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Vice Principals

OMG This was another Classic
McBride and Goggins are perfect for each other. The chemistry between those two,was fresh and I didn't find a moment throughout the, admittedly short, series. The cast was perfectly chosen, every single character was a great addition to the program.

I'm very upset it ends after only 18 episodes in 2 seasons. It makes sense, but I felt like they needed at least another few seasons of fun.

Either way, you'll fall in love with this show; or you won't. It reminds me of East Bound and Down.

Personally, Goggins was the most enjoyable guy on the show. You can see how producers tried to make McBride the centerpiece of the show, but really they both were at equal altitude in their performances.



Adam Scott is so Underrated
I figured this show wouldn't get stellar reviews. Most people hate Adam Scott which makes no sense to me. If you pay attention to all of his roles, you'll recognize his acumen. He works perfect with Craig Robison. The only draw back to this show, is it's made to fit television. Being so heavily censored, it is a wonder how they're still able to make me laugh and enjoy the show so much.

The succubus was actually really creepy and I laughed really hard when Adam Scott Spartan Kicked it off the balcony. LOL. It has such a good premise, and the talent is all there; I hope people will give it more support. I don't want to see it cancelled before it even gets off the ground. I laughed so hard at the Halloween party episode in which the cat gave Bee-Mo kid supernatural rabies LOL I don't know I'm in my early 20s but sometimes I feel like my humor is getting older, as I love the attitude of this light-hearted show.

It's still the most fresh show on TV right now, and I can't wait to see the new episode coming up.

Rick and Morty

I'm sure Wubba Lubba Dub Dub is Everyone's Headline
Started this series on Season 3 and bought Hulu just to watch Seasons 1 and 2. The show is amazing. It really makes you think in some parts, but not too much like some people suggest. There's a lot of gossip about the show. I hope that doesn't deter Harmon as things like bad press have ruined his charisma in the past like with Community.

The crazy adventures are a nice treat. Some scenes actually make me feel grossed out like the "Eye Holes" commercial. That was so uncomfortable and satisfying to watch I laughed in horror like one would when smelling another man's fart in a subway. It's gross, but kinda funny and your dialogue is like "Ah man that was gross LOL"

It is easily a classic, and absolutely my favorite show of all time. Roland is the perfect voice actor for Rick and other characters. The meta-multi-verse dimension to the show is amicably used. There are some really good mechanics used in writing the perfect show here.

The different worlds are fun to explore and delve into. The consistency with Rick and Morty lore. The coherent foreground and settings as well as detailed plots makes the show most enjoyable. Obviously there are cameos giving shout outs to other shows, whether it be going on in the background of an important scene "burp, items coming through a portal when R and M are being chased by Ricks, burp, from another great animated show, burp"

The attitude of the writing is in line with my outlook on life.

There are some real heartfelt moments and it's generally when you least expect it. Like when that Evil Morty song comes on when we first get introduced to him AS WELL AS when he takes over the Citadel and jettisoned those Mortys into space. Also the ending scene where Rick creates a blob, kills it in the laser device, then put his own head in with that song is so heart wrenching I couldn't help but cry. It was so weird, but made sense. Made me think of a woman I loved who left.


Typical Nerds
There are way too many reviewers trashing this show. I think it's much better than another certain super human show released at the same time....

I never read the comics on the Inhumans, which is most likely why I love this show. It did get me a little frustrated with the predictability in dialogue and plot. That however, is happening with all of these shows and movies.

Recently I was thinking, how nice would it be to have a big budget Super Villain Production!? Like with gore, and big budget sets and A list actors. A movie or series where the bad guy actually wins and is kicking butt the entire time and ultimately prevails. And no, I'm not talking about an anti-hero, we have enough of those.

Anyway, Blackbolt is cool and all, but I really like Mortis. Hopefully they use him amicably. Medusa sucks. Sorry, not sorry. The story line with the analytical guy who stumbled onto the pot farm is flat out lazy in my opinion. Where is Shield, by the way? Hmm?

Oh and Crystal sucks too. Such a powerful Inhuman, but very horribly written. Her dog is cool...I guess. The lack of surprise from the Vet in the barn made little sense until you realize this is a world in which the Avengers reside in.

