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Run Sweetheart Run

A somewhat entertaining, if lazy, thriller
Overall the movie looks pretty good with high production quality but the plot is a little bit frustrating at times. The shift from build up to thriller is really abrupt and the way its handled was a little confusing for me. It sort of breaks the 4th wall without really showing us what happened. I suppose we are supposed to imagine the worst in our heads but to me it came off as a little disingenuous. It also says there were reshoots and I thought I could tell where certain things were inserted/edited strangely. The flow is choppy. Also the main character gives an acceptable performance but overall the plot relies on her poor decision making which to me is a little lazy as well. The villain is pretty good though!


I low key love this. Worst main character ever aside.
Ok a lot of people hate the main character and want to see her die immediately. That impulse is not wrong. But at the same time... this movie is freaking outrageous. Short, sweet...and sour and spicy and explosive and icy and going to subvert every expectation you could possibly have. I was thoroughly wtf'ed the entire time, and what a ride it is. It Amps the surprises up to 13 and its darkly comic in the sheer amount of messed up stuff that happens. It's frenetic. It's absurd. It's disgusting. It's hilarious. I saw the bad reviews on here and thought eh I'll propbably hate it but will give it a chance. I ended up loving it. Maybe because I thought it would be trash? Here's the IS trash, but in the best possible way. It's the Showgirls of found footage. To me an instant cult classic. At least it's not slow or boring. 10/10 would trip again.


A wild, insane trip full of energy, gorgeous visuals, and multiple tones
This film begs to be seen. There is nothing like anywhere else in the world of cinema. Elizabeth Berkeley's performance is a intense, dynamic powerhouse that you can't look away from. The film is glitzy, bright and colorful like a kaleidoscope and the plot twists and tonal shifts often feel the same. The set pieces are strange and beautiful. I don't know. I can see how it's upsetting to some people, but there is a lot going on here and if you go in with an open mind, and expectation that it's not just over the top but it blows up whatever you think the top is, there's a lot to enjoy too. It's not sexy. It's not nice. But that's kind of the point? I can't stop thinking about this movie.

Love, Death & Robots: Bad Travelling
Episode 2, Season 3

Nearly perfect
Wow. This little short film is one of the best things I've seen in a long time. And it also took me completely by surprise. It's extremely gory but not gratuitous? The action begins immediately and never lets up. I love a good ship tale and the dynamics of the crew were surprisingly well flushed out for a 20 min short. Superbly condensed action, horror, atmosphere, art direction, voice acting, and twists and turns. I nearly jumped when I saw it was David Fincher. He has notoriously disowned his film Alien 3 but said he wanted this to feel like Alien. I can't help but think this might be his just desserts. I loved it. A+

Getting On

Very smart with great characters
This is a great example of "cringe comedy." There are no heroes and Most of them are more unlikeable than likeable, but somehow there is heart, humor, sadness and poignance in the storytelling.

There are only 18 episodes so it does make for a good night of bingeing television, and as a whole the story comes to a full is completion in a satisfying manner. I enjoy this show as a hidden gem and recommend for people who like complex characters.

The acting is great (all three main women are superb) and the situational comedy is uncomfortable but compelling. There are a host of good side characters as well (I like the wild HR lady). I definitely recommend this if you haven't seen it yet!

Resident Evil

not sure what the VG fans expect, but this is a pretty good, fleshed out prequel
This is a complex prequel to the video games that millions know and love. As such, it doesn't have a lot of plot points that are the same from the games (that I've played anyway) but as a precursor that flushes out the Umbrella Company and Racoon CIty, it's pretty good, albeit different that one might expect. All these 1 star reviews are major sourpusses. Take it for what it is.

The Last Duel

Jodi Comer shines in a dreary historical drama
It took me a couple days to get through this movie. The way it looks to me is one of the best aspects. It sort of nostalgically reminds me of Legend (one of my favorite films) in its presentation (beautiful fireside cinematography) and aesthetic (gritty, dark medieval). The best part by far is Jodi Comer. She manages to lift what is a drawn out thrice told tale into something more compelling. I am not a huge Matt Damon/affleck fan and this movie did not help. Adam Dryver is good at being unlikeable. Will I watch again? Ask me in 10 years.

The Lake

Great LGBTQ+ north woods comedy
Imagine 'The Great Outdoors' meets Queer Eye/As Folk. If you don't like LGBTQ+ stories, you probably will rate it lower. I prefer this to 'Fire Island' bc it shows gay culture in tandem with straight culture without issues. It's idealized, but I enjoy it.

ABBA Voyage

A technological marvel that sets a new standard for the musical experience
ABBA Voyage must be seen to be believed. I was skeptical going in but the whole experience was mind blowing in all the best ways. Over a week later and I'm still processing it. I think I would have to see it at least two more times to truly take in all there is to see. I wasn't a huge fan of the animated sequences but they do give a nice breather to make you appreciate when all 4 are on stage. Absolutely worth the trip.

