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Romaenseuneun Byulchaekboorok

Disappointing and Boring
I am definitely in the minority here as most people seemed to really like this show, but I found it to be extremely dull. I'm not sure why they like to cast Lee Jong-Suk in Noona romances, but this one didn't work for me either. I have to say that this one had more chemistry than "I Hear Your Voice," but that show at least had a more exciting plot. I found the sub-plot of the mystery of the famous author's disappearance to be somewhat exciting, so I skipped through to find out what happened, but other than that I was extremely bored. This is a very hum-drum slice of life genre piece, and for those that like that type of show this will probably be a nice show. But I just didn't like it.

W - Du gaeui segye

Somewhat Cheesy and Confusing Plot Saved by Fantastic Acting
So I really wanted to give this a higher rating, but it just had too many flaws to earn more than a 6 in my opinion. I found the more serious scenes to be fantastic, but there were some cheesy scenes that really made me cringe hard. The background music was very good, but some of the singing soundtracks were really awful and felt right out of a soap opera (and ruined some otherwise cute/powerful scenes). The plot was totally different and original, but sometimes was confusing and difficult to understand and follow.

What really saved this show and is the main reason I think people should watch it is the acting. Wow! Jong-Suk really shone in this, giving a magnetizing performance; effortlessly acting in some really powerful scenes, and his ability has come a long way since "I Hear Your Voice" back in 2013. Considering that was only 3 years before this show aired that's really impressive growth. Hyo-Joo as the leading lady was also amazing, giving a nuanced and convincing performance (they are both really sad criers and both had great chemistry together). Also Eui-Sung was absolutely fantastic; I don't want to spoil his role so I will just say he showed a full spectrum performance that was great, particularly when paired in scenes with Jong-Suk.

Overall I think this is worth a watch for the performances alone. The concept is also super interesting, and I wish it had been done just a little better.

Ildan Ddeugeobge Chungsohara

Enjoyable Guilty Pleasure RomCom
This is what I would call a "guilty pleasure" type of k drama. It isn't bad, but it isn't great either. It is filled with the tried and true romcom formula's and tropes, but it is very enjoyable if that is the type of show you are looking for. Sometimes we all just need a cute romcom and this fits the bill. This show also had my two favorite things in a romantic couple; a soft, gentle boi and a size difference (wow that kitchen countertop scene!). The main couple had good chemistry which really pulled the show together. The plot was pretty simple but well done, and I thought the character motivations made sense which is always a plus - no dumb scenes just for the sake of drama! Overall I enjoyed this show a lot. Was it great? No. I also wouldn't re-watch it. But I think it is well worth a watch for those who enjoy romantic comedies because this has all the perfect parts of a romcom.

Neoui Moksoriga Deulryeo

Dated Noona Romance
I actually had never heard of/seen a "noona romance" before, and I can tell after this show that I am NOT a fan. It's unfortunate because this show had a lot of potential. I broke my own rule to watch this show and I wish I hadn't. My rule is to never watch k drama's that are made before 2015 because I dislike the older style of k drama's. However I thought the story sounded really interesting and I recently watched While You Were Sleeping and was really impressed by Lee Jong- Suk.

This was a disappointing watch for me - predictably, I hated how dated it was; from the music, to the cinematography, to the costuming. The story was pretty decent but it was dragged out unnecessarily and I grew bored and frustrated towards the end. You could see Jong-Suk's potential of being a great actor in this, but I definitely felt that he was trying really hard (he did a great job but at the same time he felt like a rookie actor). I also HATED the romance - they had zero chemistry and it just made me feel weird. I would have loved it if they had made it a respect/love between pseudo-siblings, but that was not the direction they went with. Overall if you like the older style of k drama's and are a fan of Noona-romance, I think you will actually like this a lot. It just wasn't for me.

Dangshini Jamdeun Saie

Lives Up to the Hype!
I have often watched very popular k-drama series and felt rather disappointed afterwards, as the most popular ones tend to not be able to live up the large expectations. This one however did live up to the hype! The story is original and well done, the pacing is steady and keeps the viewers interested, and the characters are well rounded and fully fleshed out. The acting was really great as well, with wonderful performances from our leads. I think this was the first time I had a bit of the infamous "second lead syndrome," as I really loved Woo-Tak! I loved the soundtrack and the cinematography, and there were a few really gorgeous songs and beautiful shots sprinkled throughout the show.

