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Ugly and Unremarkable
It's trying to be something but it doesn't work. The writing is stale, the characters are cardboard and it's all horrendously predictable. You can see supposedly 'shocking' or sultry outcomes approaching a hundred miles away. If your eyeballs are in need of some exercise via constant rolling then by all means give this show a watch.

Purge of Kingdoms: The Unauthorized Game of Thrones Parody

You will live 10 years longer by skipping this film
Quite possibly the unfunniest thing in the world.

If you're going to make a parody, at least try and be funny. A little nuance, a little subtlety and wit really makes one appreciate your spin on something incredibly famous. But no, the viewer is force-fed a reeking, lumpy slurry of the typical lazy variety (e.g. farts and people pulling faces) all done in that cheap, childishly exuberant manner seen all too often in low-budget American comedies.

This is the sort of movie to make you hate yourself and existence itself. It's downright insulting to think any viewer would be so moronic as to find its forced and pointless attempts at comedy genuinely humorous.

Time is the most precious thing we have and if you value precious things, avoid this paper bag of vomit masquerading as a movie at all costs.


Pointless, boring, uninspired, insipid waste of time also - lol at there being Black and Asian people in the medieval Danish court

Avengers: Endgame

It's a superhero movie.
Superhero stuff happens and there is about as much depth as the first edition of pong.


Yet another travesty of a program. Butchering history, drunk on political correctness, content to both speculate about contentious theories (his religious faith) and to simply make stuff up (the cheating on wife, anachronistic dialogue, etc). This is not a tribute to Shakespeare, it is not a celebration of his genius, it is not even an entertaining fantasy: it is a slap in the face. This show proves for the millionth time why postmodernism is cancer and delights in nothing more than spitting on the past, tarnishing tradition, and putting mediocrity on a pedestal - saying it is a brilliant or clever "re-imagining" of the era or some such rot. No, you want to make money - and think this rubbish will appeal to the kiddies. Not so.

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