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Good clean fun
From the Horrible Histories team comes a truly joyous half hour of mad cap entertainment. For those old enough to remember Rentaghost, the writers have struck a nice balance of silly childish humour and something adults can enjoy in equal measure. Which lets face it is something of a rarity these days. 7/10


Manic mad mayhem and Mack
I can only assume the people who don't rate this must still be hoping for the day's of Are you being served and Terry and June to return. This is just a total gross out half hour of total mayhem and LOL set pieces. In which Lee Mack excel's in the lead roll.

I appreciate this may not be for everyone but in these depressing times it's great to have something that bought a smile to this face at least.

Harry Hill's World of TV

Thank you Harry
In the midst of a global pandemic and nothing but repeats on TV, then what better than the master of mocking TV show's, delving into the backlog of vintage television to cheer us up. For those of us of a certain age that remember the days of just three channels the awful Crossroads, Angels, and when Emmerdale was just a farm. Harry manages to remind us in his usual sarcastic manor of the days when scenery would shake the actors would be more wooden than Thunderbird puppets and the story lines just so ridiculous they played out more like a bad sitcom. At least for one glorious half hour on Sunday I now have something to look forward to. Thank you Harry

Sex Education

Why are clothes, cars, music from the 1980's and yet they have mobile phones and laptops? Why would you pay money to two teenage classmates for sex advice when you have the internet.? Why does Gillian Anderson talk in that ridiculous English accent like she's got two plums stuck in her mouth. I've lived in England all my life and have never heard anyone talk like that. Why is the lead actresses Emma Mackay a 24 year old woman playing a 17 year old? Why does the school have a swim team when schools in England don't have swimming pools. Also aerial shots of the school show there is no swimming pool. Why is the best swimmer a black kid I'm not raciest in any shape or form but the only black swimmer I have seen was Eric the Eel from Mozambique who set an Olympic record for the slowest ever time. Why if they wanted to make a tribute to the John Hughes films of the 80's did they not make in America in the 1980's? If you want to watch a British funny comedy about boys struggling with life and puberty watch the Inbetweeners 10 times more funny and made for a fraction of this rubbish.

The Rain

The walking Danes
Here we are in the midst of a global pandemic and what do I watch to cheer me up! Watch A series about a man made global pandemic that inflicts horrific deaths every time it rains. Even after two seasons I have no idea why this happens! The show really is a pile of nonsense and yet strangely addictive. As with all Netflix productions it is high quality as is the young cast. My favourite Danish actress Natalie Madueno also pops up in season two. There are obvious comparisons to the Walking Dead and bits of Lost and if you enjoyed those then there's no reason why you would not enjoy The Rain.

6 Days

Well made film about the Iranian embassy siege
Sadly I'm old enough to remember when this happened. And the producers do a very good job in capturing the time period in which it is set. Even though this took place in 1980, with no mobile phones or computers, the action scenes in particular look as though they could take place today.

I do however have to agree with other posters that the choice of Abbie Cornish as Kate Adie was terrible casting she's a rubbish rapper and even worse actress. Which is a shame as the rest of the cast in particular the always reliable Mark Strong give such solid performances.

I have just found this film on Netflix during lockdown and if your like me old enough to remember this event, or so young you may not be aware of this true story I would recommend you give it a go. 7/10

Formula 1: Drive to Survive

Surprisingly good
Over the years my interest in F1 has somewhat faded, the predictable results boring races and the never ending politics.

What I really enjoyed was the series focused on the teams in the middle and back of the grid where every point gained is meet with as much joy as the winning teams. F1 can be a brutal business with just 20 seats up for grabs, and a cue of young aspiring drivers desperate to get the chance of a drive.

Despite there undoubted wealth you can sense genuine emotion and pain when a driver knows he has not performed well to retain his drive. This is a side of F1 we don't normally see on TV when the drivers team owners give there usual post race interviews. 9/10

Sitting in Limbo

Defies belief
This is a shocking true story of Anthony Bryan who was a victim of the Windrush scandal. A honest hard working man who had spent 50 years living and working in the UK. Married with children who were UK citizens who's life was ruined over a three year period.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary the British government seemed determined to deport Mr Bryant to Jamaica based on what amounted to a lost passport.

Sadly not all victims of the Windrush scandal were as fortunate as Mr Bryant many were wrongfully deported and many are still awaiting compensation.

The performances from the whole cast are terrific in particular Patrick Robinson in the lead roll. 8/10

The First Team

Should have stayed on the bench
Make no mistake Damian Beesley and Ian Morris are two of our best sitcom writers. After the brilliant Inbetweeners, Siblings and White Gold it was inevitable that a turkey had to come along. With the exception of Mike Bassett for some reason comedies about football never work. Which is strange when you consider the material you have to work with.

Despite the best efforts of the two writers the gags just don't work. Which is a real shame as I was so looking forward to this series. Far more sitcoms fail than succeed they are incredibly hard t write and I'm sure Beesley and Morris will be back.

Making a Murderer

Just incredible
Well if anything good comes out of the Covid 19 nightmare at least I got to see Mind of murder. I don't normally watch these types of documentaries. And living in the UK I new nothing of the Steven Avery trial.