I have to say the first two episodes were amazing and felt a bit better than the rest of the show, and if I was just rating those two episodes it would have been a 10 for sure. So why an 8? I found the tone to be a bit uneven throughout, with some really cute/sweet and funny episodes surrounded by much more dark and poignant episodes, and the tone never really matched. I was particularly thrown off in episode 3 when it slammed funky text on the screen next to our main characters labeling them as the "good guy," the "bad guy," and the "weird one." That was an odd, out of place moment that never sat right with me. So, my rating is an 8.

However it is well worth a watch and I loved the ending. This show had a few really amazing moments that make you think and that just stick with you after watching. Overall a great show!

Saikometeuri Geunyeoseok

Greatly Exceeded My Expectations!
Based on the summary and poster, I was expecting like a goofy comic-book knock-off slice of life type of show. Instead I got a complex, well written plot with some fantastic acting! While all the actors were unknown to me, they all really brought their a-game, and everyone did a really great job. I was kept guessing until the very end, and all the plot points and pacing were well done and executed perfectly. Accompanied by a haunting score along with some cute contemporary songs, the atmosphere was perfectly balanced and suited the story line. This was made before the Memorist, but had similar themes. I like them both a lot, so if you liked that show I feel you would enjoy this one as well.

Mr. Heart

Simple But Super Cute
I adore BL stories and Mr. Heart really delivered. Taking into account its format (8 short 10 minute episodes) I think this is well done. The story was simple but coherent, and there was just enough conflict to give it that touch of angst. I liked that there wasn't a ton of self-hatred for being attracted to the same sex - that is always a disappointment when one character is just straight up homophobic and mean in public while secretly affectionate to the person they like behind closed doors. Also side note that Sang Ha might be the actual cutest human being on the planet and his actor/acting definitely carried the show. Now if South Korea could give us a full length BL show that would be great!

Neoreul Gieokhae

Had Potential But Ultimately Problematic
Let me start by saying I basically only watched this because I am a huge fan of Seo In Guk, who is a fantastic actor - and he was of course great in this. That being said this series was littered with problems. Also I should add that my experience was definitely marred by poor subtitles, and this is definitely something to consider since at the time of my review there are no better subtitles available - I searched everywhere, believe me!

The bad: The start is a bit slow, and it takes a few episodes for the tone to settle into a steady rhythm. The second half of the series was much better, especially once you know who Lee Hyun's brother is. Lee Joon Young is a character that I felt didn't get fleshed out enough, so a lot of his actions felt confusing and shallow. The romance felt half-baked and really unnecessary to the show and I wish they had just left them as friends. As with a lot of Kdramas pre-2016, this show felt dated - it had a really bad soundtrack with annoying, repetitive songs that pulled the viewer out of the moment. The ending was awful, it left so many open ends, and had there been a second season perhaps that would have made me give a higher rating, but unfortunately the story was left unfinished.

The good: the acting was decent, especially between the two brothers. Also the brother story line was the best aspect of the show - they had some of the most intense scenes together and I loved every second of their relationship. I know I said the soundtrack was bad, but they did this eerie background sound during certain scenes that was amazing and brought the perfect creepy vibe to the show.

In the end, this was an okay show, but I feel like the only reason I enjoyed any of it was because I am a fan of Seo In Guk. So if you are a fan of one of the main actors I think you will enjoy this.

Find Me in Your Memory

Predictable and Nonsensical
As other reviewers stated the first half of the drama was pretty interesting while the second half was quite boring. I would add to that sentiment that it was also ridiculously predictable. Predictability is not necessarily a bad thing, there are lots of times when predictable cliches are well done and give an emotional punch to a beloved couple in a drama. But in this case the plot itself was super predictable, as well as character reactions and even dialogue.

In addition there was this annoying and overused plot device of "coincidence equaling fate." I think even the writers knew this was silly as they actually had the characters mention that it was unrealistic, but then went ahead and had it happen to the characters anyway.

All this adds up to a pretty sub-par drama that at the end felt like a real waste - especially since the actors were very good and had decent performances despite the poor writing. I was particularly disappointed that the ML's memory "disease" which was only used as a plot device for the first few episodes and it never really is used again - all the missed opportunities for both cool scenes and angst!

Overall this was a miss for me.

Neo-hui-deul-eun po-wi-dwaess-da

What a Mess...
A somewhat decent murder mystery marred by cliche's, bad acting, and melodramatic directing. The actors in this are actually pretty decent, and I blame the writing/directing for the bad acting, along with a repeating soundtrack that felt straight out of a soap opera. The plot actually had some potential, and the beginning episodes felt fresh and somewhat original, but quickly became messy and drawn out towards the end of the show. Do yourself a favor and skip this - there are a ton of better kdrama's and this one is long and will waste your time.

