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Martin Mystery

Martin Mystery
This show is actually pretty cool. Every episode is short and right to the point. As for DOUG and other old Nick shows, I'm sure many viewers can rehearse every episode line by line. Let NICK air some new cartoons and try something different for a change. Martin Mystery is on late night and does not interfere with any of the Nicktoon network show line-up schedule. This cartoon has very interesting plots and ideas. Its based on an old comic book series with a few differences. (character relationships, Name Changes) I here that it is a big hit in Europe and has many great reviews, with many die hard fans. I myself TiVo all the late night Martin Mysteries, and enjoy the show for it's sometimes corny but interesting stories. I suggest this Cartoon series for any Nick Toons lover, its not a new show, but since it hasn't been aired in most areas of the United States, its new to all of us. So make the decision for yourself and check out an episode or two, its better than watching a million time played over episode of DOUG or any discontinued NickToon.

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