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Prime Suspect 1973: Episode #1.6
Episode 6, Season 1

A powerful, emotional and compelling finale
What a terrific finale. This entire series, I've enjoyed the characters and the story, but this episode has blown me away. I won't go into too much detail and give away what happens, but this is the episode where Jane emerges as the JANE TENNISON we know. Stefanie Martini is incredible in this episode, as are Blake Harrison and Alan Armstrong (the look he gives his wife before he leaves her is heartbreaking).

So much emotion in this episode, after the shock of episode 5. Jane finally had that grit. Shame they couldn't start the series with it, but then this series was about her BECOMING the Jane we know, but this sets up one hell of a promise for series 2 and 3 and 4 and...

Well, you get my drift. This has been a brilliant show. For those who gave up on it after episode 1, come back and binge on all six episodes. It is, frankly, superb television. Encore!

Prime Suspect 1973: Episode #1.4
Episode 4, Season 1

Edge of my seat
I was on the edge of my seat throughout this episode. One of the best hours of TV I've seen in ages. It's so well crafted, written and acted. Loving how the character of Jane is developing through this series. At first I thought "That's not Helen Mirren". But from episode 3 onwards, I've started to see what the writers, cast and programme makers are up to. This is about what happens to Jane to make her into Helen Mirren.

Now this episode is amazing. I wanted to see more of Oz and Flowers. I guess my only criticism is, as we don't have a "prime suspect" in the whole series, every episode has a different suspect, which is great and keeps it ticking along, but it means we don't get much time to spend with each person. But that's a minor nitpick. Basically, give us more is what I'm saying.

This is shaping up to be one of the smartest, well plotted crime dramas I've seen on ITV in ages. An old school epic crime series. Worth a binge. You won't be disappointed.

Prime Suspect 1973: Episode #1.1
Episode 1, Season 1

A massive success. A+++
Prime Suspect was a massive show and a hard act to follow. But this series - set in 1973 as the title suggests! - is great. Maybe not as iconic or as groundbreaking as the original (worth noting it's based on a book by Lynda LaPlante, who created the original series) but if you watch it for what it is - a brand new, big budget, cracking crime drama - it's head and shoulders above the competition.

Being a prequel to a show as big as Prime Suspect, I think a lot of people have been harsh on this series, comparing it to Life On Mars (which anyway is a parody of The Sweeney) and the Helen Mirren version (which is THE toughest act to follow). The comments about Stefanie Martini being too pretty, in a show about sexism, seems to be making the point that not much as changed since 1973!

This episode is a great opener. Lovely period detail and a stylised, cinematic feel to it all. It doesn't focus too much on the nostalgia, but just sets out to tell a good story. This kind of show is rare these days, especially in Britain, where new shoes seem to have to have a shocking plot twist every 5 mins to hold the audience's attention. This one is like a good book and is well worth your time.

Also, episode 1 sets up a lot that pays off in episode 2. I wasn't disappointed. My grin is growing larger with each episode. Well done, ITV.

Prime Suspect 1973

Loving it
Wow, wow, wow. I've just finished episode 5. I wasn't sure after the first episode. A prequel to Prime Suspect didn't seem like the best idea ITV have had, but the execution of this series has been fantastic. I so hoped it wouldn't be Life On Mars and thankfully it isn't. But it evokes the time and place just as well. By episode two I was hooked. Now on episode 5, I am, frankly, amazed that this show isn't on everyone's lips. It's brave, brilliantly written and just brilliant.

I love the characters around the police station. Blake Harrison from the Inbetweeners is brilliant as Gibbs. Sam Reid as Bradfield is really good too, but it's Stephanie Martini who steals the show. She takes on a difficult role (talk about big shoes to fill!) but she completely owns it. Don't get me started on Alun Armstrong - how much fun is he having in this?! He's amazing!

Loving this series. More, please, ITV!

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