Masungui Gibbeum

The Perfect Balance of Cheesy and Angsty Romance
I really didn't know what to expect from this show but to be honest it exceeded my expectations. Was it perfect? No. There were some plot holes and things that didn't 100% make sense, but the story was very enjoyable, with some really great performances from our actors. I didn't expect this show to be that serious, but it definitely had it's moments. Jin Hyuk was excellent in this, showing a really amazing range of emotions as a man struggling with memory loss. Ha Yoon was also great as the female lead; her character was one of those rare female characters that isn't a giggly pushover and you can't help but root for her. Also a mention of Ki Joon, our male lead's younger cousin, who was super cute and brought a childish, comedic charm to the show. Overall this is a really enjoyable watch, I'm happy with how it ended, and I thought the romance was believable and well developed. Not sure why it isn't rated higher!

Bameul geotneun seonbi

Cheesy and Silly but Still Enjoyable
This show was about halfway there to a really good show, hence my rating. First what was good: the concept/story was interesting and original. Some of the CGI was decent, like wounds healing and the cool blurry-super fast running. Most of the time the acting was really good. Lee Yoo-Bi as the adorable Jo Yang-Sun was a lovely breath of fresh air, a female lead who was ridiculously cute and pretty and just so easy to like - I felt like I was falling in love with her myself, so I could see why Kim Sung Yul did too. She was also a very good actress! Lee Joon-Gi is great in everything he does, and he really gave it his all in this, but there were certain scenes that just felt super cringy, although I feel like that was more the fault of the directing and writing than his acting.

The star for me was actually Lee Soo-Yuk as the evil vampire Gwi - he was INCREDIBLE and honestly stole the whole show. His character was enigmatic, ruthless, sexy, and cunning, coupled with an incredible look (the hair+wardrobe+makeup was stunning!) combined to create the most interesting character in the show. I actually would have loved to have seen a flashback episode of his character.

Now for the bad: there were a LOT of silly/cheesy scenes in this. The angst was almost too much for even me, and I love me some angst. Also most of the music was terrible - there were a few background music pieces that were good, but most of the time a serious and well acted scene would feel overacted and over-dramatic because of a bad song. There were a few really bad CGI scenes as well. Rounding all this out my rating is a 5. Most of that rating is because of how much I loved Gwi. However, I will say that once I accepted the fact that this show was going to be a bit silly, I found myself enjoying it.

Heartless City

Slow Build Dark and Gritty Thriller
This dark and moody thriller starts out with a confusing episode that eventually leads way to gritty gangster plot line filled with betrayal and death. Every actor put their all into this, and while the plot became a bit predictable towards the end, I personally think that was because of effective writing rather than bad writing. There are a few really well done surprising plot twists that literally made me yell "wait, what?!" at the screen, which is always a great part of a well done show. I feel like this show feels a little dated, and there were definitely some confusing elements which accounts for my rating.

I just have to throw in that the friendship between Shi Hyun and Soo was one of my favorite parts, especially after seeing them as enemies in "Falling for Innocence." It's always fun seeing two great actors playing enemies in one show and friends in another.

Overall this was a good watch, although not something I would watch again.

Baekilui Nanggoonnim

Gorgeous in Every Way but Lacking in Certain Crucial Areas
100 Days My Prince has to be one of the most beautifully shot KDramas I have ever seen - the cinematography, costuming, and soundtrack combined to make a visually gorgeous experience. The pacing and story were very well done, and the acting was very good as well. This show reminded me a lot of The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, but it was superior in almost every way, particularly in the pacing and script areas. I liked that the story line felt real, there was no weird, fantastical plot lines or surprise non-nonsensical abductions. The political and societal plot points made sense and felt realistic.

However there were a few things I really disliked in this show - first off I didn't like the commanding tone towards the female characters; and I get it, back then men very much ruled over women. But the way even our ML talked to the FL left a bad taste in my mouth that I don't feel any other historical drama has made me feel before.

Second, I really, REALLY hated the last episode. It felt so drawn out and it was so dumb how the FL just kept stubbornly refusing to be with the Crown Prince until literally the very last second. It was unnecessary and irritating to watch, especially after watching 15 episodes where they clearly have fallen in love and no obstacles remained between them. Also what happened to that weird prophecy? They hinted at it a few times, but the ominous part of holding a bloody sword at the FL never happened. In this way, The Emperor: Owner of the Mask was superior as the ended was amazing and felt deserved and worthwhile.

So would I recommend this show? For the visual experience it was a treat, and the soundtrack really elevated this show to having serious "it's a 10" potential. But the ending felt so annoying and flat that I'm not sure it even deserves a 7, and I don't know if it's really worth it. This was clearly a historical romance, but the ending sort of destroyed the romantic momentum that had been building the whole series.

