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Swing State

Poorly made movie
I tried very hard to find something good to say about this film, but it's not possible. This film is a satire of sorts, but it is rooted in sexism, unintelligible dialogue and really tired stereotypes. It is possible that some may find this funny,but for a satire this really lacked any sensitivity or insight and instead came across as a movie of ridiculous one-liners. Whomever wrote this seems to have a very rudimentary understanding of human nature. of politics and of relationships because the characters just say and do idiotic things. The acting in this film is beyond bad. Beh is garish and unrelatable and the rest of the cast equally so. This seems to be a shortcoming in the directing, but it is hard to tell. The editing and sound make it feel like a movie my high schooler made. I didn't care for the music, but by the time I noticed how bad it was I had already determined the movie to be a flop. Not worth seeing.


Very good
The acting in this film is outstanding. Denzel and Viola are truly at their best and the consistency with which they convey the depth of emotion required of them in this film is outstanding. To me, this was the best part about the film. It was a little difficult to sit through this one, mostly because it is a movie in which not much happens. Don't mistake this as a comment from someone who loves action-packed movies (although I do sometimes), but rather it plods along and neither has very high highs or very low lows. As such, I drifted in and out of the story and was still able to keep up. It is important story to tell, but I can see how it was potentially better as a play. It is definitely worth seeing, if nothing else for the superb acting.

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