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Todo es mentira

All bark and no bite
Despite an interesting premise, 'Todo es mentira', a joint effort from La Fábrica de la Tele and Minoria Absoluta, doesn't really pack a punch. Minoria's signature caustic humor is nowhere to be found, and instead we get unfunny jokes, absurd debates and visitors from La Fábrica's true flagship show, 'Sálvame', which actually runs opposite this one and is (rightfully, if we look at the ratings) treated as a far bigger deal by Cuatro's parent group Mediaset. In the 'unfunny jokes' department, Itziar Catro's comments about her own overweight are the most glaring case in point. It's perfectly fine to be able to laugh at oneself, but she's abusing the resource. Miguel Lago's output has peaks and valleys, convincing when he pulls off his upper-class snob gimmick, but absolutely lost in the aforementioned debates with Castelo. And host Risto, no matter how hard he tries, simply isn't believable as the vitriolic juror we met at 'Operación Triunfo' anymore, which is good for his other show, 'Chester', but here contributes to most of the show's satire falling flat on its face.

Todo va bien

Mindless segment parade
This program billed itself as a 'multi-format' show, which should already be the first red flag. 'Todo va bien' featured a cast mainly built on the crew of morning radio show 'Anda ya', and essentially tried to export to television the formula of success of the radio show. But what is good to listen to on the radio doesn't fare so well on TV without the invigorating element of music. 'Todo va bien' became a strange parade of segments ranging from interviews to celebrity parodies to hidden camera pranks, and the script just kept switching abruptly from one thing to another. This 'multi-format' show, thus, ended up trying to be too many things and not really being any in the end.

Singles XD

Swipe left
This effort from Cuatro and Bulldog was billed as "the first live dating show", and mainly consisted in a bunch of 'singles' looking for love, as the title indicates, with the added 'XD' possibly looking to add an aura of 'modernity' and 'coolness' to it. And there lies the main problem of this: both the show itself and its participants tried way too hard to be 'cool' and 'modern' and as a result ended up stepping into 'bland' and 'superficial' territory. This resulted in dates as uninteresting as the conflicts born out of them, while the attempted integration of social media (mainly Instagram) on the broadcast felt forced.

This show was cancelled three weeks in because very few people watched. And if you aren't among them, you're not missing much.

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