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Among the best Modern Westerns
Excellent acting (of course by Bale and Pike and their chemistry; but also by the entire crew), beautiful variety of scenery and smart music score. After reading other reviews, i thought it would not meet expectations; however, Hostiles did not disappoint. It was a well paced journey (left my wife and i wanting more), with authentic fight scenes and sounds; as well as interesting relationships and lessons in duty, sacrifice and care. Suspenseful, adventurous, romantic, emotional and dramatic; better than nearly all of the old 1940s and 1950s westerns; and more classy than the most of the post-Wayne, Stewart, and Scott ones. Unlike many that story line is primarily about revenge or some criminal motive; Hostiles is about a mission and survival.

Cries from Syria

Live action events and documentary
Like The Killing Fields (1984), Mayrig (1991), Schindler's List (1993), Saving Private Ryan (1998), Hotel Rwanda (2004), or Blood Diamond (2006), Cries from Syria reveals the horrors and madness of a genocide; yet, unless these other movies the victims are not actors - but mostly innocent men, women and children dead or dying in front of your faces. It makes you question the leaders of the world and how such ungodliness can be allowed. All adults should watch these movies lest many live their selfish lives without a care for others.

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