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Bad Ben

Your IQ will drop
Everyone who watched and or will watch this is now dumber or will be dumber.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

A little weak
The end credits scared me more than the film did. A little over the top especially the scenes involving the possessed.

The Exorcist III

Total Surprise Must See
Horrifying at many parts. Excellent acting. If you were a fan of the original you won't be disappointed. Extra terrifying in the dark!


Revisited... Nearly 25 years later
A definite must see and see again. The music score, my God what a score. Moving, yes slow, but, I suggest watching alone if it's your first time. One of the last great cinematic stories before the 21st century took it's turn. All around cast make this film, not just the starring and supporting, a team effort. Patience is, well please, practice it and you will see.

Zack Snyder's Justice League

And in 4:3 to boot, I didn't know you could make a horrible movie any worse.

Chernobyl's café

If you liked the HBO series you'll love this!
Very interesting piece with excellent footage and narration. Haunting to see the results that remain and will remain due to human errors.

Bottled Up: The Battle Over Dublin Dr Pepper

Worth a watch
What isn't corporate greed anymore? Interesting piece that you can kill 75 minutes to.

The King of Arcades

Very Cool
Wished Mr Knuckles was my next door neighbor. He showcased his amazing skills to rebuild some childhood greats. Was totally worth the watch and will definitely rewatch again and recommend to any video gamer!

Nintendo Quest

Whiny and not fully informative.
They leave a lot of information out that you're going to want to see.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Gotta Watch It
Definitely different. It keeps you entertained and guessing, what every move he should be doing to its audience. Loved it and look forward to seeing it again

The River and the Wall

Incredible one sided piece of liberal propaganda. "We put up such an ugly fence." Why is it ugly? Because it goes against your views? And why are you saying this on camera while sitting in your fenced in backyard in your gated community that no one can access but you and other residents and their "approved" visitors? "This structure will have an impact on the local wildlife." What man made structure in the history of mankind does not have an impact on local wildlife? At one point in the film, the filmmakers make it a point to complain that a bike path was not put while traversing the wall for "bike path people" like them and how they actually had to walk at certain points, and use their hands to carry and wash their bikes off. Yeah why aren't we making the terrain near the wall more easier access and a more level ground. It's also incorrectly stated that we are at net zero illegal immigration when it comes to Mexican citizens illegally crossing but they back it up with zero facts or evidence. Just believe them because they know. It's a joke of a film and Laughable.


Pretty Darn Good
Shyamalan has finally bounced back! Great storyline that you think you know and have seen before and you will feel you are predicting what will happen. Then.... BLAM, KAZOWIE, WHAM! It's shocker time! Worth your time, but you need to see Unbreakable before watching in my opinion.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Big Disappointment
The Monsters all look great, it's the really lame narrative, storyline and horrible acting that beast mode this movie to fodder. Such a letdown. Can a monkey save this lizard from further embarrassment?

Creed II

Sly Sly Sly...
You just gotta give it to Sly.... his movies may not be the best... but damn... he's got I believe 8 total Rocky movies (1-6, plus 2 Creed films), 3 Expendables, and now his 6th and most likely final (upcoming) Rambo movie, plus all the other stuff. I'd really like to see him chill from the action stuff and do more dramatic roles. Even if it means he goes to a supporting actor. He was so captivating in Copland and I would love to see him do another film that was not action genre.


Very Worth Watching
If you are a fan of dark comedies, you should definitely check this one out. Danny McBride again shows how charismatic and entertaining he can be, not just in a supporting role, as he takes the lead and delivers in this fun ride.

Inside Look: The People v. O.J. Simpson - American Crime Story

Very entertaining and fun to watch
If you lived through it, and want to remember. You should watch this. If it's before your time, you will still enjoy this 10 part series that offers a great script, very familiar faces taking on the main as well as supporting cast, a lot of laughs to the dialogue. You have to remember going in, this series focuses on the legal aspects involving Mr. Simpson, his defense team and the prosecution side. Not the Brown or Goldman or their families.

