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Prime Suspect 1973: Episode #1.2
Episode 2, Season 1

Getting better with each episode
This is one of the best new series on TV in a while. Really good storytelling and not like anything else on TV. This episode was clever in the way it set up the most magnificent twist - I certainly didn't see that coming. Cannot wait for next week's episode now.

Really, ignore the picky viewers who think every girl shaved their eyebrows in 1973 (they didn't) or obsess over the smallest detail (road signs, hospital signs). This is a brilliant series! Hard too pull off a sequel or prequel (whatever you call it) to an iconic show like Prime Suspect, but I think this one's pressing a lot of the right buttons. The impatient naysayers just need to give it time.

The acting, the period detail, the cars, the music, there is so much to love. It takes me right back to 1973 when I was a teenager. In this episode, Jane makes a breakthrough and I saw her become the Jane Tennison we all know. Well worth giving this series a chance. You won't be disappointed.

Prime Suspect 1973: Episode #1.1
Episode 1, Season 1

Excellent start to the series
Excellent start to the series. The period detail is great. It all looks beautiful. The music is AMAZING! I found the cast and the story really good. I wanted to know what happens next. I liked everyone. Stefanie Martini is very good as WPC Tennison. People saying she's not Helen Mirren but they have forgotten that Mirren played DCI Tennison 20 odd years away from this Jane, so we've got a few years to go. This is about how she started out and there are flashes in Martini's performance of the DCI she'll become. I loved the book, I love this series too.

Loved every minute of it. I can't wait for the rest of the series. :)

Prime Suspect 1973

A quality, solid new crime drama.
I thought episode one was an excellent start to the series. It feels like a whole new show. Not the Prime Suspect we're used to. Not Life On Mars. Something new and different, which I think is the only way to go. Stefanie Martini is really good as the young Jane Tennison and presumably the first series will see her become the steely DCI Tennison we've met before (Helen Mirren). The book its based on is kind of like an origin story, so I'm sure the series is going to be great.

What I love most is the supporting cast. They're all amazing. I wanted to see and know more about every single character. I was really intrigued by the prison story and how it links to the murder. Lots of interesting questions asked, which I'm sure the rest of the series will answer. Bravo, ITV.

A quality, solid new crime drama. 10/10.

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