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Toni Erdmann

What a load of rubbish!!
Honestly, how can anyone see anything funny or comical in this boring, long-winded film? I wondered if I had been watching a different film from the other so-called critics here and elsewhere, who believe this to be a masterpiece. And why they should ever want to re-make this in American English with, possibly Jack Nicholson in the starring role, is way beyond me. The attempts at humour were childish (around 4 years old) and so drawn- out that you almost fall asleep. The story-line is very weak and the ending!!! Well, I was still sitting there, waiting for the father to come back, when it went all black and the titles rolled. In fact, in retrospect, that was the best part of the film. Oscar nominated? My dog could have done better and he's been dead for 12 years. I had to give a vote of 1 (awful), but in reality the best vote should have been 0.

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