Avengers: Endgame

Yes I'm picky, but this movie made billions and should have been checked and triple checked for this stuff
I am a huge fan of these movies. However, I just purchased the Blu-ray and have watched this film for now the third time. Approximately at the two hour mark, the "Smart Hulk" snaps his fingers to undo everything. Then amazingly Clint's-cell phone rings with call from his wife Laura's mobile AFTER 5 YEARS OF BEING DEAD. So you mean to tell me not only did he keep paying the cell plan, but also, that while he was on the road around the world killing people, he kept her phone charged at home and kept paying the power bill at his house as well? Come on.... OR When Laura went to the dimension where all the other people went to that were eliminated, she had or found a cell phone charger and and outlet? At 2:22 we see Ant-Man and the Wasp in the van trying to "Hotwire" the vehicle, then seconds later after Clint passes the gauntlet to Black Panther, at the 2:23 mark we see a giant Ant-Man in the background (while he's still supposed to be with Wasp in the van). AND THEY NEVER CAME BACK TO,,,, HUGE HUGE HOLE!!!! Seriously check it out for yourself!!!!! Also, Gweneth Paltrow shows up right when the rest of the returnees of the MCU that were (Thanosed for lack of a better word),,, but she was never effected. She was just sitting out on the side the whole time while everyone was getting pummeled? Also incredibly, not one female MCU character is ever hit, touched, slammed, punched, assaulted at any point in the final giant battle by a male villain. Sure they get knocked around by a random ship laser blast, but they never have any direct negative physical confrontation, yet the male characters just happen to save the day. No funeral or remembrance for Black Widow?? Just a few of many examples of the very poor editing on this film which also shows how quickly this last picture was put together. Additionally the lack of ENDGAME dedication and thoroughness was totally obvious after my third viewing of this film. Insult to their millions of very loyal fans Even more with their added Bonus Footage to draw people back to the theater.... they still did not beat the 10 year old Avatar.


Big let down
I don't get to go to the movies as much as I used to and would like to anymore. If and when I do watch a film it's usually on my TV at home. After seeing multiple advertisements stating this is the "best horror movie of all time" online and on television, I dropped the five bucks to see the self proclaimed amazing "Us". I feel like I just watched the equivalent to the majorly disappointing "The Village" by Shyamalon some 15 years ago. Is this film worth the watch, yes absolutely. Does it justify claiming an intense, horrifying, consuming thriller? Not even close.

Avengers: Infinity War

Best of all the Avengers movies
The best, #1, head honcho, big cheese, big deal, numero uno of the 4 Avengers films. You have action, adventure, insane special effects and CG work. Excellent Marvel sarcasm and interaction between the heroes. One of the best villain portrayals, without going into deep character development. So much that at times you will find yourself having emotions for a positive conclusion for the heel. Only drawback of the film is the oversized cast of good and evil participants, which may, limit the screen time for the hero or villain you want to see.


Best Crime Drama of the 1990's, and one of the best of all time.
Great character development. Excellent and seductive storyline. Emotionally charged and beautifully placed to the scene music score. (I highly recommend the soundtrack as well). High impact and extremely creative action scenes. One of the best casting jobs of all time. Top work with regards to the editing. Very memorable scene location choices (they even revisit some of them on the bonus footage). Outstanding direction from Mann as he and the cast keep you involved, concerned and anxious throughout the film. Repeat watching will be desired after your first viewing.

Flipping Vegas

It's worth a watch, I got hooked
Of course most "reality TV shows" will eventually have added bogus things the producers add/make up to make them more interesting. This show, now being canceled, still has a strong rerun presence on cable TV, and I usually end up rewatching the old shows when I come across them. The yuppie chemistry that Scott and Amy have is just fun to watch. If you enjoy home renovation and/or house flipping shows, this show was (and still is with reruns) one of the more fun series to view. It's cable tv, kill some time.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

What an incredible piece of Dino poop. Totally lame stroryline.

Death House

Move over Gone with the Wind
The best movie ever made that will stand the test of time. Please make sure you order a copy before you stream it! You won't be sorry

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