As I watched I just fell into a state of total disbelief of the lengths the Wisconsin judicial system went to put an innocent man behind bars. Who despite compelling evidence to the contrary would go to any lengths to get there man.

It's a truly frightening tale of how the police and district attorney worked together by manipulating evidence pressuring witnesses to get a guilty verdict. For me the most worrying aspect of the two crimes Avery was accused of, whilst they spent hours and millions of dollars pursuing there man the real criminals were still left to walk the streets free. 9/10


Fascinating story of how oil changed lives and economy
I remember several years ago seeing a documentary series about the discovery of North Sea oil and how it changed the the economy and way of life of the people of Aberdeen. As I was watching I thought this would make a great TV series.

Well several years later swap Aberdeen for Stavinger in Norway a struggling small fishing village transformed overnight with the discovery of North Sea oil. Not just the economic benefits but the influx of millionaire Stetson wearing Texan oilman to this sleepy town.

Not only is there much needed wealth but the impact on the love lives local industries and jobs in the town. Throw in to the mix the extreme danger involved in drilling for oil, and you have a series which pretty well has everything. 8/10

Normal People

Grimmer than the news
I know I am in the minority and will be left countless numbers of dislikes but quite frankly I don't care.

Let me explain right from the start we have a 24 year old actor playing a 17/18 year old schoolboy in uniform and a 21 year old actresses playing the same age. He looks 24 she looks 16. He is the top boy of the school good looking star footballer all the fit girls fancy him. And yet he desires the freak of the class. Plain looking flat chested miserable argumentative girl who falls out with teachers. He is from a poor household so poor his mother has to be a cleaner at the large house occupied by the miserable girls family. And yet he drives a car? Smokes and picks up his 35 year old mother who looks 30 from her cleaning job. Clearly old misery's family aren't short of a bob or two her mother is a solicitor and live in a huge house. Would she not have gone to a private school? I have noticed a lot of reviews on here say this is a modern love story ? One thing I am sure of is at school the top boy gets to gout with the best looking girls it's the law it happened in my day it happens today. I do however think the couple could have formed a relationship once they had meet at university, and maybe the writer would have been better starting here rather than wasting three episodes on the school years. The trouble is for me the damage had already been done. This isn't clever or original David Nichols has a made a fortune out of writing this tripe.

Innan vi dör

Plenty of twists and turns to keep you gripped
Being a big fan of Nordic Noir the last year or so has seen a dip in the quality of crime dramas from Scandinavia. So I'm pleased to see Something of a return to form with "Before we die". We have a slight change in that the bad guys are a Croatian family under the guise of running a family restaurant also run a major violent drug cartel. A recruited informant is placed as a mole in the restaurant to gather information on the gang but once the moles police accomplice is killed no one from the gang or the police knows the identity of the mole except us the viewer. A good binge watch. 8/10


Implausible rubbish
I notice reading through the other reviews that so far eleven people rate this show 10/10. That means they rate this show in the same league as Peaky Blinders, Line of duty or the Office. In terms of programmes put out by the BBC. If it was that great then why is this show going out late night on BBC2 Sunday Night?

Let me tell you why it's rubbish. Now I know I may have lead a sheltered life living outside of London. But I find it hard to believe that an engaged couple who take on French lodger to help pay the rent on there flat. Should all fall in love and want to spend the rest of there lives as a happily married threesome. Maybe this sort of thing does go on but to me it was a load of implausible nonsense and was as erotic as a pile of raw sewage.

La Casa de Papel

Overrated nonsense
I had heard so many good things about this show. The most watched show in Europe, Spain's biggest ever viewing figures etc. Then from a promising start the program just gets more and more ridiculous. Now I know it's just apiece of entertaining fictional drama but half the skill in making a show like this is to get the audience to think as far fetched as the plot is a part of you would like to think it could be done.

The show makes the perpetrators and the police look as stupid and as dumb as each other. You get robbers falling in love and having sex, robbers having sex with hostages and wait for it the mastermind behind the robbery having sex with the chief inspector in charge of the police operation. The plot has more holes than a second hand dart board. Only the production value and some good set pierces save this from one star. 3/10


An enjoyable 3 part drama.........But
This was a very entertaining three part drama from ITV about how James Ingram and his wife allegedly cheated there way winning a million pounds on the quiz show "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire ".

I can assure you without giving anything away, after the final episode you like me will think the Ingram's were hard done by. And yet in a court of law with two of the countries finest barristers and a jury they were found guilty. This is because we only see the case for the defence and hardly any of the prosecution. In fact all three episodes felt like it was made by the Ingrams to make them look the victims.

However that apart I did learn a lot about the quizzing community who had devised a way of beating the phone in system to get themselves on the show. (You would have thought the producers suspected something when one contestant made it on the show four times!)