Lastly; The Inhumans literally called themselves the most strongest beings on Earth LOL Even Captain America would beat up Black Bolt and Mortis by deflecting their blasts with his Vibranium shield. Hulk would decimate their entire species. Most of them would have trouble with Hawkeye and Black Widow LOL and how are they going to compare themselves with the likes of Vision or Scarlet Witch, or even Thor? What a joke.

Nevertheless, I've found myself vested in the series, and am anxious to see what happens next.

The Gifted

Not very good. Like at all. It makes you completely rage while watching it. While following along in the show, you anticipate every move, every single line of dialogue with this cookie cutter drove. It is following in the way of the Iron Fist in which it has main characters with powerful abilities, that rarely use them when it is most vital. In turn this throws the protagonists into very much so avoidable situations. It does however, point out some great anthropomorphic characteristics in humans' habitual violence and police brutality. The scenes with Lorna in prison bring out some negative feelings about America's serious problem with imprisonment and its glorification.

There is much potential to this series, and hopefully we get to see the twins unleash. It would be nice to see the Xmen Story lines given justice to their original source material.

Did you catch the Stan Lee Cameo? Of course ya did.

All in all, I found myself getting very annoyed by not only the parallels between the mutants fleeing to a motel(yet leaving the car outside letting themselves be found) and Inhumans; but truly the framed narrative and stale writing. It's like there is only 5 writers in all of Hollywood.

Also, the set of where the underground mutants reside looks oddly like Doctor Strange's New York Sanctum. Nevertheless, the show will get better past episode three, I just hope it isn't as cliché and frustrating.

The Babysitter

Best Horror Ever
I simply don't understand how this movie is getting such a bad review from users on here. This movie made me laugh so hard and freaked me out in a few places. I'm 23 so I don't know if these commenters are middle aged fogeys. I didn't hear about the movie, it just popped up into my Netflix Notification box and I was pleasantly surprised.

The gore was fantastic. The actors who portrayed the "cult" were hilarious. It truly shocked me and had this debonair about it that I think has been missing from entertainment for years.

Fantastic movie with jump scares, suspense, and funny moments. When Max was circling Cole in the tree making the original Friday the 13th sound effects(hissing and ticking) I lost it. I snarfed monster out of my nose and covered the screen and I can say that has not happened in years.

Hands down my favorite movie of recent time and certainly my favorite Horror-ish movie of all time.

Don't listen to the naysayers, this movie is worth the watch. If you're over 21 watch it with a wet palette(so to speak)

Superb acting from everyone in the movie. Also, I never found myself getting frustrated with the plot/writing like everything else I see on TV nowadays.

Stan Against Evil

This show is hilarious. I can not believe how odd it is. Stan makes no sense, basically ever. I find it oddly refreshing, original, and sportingly funny. The show is unique, and hopefully stays on air for a few years. Well worth watching. Janet is so hot too!the actors do an amazing job of creeping you out and making you laugh. The pacing of the show is perfect. It is making for the best Halloween show of previous times.


I can't wait to move to Portland
This show is Golden. I discovered Portlandia in March of this year when I caved and purchased a Netflix Sub. This, naturally, caught my eye. Having foreground on the culture and mainstays of Portland, I found this series to be a profound satirical whimsy of the rustic town. There's a beautiful vibe to this show, I can't quite voice as it eludes me. Nevertheless, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein(admittedly new to their acumen) do an exemplary job of gunning laughs from the audience while punching subliminal character to each skit-piece performed. Some of my personal favorites are the cacao, drone-concert watching, spike the hipster, Hunk vs Nerd, Mayor McSpermInACryogenicCoffeeCan, Portland vs Seattle, and The Wedding scenes. I do believe you have to have an outlandish sense of humor to truly grasp every slurp of this amazing show, and I know most of my peers wouldn't find this humor too attracting. This is a show I can put on at any time, and still laugh my butt off. The new season is fresh, and hasn't lost any momentum from the beginning. For me, this show is a breath of fresh air, much like you'd find in the beautiful woodland town of Portland.


Funny how I moved from Chicago to the Ozarks right when this show debuts
CONTAINS SPOILERS*** It has great momentum. I was immediately frustrated the minute I saw Ruth as the cleaning maid and knew right then and there she was gonna steal that cash. Very accurate depiction in Ep1 of how it would really go down in Chicago crime; the cartel wouldn't give you a second chance, they'd shoot you dead right there and make you into stew, though they'd never put the barrels on a truck LOL So that part where they found the teeth, was a farce. The FBI would have been following him from day one of his bank withdrawal.

