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The Rebel

Excellent Series
As someone who finally got around to watching reruns of practically every Western TV series, I found THE REBEL to be a gem.

Sure when you think of "Classic Westerns" names like "Gunsmoke", "Bonanza" always crop up...but the "REBEL" deserves it's on place.

Nick Adams plays the part of a confederate who comes home after the war to find out his pa (a sheriff) was killed and a basically apathetic town...he (Adams) has a desire to write for the local paper...but the editor is leaving town to avoid getting shot himself...but leaves parting advice to Yuma (Adams) which was "Before you can write about need to LIVE it".

So the series begins with Johnny Yuma living life and documenting it.

The series was very well done and balanced between teaching life's lessons and action.

The Way

So good I BOUGHT a copy!
This was without a doubt the best inspirational movie I've seen in years.

Even though Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez are fine actors.....This moving film about a father who lost his son, only (in my opinion) added to the drama and those occasional laughs under tears.

Plus, instead of adding scores of actors, Emilio employed people who were actually walking this trek...including the real towns and real natives.

The actors on this were excellent and seemed like a perfect fit.

Was this a sad movie? - Yeah, at times. Was it funny? - Yes a lot. Was there tense moments? - Yes, a few times.

But most importantly, it was inspirational....this will be one of those "Undergound Classics" I will love and watch many times in the future.

I recommend this for everyone!

Safety Not Guaranteed

This COULD have been such a good movie!
This COULD have been such a good movie! The concept and description sounded like something I'd REALLY enjoy!

Normally, I mean almost always in the past I have been attracted to those obscure films that garnered praise by every day folks like us as opposed to those films that spend more money in advertising than some companies spend on their entire movies.

After seeing films like Wrist cutters, The Garden State or The Way to name a few, I was really looking forward to seeing this movie last night… especially after reading the reviews here in IMDb. Unfortunately, I did not find this film nearly as good as the rest.

(I will most likely be sharing spoilers here, so stop reading if you plan on seeing it)

I found the film was incredibly depressing…every character was either sad or seriously screwed up. No one in the film was happy where they were in life…and no one finds the happiness they were looking for. With the possible exception of two…but the ending didn't even resolve that question!

I (along with those I talked to after the film) found it poorly written, poorly acted and poorly directed…all the characters were one dimensional…even the SOUND seemed like it was coming out of a single speaker behind the screen.

This was not worth the price of admission and I would recommend it for rental…during the TV rerun season.

J. Edgar

"Clint's Clunker"
Being a BIG Clint Eastwood fan as well as a history buff, I'd been looking forward to this film for some time.

I took time off from work so I could see it on opening day along with my wife.

As it started out, I was very much impressed with the excellent make up used on DiCaprio as well as his mannerisms seemed to have captured the news reels I'd seen of Hoover. So I thought I was in for a real treat! To put it bluntly, the movie was horrible.

I meandered aimlessly from time frame to time frame with no real sense of continuity or purpose. I tried to stay focused and desperately waited for this movie to start firing on all cylinders, but after an hour or so, my wife and I simply gave up and left the movie.

For us to walk out of a movie is HUGE. I don't recall ever walking out of a movie....and I've seen some real disasters.

Superhero Movie

I wanted a "No brainer" movie...not a "No Good" movie
I went to see this tonight after a long brutal week at the job where all I wanted to do was go to the theater, grab a beer and watch a entertaining, light comedy.

Being a HUGE fan of Leslie Nielson from the POLICE SQUAD series thru all the NAKED GUN episodes, I thought this would be a fun movie.

It was a nightmare...

The sight gags only elicited a few chuckles from those in attendance... since most of them were used before,in the NAKED GUN (i.e. a scene where Nielson lets go of a wheelchair and it and his owner go flying off a building ala O.J. Simpson in NAKED GUN I).

The only interesting scenes were some pretty good impersonations of Barry Bonds, Tony Bennett, Tom Cruise and Dr. Hawkins.

Normally if I don't like a film it's because it most likely is I may not be the target audience of the writers and producers...but the audience consisted of males and females from children to Sr. Citizens.....and I rarely heard anything even remotely close to a chuckle.

The banter between husband (Nielson) and Marion Ross was uncomfortable at best...and in a way sad, seeing two people who have had stellar, award winning careers now wandering aimlessly in this poorly thought out and written flop.

I recommend not just holding back and wait for it to hit DVD...but even skip the DVD release.

Save your money and re-rent Naked Gun or better yet, the Police Squad series for truly spoof mastery.

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