wait . Brad Pitts end scene had me on stitches . Yes at times it's a slow burner , but good things come to those that wait...


Good film , some pathetic petty reviews on here
Good action film with , well filmed fight scenes and an entertaining fight scene with the street kids. Puzzled by the reviews on here you do realise a film like this is Fiction right... One review even says good film and gives it a 1 star haha.

It's a pretty decent action film to kick back with!

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