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  • Good location, and a fairly good selection of actors, but it moves like pond water. Some people like the ultra slow films like this and "others". But no accumulation to a big ending.

    Wait till it comes out for free, or 99 cents.
  • The Fake reviews are getting out of hand. Student film, slow, acting was ok. Set design was lacking. They did try hard. Good idea but director didn't capitalize on the story or pacing.
  • By the 3rd episode there are 6 different story lines and none done well enough to make you care about them. Plus the time distance between characters will help you forget what they said 15 minutes ago. Everything is bland, nothing to keep you interested. After 3 episodes, who cares what happens....
  • Too many subplots, none helped the main plot or msin characters. Well made with good CGI. Just missed the mark. Not worth the full price, wait till it's under $5.
  • Painfully got thru both episodes, just so I could be honest. This will give you a brain-ache. SLOW moving that has no build up. Wrong dialog for situations. No real connection to sci-fi elements. Just another waste of time.
  • I could not make it through the first 20 minutes. Two people in a small pod, and bah, bah, bah. Bad acting, bad set design. Didn't want to see them again, maybe they walked thru the sirlick and better actors showed up??
  • It looks worse than a Fan made pilot. Bad BAD early 2000's CGI, probably a free app from Google Store. All the out of work actors should have been embarrassed. The props were comical. Acting...bad....
  • Not too bad be ing a short. Actors need more time in the camera, cgi is OK, nothing to brag about. But the story has the potential to go to the big screen, if you had a new writer, director and actors. But like everything these days they will screw it up.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Not a scifi alien invasion movie. Just a guy with PTSD and it's all in his head. Well made, but should have been listed as a drama , not Scifi. No thanks, wasted money on this.
  • I'm on episode 9. Who ever wrote this script should be banded from the film industry. Acting gets worse instead of better. Plot is incredibly stupid and disjointed. I can't believe Apple invested millions into this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Imdb keeps deleting my review. I'm at episode 6. If you like soap operas at ultra slow speed, this is for you. It really can't be call it SciFi given there is only a few seconds devoted to the actual invasion. Dialog and acting in ep6 is awful.

    SPOILER They tried to make a suspenseful scene were the alien was in the house. But, the scene was so poorly done I had to fast forward.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Not even worth finishing. Oh, how slow can you make a movie? And not even explain things as it goes on. I got 2/3's the way thru and never figured out or even cared about the "estranged family". I had to turn it off, i couldn't bare any more. It was well made but the director should resign and get a job at Wal-Mart
  • I cannot believe how bad this is. I can't even make a list of what was done badly. It's easier to list the positives.....the trailer. I like most of the 1950's and 60's sci-fi, but this was not up to their standard. Waste of $6.99 on Prime. Wait till its free.
  • Guess the director never saw a good movie before. Nothing but close-up shots of the actors faces while they are talking. Couldn't make it thru the first 20 minutes, then fast forward to see if there was anything better than the close-ups, Nope.
  • Wasn't expecting a well done film. Good camera work, acting was good, sets were well done. Just a tad slow for me. Good surprise about 3/4 way through. All and all, well done. I can say its a low A or top of the B's for some. I rated it high just to bring up the average and get a few more folks to watch it and see for themselves.
  • Couldn't figure out what was going in the first 29 minutes, so i was off to another movie. Just plain bad.
  • Another high school project with nothing but close-up shots of the actors. Extremely poor excuse for sets and background. Acting was low B-movie scale. Some sceens made no sense at all.
  • Another one that looks like it was done as a high school project. Too many closeups, poor to no props and use of the background. Poor acting by all.
  • Great cinematography, setting, scenery, and good actors that grew with each episode. Great story line that had a few excellent twist and turns, especially in the second season. Hope there is a 3rd and 4th. Need an english translation version for the 10/10 Star.
  • Well made made movie with good actors. Good scenery, good special effects, some on par with current zombie flicks. Sometimes a few slow moments, but they don't detract from the overall performance.
  • I agree with the other 1 star folks. This is worse than 80's scifi low B-movie.