Anyway, I hate the rednecks and HATE JULIA GARNER. God she's such a cringe actor, I wish she'd go into another line of work. And will they ever buy a f**g gun?? I mean come on.

Anyway, yeah people in the bible belt are some of the most close minded persons on earth and this show does an amazing job of showing just how hard it is to come in and try to make the area better with business. Im having the same problem with idiots in Arkansas, so seeing this show portray EXACTLY the way of life there is refreshing.

I think Agent Petty is going to be killed along the way, and the cartel is going to keep it's leash right around Marty's neck. I think this show is entertaining, and well written. Excited to see where this goes.

Luke Cage

Pull Tha Trigga N**** I ain't got all Night
Effortlessly the most exciting Defender on TV. This show did it right. He has powers that we all can enjoy and understand. He's a lot more fun on his own show than with Jessica Jones. Kottonmouth was a strong villain that I genuinely liked. Sadly....

Diamondback looks demonic. That's a good thing considering what he is. Luke has some amazing lines that transcend into reality to make current topics and hot issues something to revel about in your mind as you watch a bulletproof man walk about Harlem. That scene where he's listening to music outside Crispus Attics and a thug tries to rob him from behind; that soliloquy gave me goosebumps AND I laughed at his visceral use of the word.....

This is what we all wanted to see in a Superhero show; action, plot, and more action. It was good to finally learn of Luke's Origins and how they tie into Jessica's. We'll have to see how he fares with the rest of Hell's Kitchen and it's Defenders.

House of Cards

If you hated Spacey before...You're Gonna Now
This Series is EXCELLENT. Just finished Season 1 and can't believe how juicy each episode is. As I've worked in DC I can say this is a close foray of the puppet show in real life Washington. Puppet Masters, MicroManagement, BlackOps, PsyOps, Political Warfare, Scandals, Affairs, Sexual Pleasure, but wait there's more.

Spacey is so right for the role. You really feel like he was BORN to play Francis Underwood. Every role he's played seems like Franc Underwood now that I've watched this show. He's conniving, cunning, devious, devilish, and eloquent. If this isn't the role of Spacey's career, I haven't witnessed the one that is.

Robin plays an outstanding portrait of a Strong, Confident Washington Woman who won't let Francis be a coward AND won't let him walk all over her interests. I do find the infidelity and lack of drama towards it to be normal in the Nobel class HOWEVER I sense a little foreshadowing of disaster yet to come.

I love Remy's role and it's cool to see Marshala in a powerful role once again. This show makes you truly wonder if that's how DC is(I can say a lot of it is 100%).

It is sad to see what is happening to Peter, and I wonder how long they'll keep him aboard the Underwood train(Even after the whore from Stamper)

Doctor Strange

Well That's Strange
Perfect Introduction of Steven Strange into the MCU! DS was my favorite character in the MCU growing up. This movie did an amazing job explaining different dimensions and I think Ant Man will be able to crossover into his universe nicely. The scene where The Ancient One pushes him through different dimensions gave me goosebumps and truly made me want to fly out into deep space so I can personally witness the wonders of the cosmos.

Dormammu is pretty intimidating and it's quite wonderful how DS addresses that threat. I have to admit I wasn't expecting the post-credit scene(the first) to be so satisfying but it WAS. Strange will prove to be invaluable help to the Avengers in the upcoming installments.

Turbo Kid

Don't Make me throw a disc blade at you
Hilarious movie, with quality substance, quirky action, upbeat atmosphere, bangin soundtrack, fun plot, enjoyable characters and unexpected events.


This movie is the perfect length, it had some questionable moves with the android girl, I thought the fact that some kid on a bike finds a megaman-esque gauntlet and uses it to kill a disc-gauntlet guy was funny as ****. The Cowboy was funny too, not really sure why they put him in there, but it fit. Caesar is an accurate depiction of a boss(or really mini boss) in a post-apocalyptic world that only the strong thrive and the unlucky die.

The movie was highly enjoyable to me, though I've found weirder films lately have brought me satisfaction. This is a simple tale, that will make you laugh, cry for a companion robot, root for the good guy, and GORE!! LOTS OF GORE!

Bad Santa 2

If it had a butthole......
This was a decent attempt at rekindling an old flame. The first Bad Santa set a movie trend years ago, and introduced most of the world to Billy Bob Thornton. This installment was a bit of a let down. The jokes were funny, but felt forced and awkward. The interaction between Bates and Thornton was fun, however there was almost too much animosity between Santa and Elf that Elf was a useless character. Not only did they not have much screen time for the Elf, his lines were almost identical to the first movie.

