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Grand Theft Auto IV

One of the best games ever made, Get it now...
When I first played this game I was amazed by the sheer realism just when the credits started and the main protagonist Niko landed in Liberty City. I had played Grand Theft Auto III on Playstation 2 and the following sequels but when you begin to journey into the new and improved version of the game series, you begin to wonder how much effort Rockstar Games must have put into making this entire city come to life.

The protagonist Niko Bellic is a very interesting character, not much is known about him except for the fact that he wants to live the American dream but also wants to put his very disturbed past behind him.With a variety of interesting characters, some top-notch dialogue and some excellent cutscenes, you begin to praise the game as not just a part of a terrific series but as one of the best games ever made.

The storyline of this game is something that can only be seen in a movie with well-crafted dialogue, hilarious characters and character who is just as bad as he is good. Even though some missions do become repetitive at times, side missions can rid the stress if you are having a hard time passing a certain mission or quest but once you're done with that you still feel like beating the game all the way to 100%.

The graphics and gameplay in this game is also another achievement even if it borrows some of its duck and cover mechanics of numerous games the ragdoll physics and realistic environments take the game just that bit further. When cars are being blown up, someone being run over or other various acts of crime happen you actually believe that its really happening right there at that very moment that makes it the best.

The driving and combat mechanics has also been thoroughly improved, when Niko steals a vehicle its not as simple as getting into the vehicle and starting it, it takes time as Niko will break into the vehicle and then have to hotwire it to get it started which can cause suspicion for surrounding police officers, but the control of the cars is just as realistic and damage to certain vehicles is also amazing.

Fighting or shooting is one of the things that make it a excellent game as well like ducking for cover, sliding on the ground, blocking a big punch or finishing them off is something that can only be seen to be believed as the ragdoll physics once again comes into play.

Artificial intelligence in this game has been upgraded to its absolute maximum with bystanders moving out of your way as you walk pass or runaway when a weapon is pointed at their head they have become more clever and more realistic as they react to what is around them.

Interactions with certain characters is also a well-praised experience, going out with friends or on dates makes this game just as interesting throughout as gaining friendship or companionship leads its rewards but at times when you're doing missions with them you do feel like you're the only one there especially when you're trying not to get hit by bullets or getting blown up by massive amounts of explosives.

Police in this game can be very frustrating at times but can be very easy to get away from e.g. just driving a couples of kilometres down a straight road will pretty much fix your problems but when the heat gets too much you'll have more trouble trying to escape in one piece.

Customisation is brought back as well, maybe not as much as San Andreas but it gets very close even though you can't customise Niko physically you can always make look more accessible to the outside world or just trying make him look like the biggest bad-ass that ever lived.

There are many upon many of things I could add into this review but I don't think I can handle the mere strain of it all. Like I said, awesome characters, excellent settings, funny dialogue and a story like no other, Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the best games ever made.

Perfect 10 as it has everything you need in a game trust me whether it be on Playstation 3 or XBox 360 nothing can stop this amazing game.


Optimus Prime Rules!!!
I had seen this movie recently and I was surprised with how exciting and suspenseful this movie really was. I would've thought it would be a simple children's movie much like the original 80s cartoon movie, but this movie can be interesting for not only the children but also the adults and maybe fans of the popular cartoon. I was excited when they finally introduced Bumblebee in a totally new look being a Camaro then the famous VW Beetle.

What really got me hooked was the introduction to Optimus Prime and the Autobots who seemed extraordinary in their own way. Peter Cullen did a fine job of providing the voice of his renowned character Optimus Prime. The rest of the cast did a excellent job expressing the reality of these alien beings like Shia LeBeouf who did a fantastic job of becoming the hero and also Hugo Weaving playing the menacing and evil Megatron leading the Decepticons in their desperation for world domination and destruction.

The graphics and action sequences were astonishing showing the true destruction of what these creatures were capable of and what made this movie interesting to watch. I recommend that anyone that is a fan of the series or just wants to watch it I say grab a ticket sit down with some popcorn and ready to enjoy the Transformers like you wouldn't believe.

I rate this movie 10/10 and you'll see why...

Nothing to Lose

The more funnier side to Tim Robbins
Nothing to Lose is about a man who thought he had nothing to lose until one day he catches his wife sleeping with another man and decides to have a nervous breakdown and just when you thought nothing could go wrong he suddenly gets carjacked by a thief named Terence Davidson then from there changes and the man Nick Beam goes on the ride of his life.

This is a very funny movie especially Martin Lawrence but I was amazed by the comedic performance from Tim Robbins in which in some scenes made me laugh and is a good movie to watch from time to time but I would give it a:

7/10, Good movie movie and good laughs but not exactly the best.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This game shows how far graphics can go!
When I got this game for Christmas in 2004 I was so excited once I played it I was hooked, the things I liked about the game was the ability to ride bikes climb over walls and fences and also SWIM yes swimming a big difference to Vice City I noticed and also the varieties of cars, motorbikes,boats and also planes but best of all it had to be the gun power such has AK-47s,sniper rifles and also regular handguns.

Casting was also interesting with celebrities like Samuel L Jackson, Chris Penn, Frank Vincent and voice talents from Charlie Murphy and Kid Rock each voice suited the character with their personality and character

All in all this is a good game especially if your into RPGs and shoot em up games its one of my favorites so would rate a perfect 10/10

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