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Wayward Pines

You know how this is gonna finish . . . . . . . . .
if M. Night Shyamalan is involved, my money is on them all being dead already.

All M. Night Shyamalan's have the same twist at the end it seems, lets see if he re-hashes it yet again in this series.

I am holding out judgement after only 2 episodes, but the strength of the cast makes me hope that it will be a good series.

I'm not sure i can be bothered to write any more, but supposedly i have to.


I'm bored now.

Only a few more lines to fill

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, whoops i fell asleep

The Last Ship

All kinds of awesome
I love this programme after watching episode 2, it doesn't pretend to be high brow tele, its gung ho American navy clap trap that has a sketchy plot. I don't see anything wrong with that premise.

i find this program hugely entertaining and I am certainly willing to overlook the obvious issues. i ha ve recommended it to all my friends once it come onto British TV

I can see this program panning out to be a great game of cat and mouse between the russians the the USA.

I'm quite impressed by the use of an actual boat and not a CGI or green screen boat.

Ray Donovan

Judging it now after 4 episodes
I'm not sure how so many people could write a review after 1 episode of this drama. i must admit it was a very good episode but judging it after one episode is like looking at a race horse before you've seen it run.

now after 4 episodes, i think i'm able to call this series very very good. it hasn't spilt all the story up to quickly, and you are still seeing layers to characters, especially John Voights.

yes there a few clichés, and you could even describe this series as a little "sopranos like" (man in complete control of professional life as a semi gangster, when his personal life is out of his control) but it is original enough to keep me interested.

All the actors are top notch, the plot lines are gripping and i cannot wait for more Ray Donovan to be made and shown.

The Hangover Part III

I've had funnier stays in hospital with life threatening injuries!
Well what is there to say about this file apart from lazy & unoriginal the only funny bit in this film is within the first 5 minutes with the giraffe, but if you have seen the trailer then you know that gag already.

If people are paid as script writers on this film, then i'm in the wrong job!!!! I could come up with better story while sitting on the toilet, writing it out on the back of a cigarette packet.

All the laughs seem to try to be around Mr Chau and Alan, but neither of them made me even let out a little titter, let alone a belly laugh.

If you loved number 2, and have the mental capacity of a goldfish, then this film is for you, anyone else avoid it like the plague.

The Borgias

what is there not to love about this series
i'm not a great lover of period dramas, but have a weird fascination with Rome and the Vatican, so this series is right up my street.

the acting is amazing, the sets although not historically true more than give the impression of 16th century Rome. the stories are full of intrigue, murder, incest, war, sex, hate and every other emotion under the sun.

special mention has to be given to François Arnaud, Jeremy Irons, and my personal favourite Sean Harris who are all brilliant actors.

Season by season the stories are getting better as each character comes into their own. (and more people seem to die)

Season 3 is awesome, i cannot recommend this series enough

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