Wicker Park

much worse than expected
I'm really surprised this movie even got made. It's slow to pick up, very unclear as to what actually is happening and is pretty horribly edited with all its freezes, zooms, swipe cuts. I felt like I was watching a student film. It takes about 40 minutes for the movie to actually get where it needs to get going where you feel, ah, this is the story. Once there the jumps between times is so convoluted you really don't know what is where and when. We did not enjoy this film. They story is weak and stretched and the acting isn't great.

Fire Island

Cringey and overly classist
This movie is a lot. It had some good things going for it but also a ton of cringe, overly stereotypical gay sex tropes. It's also not very nice. I don't think this is doing many favors for the community. It's somewhat entertaining.

Willow Creek

Would do better as part of an anthology (like V/H/S)
Way way way way way too much filler with not enough pay off. The second half is much improved, even scary at times, but I kept thinking that either this should have been flushed out better or been drastically reduced to about 30 min. Ultimately what you get is a waste of time.

The Land Between the Lakes

I'm not sure what this is...but...I don't hate it?
This movie is a mess, but also weirdly compelling. I don't love the animation but it somehow makes it creepier and weirdly nostalgic for early video games. Some of the voice work stinks, but some of it is good. Overall this is a success in tone. It reminds me of Silent HiIl and I don't hate it.


I don't get all the hate
It's super cringey and awkward but. That's. The. Point. It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Had some great laughs tho and reminds me of how terrible that age of uncertainty was.


Overhyped and pretty dumb
I can't with movies full of characters that just walk around without any instinct doing the absolute dumbest things they could possibly choose before they're murdered. It's literally the whole movie. The 'action and gore' is actually pretty tame. The sex is explicit. The characters are idiots.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Gory, dumb and wonderful
I'm really surprised by the negative responses here. This is a movie made for fans. It's outrageous. And yes the characters are dumb, but hey make BAD decisions, but this isn't Citizen Kane. This is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and you get ALOT of all three. I screamed and jumped out of my seat multiple times. Was way better than I thought. A-


A mixed bag but still fun and laugh out loud funny
I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. More than anything I would say there are moments in each episode where I was cackling. I think people did a great job overall but some of the guest stars were a little shell shocked (sorry Annie). Some episodes are better than others and it's entirely dependent on the guest stars. Will Arnett has neevr been my favorite and always seemed kind of mean but in this I didn't mind his as much and enjoyed his performance. Definitely worth a watch.

The Legend of Vox Machina

Finally a good D&D adaptation
I've always felt D&D would make great watching but until now haven't seen anything that captures the magic of role play. This show is the best version of that availabile and it's definitely less dungeoning and dragoning it captures the complexity of storytelling and character well. I actually think the episodes are too short.

Grizzly II: The Predator

Terrible "film" that is thankfully very short
Running time without credits is about 70 minutes, which in my opinion doesn't constitute a real movie. It also doesn't feel like a real movie. There's a weirdly missing Grizzly in Grizzly and the majority of the footage is of a very weird (not good weird) concert. The music is terrible. The performances are terrible. It's all interspliced with stock footage that is extremely jarring. All in all:

Hated it.

Silent Night

Boring and disappointing
I really wanted to like this movie. The cast is great, it looks good, and it's a spooky Christmas flick. Unfortunately it all falls flat and by the end I was hoping it would all just be over for these unbearably uninteresting characters. Also the story itself doesn't make sense. A waste of a Christmas night watching this.

The Deep House

Spooky haunted house flick with terrible dialogue and a disappointing ending
There was a lot to like here and I did enjoy a lot of it. I was genuinely scared at times! I appreciate the production and technical aspects of the film very much so. I just couldn't stand the main male character and his dumb lines. His stupid jokes that weren't funny and him constantly trying to be dramatic and spooky. He ended coming across as very annoying. The ending works it way up in energy but the final moments were kind of a let down. Overall worth one watch and never again. 6 stars.

Memory of the Camps

An important and horrific reminder
I hope we can be better people because of this film, but I fear that as time goes on, the impact of these atrocities fade. It's important to remind ourselves how not to be.


A weak and pointless exercise
There's a lot of influences here. Most noticeably Creep and some other found footage. But the point in the end that vloggers aren't the best people is already established early on. I actually stopped the movie just to see how much longer I had. It's kind of boring, one note, and the main characters who both die at the end are pretty pathetic. Just sort of laying down to die. Everyone's praising the performance of Rebecca but I found her grating and very one note. There's just not much to praise here and it's not very fun.


If you prefer logic and reason, then this movie isn't for you
There's nothing more frustrating than a movie about "smart" people who constantly choose the wrong and most illogical route of action. This movie does this repeatedly as the film progresses. I hated watching it unfold and was not a satisfying viewing experience.


Pretty funny and risque
I feel really good about this show. Yeah there's some silly stereotyping but I love all the actors, the casting is great, it's entertaining and what's great is it's made for us queers. There's no pandering to straights here. It's all gay and I love it. Tried one episode just to see and I'm already on 4.

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