SPOILER The heist was almost not even important in the movie, as by the end you pretty much have lost interest. It is a sad relationship to see between Kathy and Billy's Characters as is most typical family drama. I didn't care for the three of them turning on each other BUT it was hilarious to see Elf get shot AND ran over. That was one of the most realistic scenes I've yet to see on screen. Very accurate depiction of Chicago too!

The chubby kid could have used better development, like have him transfer jobs to the Hoagies shop in the Chi and have some rude customers come in(Typical in Chitown)

All in all this film hit me hard in a more dramatic way, than comedic. It was kind of sad to see Kathy Bates and Sh****stick trying to kindle their relationship and let by gones be. Good film, just fell a little short, especially for the cult- classic being the ancestor to this.


Denzel Smokes Weed
This is absolutely THE BEST animated comedy of the 2010s. I don't understand how it was cancelled. From the comedic minds of Tosh and Spongebob; this show delivers a pack-a-punch in every stanza. I've snarfed so many drinks while watching this my monitor looks like Old Gregg's stockings. Malloy is hilarious, Woody is a great cast to bounce comedic genius off of. Each episode gets better and better. There is intellectual dialogue, slapstick, and punchlines that remind me of mid 2000s South Park and Family Guy. The show has extreme gore, wonderful language, and original plots. Each character is used perfectly, and the actors NAILED their performances. I wish all shows were as fresh and fun to watch as Brickleberry.


Oddly Hypnotising
I don't know what it is with me and random films but this one was awesome. Sure, it's going to be hated by a lot of movie watchers. It lacks length and depth to the story, but for some reason it is pleasurable to watch. The crisp shots at the beginning, the visceral concise shooting from Harwood in the opening scene. He's exactly how I would be in that situation. Pop, pop, pop then give the last guy a bullet in the back. It was nuts. I was hoping he'd stay throughout the whole movie. The only thing I wished was added, is more civilians/wanderers who make the misfortune of stumbling into town, maybe let the surviving brother have to get initiated into the family(Before writing him into killing everyone) LOL Then we could get the family perspectives of their little operation. This movie had me pumped through it's entirety. Even A-List Blockbusters rarely keep me aroused the entire movie. So for that experience alone, I give it a 10/10 Bravo Chris Hoffman and to your Amazing Cast(Supreme Actors BTW)

Gods of Egypt

Doesn't Deserve the Hate
The movie had so much potential. It was too short, and didn't give the different Gods a chance to shine. Some of them we only see for one two minute long scene. Both Horus and Set were cool and I enjoyed seeing them kick butt. It would have been nice to see A'Nubis in action(other than the one scene where he stops the beast from devouring the afterlife bridge) I don't mind CGI, and encourage it in 2017+ but we also need a good story that delivers. If they would have made a clear divide of forces and had war between the Gods WHILE Horus & Friends continued their quest; the movie would have been much better. I see how some people rate it extremely low, but I still had fun with it and give it a solid 8.

Batman: Arkham City

The Riddler Was So Annoying
This is the perfect game for kids. For adults who like Batman, not so much. It was enjoyable and my first Batman game. It took me awhile to get used to the combat, and after about 2hours I pretty much had it down. It did have overpowered goons. The easy mode is more accurate to how Batman would handle the average goon. I found the riddler puzzles to be fun until I found myself 3days into the game and only 200/400 trophies down. The Strange broadcasts were extremely annoying, everything about the Riddler was highly irritating, which brought the game down tremendously. I found the Joker to be the most enjoyable villain. Gadgets were cool, gameplay was solid. I'd like to have the ability to change into a new suit without having to buy the GOTY edition. That is what is wrong with the video gaming industry. They never release full games anymore and double dip sales. The story line was satisfying, but the annoying nagging of both Hugo Strange and Riddler drove me mad. So I'm sure kids would love this game. Adults will get annoyed, and have a little fun too.