All the performances are excellent in particular Michael Sheen as the quiz host Chris Tarrent. 8/10

Meet the Richardsons

If anything good comes out of this dreadful pandemic, then at least I got to find "meet the Richardson's". This is the best fly on the wall style comedy since the office. Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont a real life married couple as they go about there daily life. Both are comedians in real life and there droll northern humour just bounces off each other effortlessly. I can't recommend this series highly enough. 10/10

Mister Winner

Thank you Mr Winner
After watching ITV's recent dreadful comedy Kate and Koje. I wrote a piece deploring the state of British situation comedy. So thank you to the writers and performers of Mr. Winner. It's been ages since I have seen a British comedy that has really made me laugh. The show is just a simple set of visual set piece gags with Spencer Jones in the lead role getting involved in various awkward situations. I would particularly recommend episode two where he plays a painter decorator, just brilliant. 8/10

The Test: A New Era for Australia's Team

An English perspective
I really enjoyed this series and in particular the dressing room scenes, team talks and coaches meetings. However I couldn't help but feel this was made to try and redeem Australia's reputation after the shameful ball tampering in South Africa. That is quickly dealt with in episode one. From then on it's a jingoistic succession of how great it is to wear the baggie green and Represent the great country that is Australia. It would have been nice to have heard perspectives from opposing captains journalists. Instead every interview is with an Australian journalist player coach and Justin Langer in particular. Every interview is played with a patriotic soundtrack. The only time in the Australia were any good was when the cheats came back into the side in particular Smith who single handily carried that team through the Ashes. Smith smashes the poms and all is forgiven. Not by me Smith shamed his country the sport and can count himself very fortunate to still be playing the game.

Kate & Koji

A new low in British sitcom
I noticed that 3 reviewers have given this show 10/10. That means they rate this ITV sitcom in the same league as Fawlty towers, Porridge and The Office in terms of British sitcoms. Really? I am really struggling to find the words to describe how unfunny this sitcom is. From the opening episode from what I can gather the on running joke is an asylum seeking doctor who spends all day in a run down seaside cafe. In return for giving free medical advice (do we not already have the NHS for that?) the said Doctor gets a free tea and a full English breakfast........ Hilarious. How on earth is that going to play out over six episodes? The characters are totally unbelievable the storyline is utterly impossible and is almost borderline racist. 2/10

The English Game

A Victorian footballers wives
I have to be honest when I first heard about this series I assumed it was about how the English invented the game of football. What we have is the north/south divide between professionals and amateurs. The wealthy southerners who play for the love of the game and the poverty stricken northerners who are tempted away from there poorly paid jobs in the cotton mills by back hand payments to play for the powerhouse teams of the day, in pursuit of the ultimate prize of the FA cup. I'm not sure how historically accurate this show is but it gives Julian Fellows ample opportunity to write about class devide. You don't have to be a football fan to enjoy this show as much is taken up with the personal lives of the players and owners. As with all Netflix productions this is Very high quality costume, hair and makeup and attention to detail are excellent. 7/10


Carry on Sandylands
If your wondering why some people give this ten and others one, it's because the nines and tens are fake reviews, otherwise this painfully unfunny three part series on Gold would be less than five. A shame as the writers and Stella cast of British acting talent make a brave attempt at an old school carry on style double entendres cheeky seaside humour. And maybe herein lyes the problem with Sandylands. Simon Bird just plays an older version of Will from the Inbetweeners, David Williams plays one of his characters from Little Britain and Sanjeev Bhasker well plays Sanjeev Bhasker. Only Hugh Bonniville is unrecognisable as the one eyed fraud investigator. There are a couple of amusing one liners and Weston Super Mare actually looks an appealing seaside resort, which in itself is no mean feet. 4/10

McDonald & Dodds

Another Midsummer/Morse middle class crime drama
Yet another boring Sunday night two hour white middle class crime drama. I'm sure fans of Midsummer, Morse and Poirot will lap this nonsense up but not me. The trouble is we have been here before an unlikely double act McDonald and Dobbs swap for Morse and Lewis. Move from the leafy spires of Oxford to the Roman City of Bath. Throw into the mix one of the most ridiculous storylines I have ever had the misfortune to see. And we have a wasted two hours of television. 2/10

Flesh and Blood

Money, murder and a nosey neighbour
What better way to warm you up on a cold winters night than a murder mystery set on the Sussex coast in the height of summer. Francesca Annis is a recently widowed mother of a dysfunctional family who seem more worried about there inheritance when the mother meets and falls in love with retired surgeon played by Stephen Rea. All the children have relationship problems of there own, and throw in to the pot a nosey neighbour from hell played superbly by Imelda Staunton and we have a delicious mix of mystery and mayhem spread over four nights. 8/10

Chaussée d'Amour

Sex drugs and murder what's not to like?
Coming from the UK and having not been to the Netherlands, this was a real eye opener into the world of legalised brothels and prostitution. A Dutch woman with what is perceived as a perfect life, a wealthy husband big house and two children. When her world comes crashing down after her husband is arrested for sexual harassment. She loses everything and has to rebuild her life by moving back to her humble beginnings of living and running a brothel left to her by her recently deceased father. Add to the equation a 20 year old murder, Albanian pimps and plenty off sex gags this series offers more than your usual run of the mill crime drama. 8/10

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