The Flower of Evil

Addictingly Enjoyable, but Not Without Flaws
I very much enjoyed this series; it is fast paced, full of tense cliffhangers and intense moments that keep you on the edge of your seat. Unlike some viewers I enjoyed how this ended. The soundtrack is fantastic, and the acting is top-notch. The chemistry between the two leads is amazing, and their daughter is literally the cutest child actor ever.

This did have some flaws though, and while they didn't ruin the show per-se, they definitely dropped my rating. One of the biggest flaws for me was the fact that the son was in a coma for 15 years and was able to stand and run in a matter of days - this would never, ever happen. A good version of this same scenario happened in the kdrama 17 again, where the FL had to do physical therapy for weeks before even being able to stand or walk again, and she was in a coma for 10 years, not 15. Despite this and a few other flaws, I think this was a great show that is well worth a watch!

Sunjeonge Banhada

Different Tone Than What I Was Expecting
So the poster and the genre categorizations really fooled me into thinking this was a rom-com. While there were a few humorous scenes, for the most part this was a full on drama, with mostly serious plot-lines.

Kang Min-Ho has a serious heart condition, and after unexpectedly receiving a donor heart, he begins to change - is it because of the heart or the people around him? This is the core story line, and it is done very well. I loved how Min-Ho changed gradually and in a realistic manner that didn't feel like he had a totally different personality. I also liked how for the most part they were realistic about his medical condition, with him having to recuperate in the hospital after surgery instead of bouncing back right away (which is an irritating pet-peeve of mine).

Jung Kyung-Ho really shone in this, with Yoon Hyun-Min doing a great job as the rival/villian. The FL was fine, I liked her but she didn't particularly shine in any way. Easily my favorite character was Min-Ho's male secretary Woo Sik, who was lovely, loyal, funny, and sweet. The bromance scenes were the most enjoyable of all, even over the romance for me.

As a side note I really wish Min Ho had kept that long red hair throughout the series, it was seriously a LOOK!

Shopingwang Looi

Delightful and Super Sweet Love Story
I absolutely loved this show! Were there some bits of the story that were far-fetched? Yes, however, these things definitely did not make or break the story for me. At it's heart this is a show about love, kindness, and being selfless. This is a very heartwarming show that made me smile and believe in love.

That being said there were some flaws: as I mentioned above there were a few plot points that definitely felt far-fetched. There were also some unlikable characters. But there were a ton of wonderful characters that outweighed the bad ones. Louis and Bok Sil's love story is one of the sweetest I have ever seen in a Kdrama, and I loved the softness of Louis' character. This is well worth a watch if you are looking for something sweet, not too heavy, and happy.

Byeol-e-seo on geu-dae

Cute Romance But It Feels Dated
This was an interesting viewing experience. I actually watched the first episode of this and immediately dropped it after one episode, feeling highly disappointed because of the high ratings. I absolutely could not stand the FL - she was full of herself, obnoxious, and not funny. I hated it.

Then I saw Kim Soo-Hyun in It's Okay to Not Be Okay and was so impressed with his acting (not to mention his incredible good looks). I was smitten and decided to give this another chance. The second time around I enjoyed it a lot more. But there were some major cons for sure.

First the pros: the FL actually ended up being really great, she grew on me for sure and I ended up loving her after a few episodes. The story is also pretty good, with plot lines that make sense and connect in a logical way. The acting was all around really good, and I liked how they made reactions to Do Min Joon being an alien realistic. Also I think this is the first time ever that I really, really liked the love rival. Lee Hyu Kyung was a wonderful guy and honestly deserved a lot better!

Now for the cons: this DEFINITELY felt dated. The music was a little over the top and generally unlikable. The outfits were out of style. There were some SUPER cheesy/cringey moments that gave me actual second-hand embarrassment. However, despite the cons I did find this an enjoyable watch!

38 Task Force

Oceans 11 + Mad Dog + Bad Guys = This Show
I was looking for something exciting to watch and recently became a fan of Seo In-Guk, so this fit the bill. I was pleasantly surprised by this show! It has a decent plot with some very likeable characters to push the story along. There were enough twists and turns to keep me interested, and I was definitely fooled a few times by the writing, which was great because I can usually predict plot lines. The end episode was a little confusing, but overall I got the point. The last few minutes seemed to point towards a season 2 (with a weird scene that didn't make a lot of sense), but considering this show aired in 2016 I'm guessing there is never going to be a season 2. I felt they definitely missed an opportunity to really use In-Guk's meatier acting skills in this, but regardless I enjoyed this series a lot.