Need for Speed: Rivals

I got the Need, The Need for Speed
It has some of the better driving mechanics out of the newest batch of racing games. I find it to be the best, last racing game for the PS3. The only drawbacks to any of these games are the story, or lack thereof. You can be on the side of the law, or be an outlaw. Personally, I enjoy being an outlaw. I found myself crashing into other officers frequently when I played patrol/undercover. The frame rate is crisp, the cars are lovable, using gaming wheel controllers make this game even better. The base soundtrack is loaded with hot releases. The game gets me amped, and it didn't take too long to progress. Forza Horizon 3 is out now, so I wouldn't expect Rivals to get any more love. For the people still using PS3, this is the best racing game you can get.


Gentrify Your Eyes Little Children
This is such an accurate show to living in the Chi, especially Southside. I find it even better that they actually film in Chicago. Very accurate as to how easy it is to get into serious crime there. "Need a toe, I can get you a toe. Anybody can get you a toe" The real bi-polar depressed mom(not the self- diagnosed teenagers who think their mom is bi-polar for getting mad at them after being happy) Ian is my favorite in the show. Absolutely cool guy. Lip is a little too cocky for my taste but I relate to him. Kevin is an asshole but also really nice(weird how that works) Frank is actually admirable, which just goes to show how well they execute this production as we truly shouldn't like Frank. Not even a little bit. There are a few slow spots or spots I didn't care for. Each season has been exceptional nevertheless. Can't wait to see season 7 when it comes out on Netflix.

The Walking Dead

Not Today, Not Tomorrow...
Lackluster for parts of the season. I paid for each episode as I don't use ripoff cable. I figured it would be Glenn, which was fine. He was beginning to become a little bit of a cry baby. Abraham was just becoming enjoyable and one of the best fighters in the show. We obviously needed the build up this season and that is fine, however they needed to show some more hustle out of all the groups gathering supplies. Obviously the junkyard gang was with Negan. They see him as the bigger fish, and all they speak is actions and observations of force. They saw Negan was big, saw Rick was small, and decided to stay loyal to Negan. We would have forgiven this slow season if the finale was just balls to the wall. It was funny watching Sasha come out of the casket. I laughed so hard, I snarfed my milk onto the TV. We can expect great things from seasons to come. Shiva was cool, it's gonna be hard to see her get killed.


Christo, the utterance used in episode 1 that was supposed to make Demons show their black eyes. This is the first show I've ever binge watched. I am now just caught up on season 11. It has taken me a couple years to get here. At one point this was THE BEST show I have ever seen and would watch it over anything else of the time. Sam and Dean are fun and outside of the show, Misha/Jenson/Jared are amazing guys to hang out with. GISHWES is a fun event too every year. They really took time in delivering every single biblical, folklore, urban legend, monster story that has ever been told in a fresh exciting way. Dean is someone I would aspire to be. Good clean show, though I don't know if kids younger than teens should be watching it.

Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park

Shut up Randy
TPB is a weird show. I was promised it would be hilarious and it was for a couple episodes. It just gets hard to watch after a few seasons. Now this movie and other Swearnet inspired TPB productions have been kinda worse than anything else I have ever witnessed. This wasn't too bad of a story, but it was the constant failures that made it impossible to enjoy. Like I'd rather have seen all of them have a bunch of money for at least one episode. That way they can actually do something funny instead of just bummy. Anyway, I don't expect anything better from them, but they easily could make all of their production 100 times better.

The Last of Us

Endure and Survive
Great game. Definitely is overrated by every critic on earth. Luckily I played it 4 years after release for the first time. First of the game-play and gun-play is clunky. Weird movements and slow turning make this game a little hard to enjoy. Even after mastering the game and playing NG + 6; it was missing quick, coherent reactions. Nevertheless, the game has okay graphics with par settings. I played The Evil Within prior to this so I was already used to clunky survival horror/action. By the way, Anna was a previous patient with the immunity and it didn't work. And if you collected all of Marlene's personals in the Hospital, and recorders at the University; you'd know Joel actually was telling the truth. But we know that's not why he saved Ellie.

Better Call Saul

Los Pollos McGill
Jimmy is amazing. Such heart under that thieving scoundrel lifestyle of his. Just finished season 2, and will be watching 3 tonight. It is sad how Jimmy's big brother helped him get out of Chiraq but would never accept him anywhere near his level of life. Many of us relate to Jimmy's life as a lot of us have real potential and can do anything we set our minds to, but can't because of where we started in life. Great job with Mike and tying him in as well. I think we can expect Gus Fring to show up tonight(If he didn't last Sunday in the premier) Well executed show, highly entertaining. Suspenseful with the same air as BB

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