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Strange But True

Waste of time. You will regret it watching it.
Someone get pregnant after 5 years YES 5 years of the boyfriend being dead. Gold Diggers are all the girls. stupid movie doesnt make sense. The director had poopoo on his head. not even worth rating.

Double Riddle

Film Festivals i need this official dates this movie screen please
The Midnight Film Festival 2019 International Filmaker Festival Of World Cinema London 2019 AltFest NY 2019

Fig Tree

USA release date in theaters
Vineyard Haven, MA premiere September 6, 2019 Menemsha Films USA Distributor

Night Hunter

release info only USA
In Select Theaters, Digital HD (itunes, prime video) and On Demand September 6, 2019 USA release Saban FIlm Distribution

Dauntless: The Battle of Midway

formats of releases on usa
In Select Theaters DIgital HD (itunes, prime video) and On Demand September 6, 2019

The Legend of Secret Pass

out of date time
This movie came in 2010 not 2019 so people why waste your time

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