Where Your Eyes Linger

Short and Sweet
I wasn't sure what to expect from this series so let me break it down for those potential viewers: This is like a short film, with eight 10 minute episodes it is SHORT. Because of this format the plot is very simple and a bit predictable. The two leads have amazing chemistry, and there are tons of lovely, cute moments. This is the wonderful cliche plot of a rich boy and his bodyguard falling in love and I am living for it. I enjoyed every second, and I really, really hope there is a proper, full length BL series like this in the future!

My Holo Love

Had Potential... (Only Mild Spoilers Below)
Let's start with the good: the concept was interesting and original, and the CGI and graphics looked absolutely stunning! The special effects could rival those in a big budget movie, they really do look that good. The acting was decent, and parts of the story line were good as well, particularly the development of an advanced AI and the effects it would have on people as well as business and government. This also has a cute and happy ending for those who like that.

Now for the bad: I hated the romance. It was awful. It felt forced, heavy-handed, and nonsensical. There was really no reason for the main couple to fall in love. (Episode 7, 8, and 9 were incredibly irritating and frustrating to watch). I felt like the concept of the AI looking identical to the creator actually worked against the love story line, and it was so immature for the leading lady to "fall in love" with the AI, who was always perfect and did everything for her happiness. He was sweet and devoted and way far away from being human. Also she fell in love with the AI in like a week? It felt so forced, and the actors did their best but it felt forced too. I actually really liked the older sister and the son of the rival boss as a couple WAY more than I liked the lead couple. I will admit that towards the end of the series the love story felt less awful and I warmed up to them as a couple, but to be honest it still felt a little flat. I wish the love story line wasn't included, because I feel like this show could have been great.

This was a similar concept to I Am Not A Robot, except that show blew this one away in every way, especially the romance! If you feel disappointed after watching this check I Am Not A Robot out, you will definitely like it better!

Overall my 5 stars were mostly for the cool CGI and the side characters. Also So-Yeon's mom was the best! I wish there had been more scenes with her!

Haneuleseo Naerineun 1eok Gaeui Byeol

A True Tragedy
This was one of the most depressing KDrama's I've ever watched. It was very good, the plot was suspenseful, and the acting delivered. The main couple have lovely chemistry and are super sweet and wonderful to watch together. This was basically a modern-day Korean Romeo-Juliet type of story. Prepare to be impressed but also sad and depressed.

Manyeo Bogam

I REALLY Wanted to Like This... DNF
Okay disclaimer: I did not finish this. I liked the premise and felt like this could have been great but it just wasn't. Even my love for Yoon Shi-Yoon and his wonderful acting could not make me finish this. I was just too bored. The plot and pacing had major issues, and with a host of annoying and unnecessary side characters, it was just not worth my time to keep watching. I felt like this could have been great with a trimmed down plot and less plot-lines/characters.


Genuinely Unsure How to Rate This Show...
So lets start with the good: The premise/story of the show was good - different from really anything else I have watched, and it had some really poignant and difficult scenes to watch. Kim Jung-Hyun is fantastic in this, showing a very multi-dimensional character who is dealing with a terminal case of brain cancer. The soundtrack is heartbreaking and gorgeous.

Now for the bad: The ending feels pointless once Soo-Ho dies - this is due to the fact that the actor in real life was too sick to continue filming, so they rewrote the ending so he could leave before finishing filming. This definitely had an impact, and his death felt very sudden and unfulfilling. It was very different from what I imagine the original ending would have been. I'm not sure if Seol Ji-Hyun became so intolerable because of the re-writes or if she was always supposed to be that awful, but she really became the worst character. I felt like her anger and grief were portrayed well, but when she became so vindictive, especially towards Soo-Ho, it felt like way too much. She was justified to a point, but Soo-Ho didn't actually kill her sister, and honestly had nothing to do with her death, he was just in the same room as her. The fact that Ji-Hyun never acknowledges that fact and just keeps punishing Soo-Ho, especially when he was getting visibly more and more sick was just too awful. Once Soo-Ho died I didn't even finish the show because it felt so pointless. So it could have been great, and I don't feel like it's anyone's fault that it wasn't, it was just what had to happen due to real life issues.

Choi-go-eui Han-bang

Feel Good Series
This was very much a feel good, happy-type of series to watch. I am a huge Yoon Shi-Yoon fan, and he was my main reason for watching, which was good because this series revolves around him. I really liked the music and the character dynamics, which were the very heart of this show. The time travel part is really just the premise, this is more of a slice of life type of show with a bit of romance towards the end. The time travel part was never really explained, and it wasn't the main focus of the story, but it didn't really matter to me and I very much enjoyed watching Mr. Thumbs Up on his journey of self discovery.

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