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Two Distant Strangers

Not the right message
Ok, we know some cops did some things bad, and we also know that we need them (the good ones, who, by the way, are majority), they keep us safe everyday, stop the bad message that ALL white cops are against black people, that's not true.


Total dessapointment. Stupid and very unrealistic
6.7 is too good for this movie, I came to see it trusting in those good reviews, but this movie is getting bad from the half, the end is the worst part. Storyline is really bad something that's sorprised me coming from a Spanish movie, what did not sorprise me was the action scenes, Spanish movies have to improve a lot in this aspect.

Honest Thief

Worst Liam Nesson movie
Stupid at the beginning and continues stupid all the time.

El practicante

John Wick, The Equalizer and... Angel The Paramedic
When you see someone in a wheelchair enter in a house like the best thieve, kill a couple of people and survive a fall of a dozens of feets, only John Wick and the Equalizer are his level. Really poor movie

Feel the Beat

Why always the same storyline?
The typical storyline and typical end. At the middle of the movie you will know how it ends. It's always the same...

Legado en los huesos

Do not waste your time
Average rating 6/10? Overrated!!! Very slow movie, bad storyline and the end?? The worst. Again, do not waste 2 hours of your life with this movie, I love Spanish movies, but this one really sucks.

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