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The Hunt

Expected 1/10 on reading concept which elevates this to 8/10 after viewing. Very enjoyable.
I came across this movie without any knowledge of it's apperant controversy before release. I just read the basic concept and it didn't sound original at all. But I gave it a chance and after a few minutes picked up a few shocks from the start. I didn't expect them and will reveal nothing here. Even before Betty Gilpin, one of the talented actors that gave me a feeling to give it a chance, you are dragged back and forth as to what to expect for a good quality level. It starts at a gripping pace for me which didn't let up. Some reviewers are not happy at the pace the film goes in the middle section. If it kept up to it's opening scenes the film would have been over after fifteen minutes. It had to present you with a well constructed plot line, which it does very well, or it would have collapsed. But even with the foot of the accelerator there are enough twists and uncertainty of to what was actually going on. It surprised me so many times I had a constant feeling of uneasiness which is very hard to do with the high levels of very dark humour. The film is obviously meant to not be taken too seriously but also maintains a gripping plot which the makers deserve a lot of credit for. Sometimes films like this blow it approaching and concluding it. This film doesn't.

It does include stereotypical characters but they are essential for the storyline. It seems to have upset people with both left and right sides political views simultaneously which was obviously the intention of the makers. If they are really upset and can't see the silliness it pokes at both side as I say simultaneously then the intentions of the makers are spot on. If you are offended take a few steps back and think about the whole movie not just what offends you. If you still don't get it well there is no hope for you! Go and watch something bland or what makes your opinions feel right and people on the other side of the spectrum must be horrible. I can't think of movies on both sides that will do that for you which are of any good substance similar to this off the top of my head to help you sorry.

Betty Gilpin is excellent in this and you feel a lot of determination, apparent indifference at times and dark humour in her character. The mystery character is obvious and not a surprise so I am not spoiling the plot but she is essential for the film to progress and conclude. Warning! The gore levels are incredibly high. But the dark humour did not make them nauseating and were essential for the feeling of the plot. They are very brutal though so if you can't stomach that kind of content probably best if you didn't watch. Or give it a few minutes and you may accept it with the humour which is done very well and actually made me laught a lot.

It is a pity this didn't get a cinematic release. Whether that was because the awful times we are going through or the controversy attached to it I don't know but for me the quality is so high I think it may have done well. But even on television I found it very dark humouress, decent plot holding it together and some great acting quality so a 8/10 for me. It is one of those movies I WILL watch again in the future.

Brilliant. 8/10.

The Invisible Man

Surprisingly brilliant!
Another Invisible Man movie from the original source of the classic book and played by Claude Raines to Chevy Chase. I wasn't expecting much but it gripped me from the first scene. Without giving anything away (SO NO SPOILERS HERE) it is obvious that the focus, pun not intended, is from a woman in a terrible marriage. From that point the scifi element is almost, obviously not completely, pushed aside and it becomes a psychological horror thriller of a woman who may be brinking on insanity from two points of view really. One being characters attitude to her and the other you doubting whether she can mentally cope with her situation and obstacles. There is not a huge cast in this plot so the actors all have big roles to play and they do so brilliantly in the demands a screenplay requires. As for directorship and cinematography it is all done very well.

I honestly can't praise this film enough so giving it a huge 8/10. It is almost grueling than enjoyable and heightens towards a enthralling climax. The script takes the original source, rips it up and throws it out the window and creates a psychological horror/thriller. Or thriller/horror. Undecided on which is more dominant as my head is still spinning from viewing. Most recommended viewing, this time pun intended!

The Turning

Good film. Low ratings possibly in hands of the marketing by the studio to wrong audience?
Not sure how this film was marketed but I suspect it was marketed to the wrong audience. I was aware of the book, never read it, and knew enough to know just enough what to expect. Or rather know what not to expect. Lots of complaints of loose ends and plot holes. Sorry for those people who expected something very different. I am sure even a number of those people actually understood what was intended by the makers. In a way it took me by surprise because at quite a few points I thought it may plummet into a CGI demon or zombie creature chasing around a mansion with a huge blood drenched chainsaw as is a lot of the drivel dumped on us. That is not a spoiler, maybe a warning to potential viewers that isn't what you are going to get. Even among those who appreciated the film there wereh very different takes on the plot from beginning to end. My view is similar or identical to some of those but I am not pretentious enough to say we are the only viewers who have the only correct understanding of the film. It even took me a lot of debate in my own head as to when the film actually started. Or indeed finished.

Shed of the Dead

Daft as a brush. But a fun 90 minutes if not taken seriously.
This film makes no secret of it reference sources not being original. Shed of the Dead's name as Shed being so close to Shaun shouts out loud that this is a piece of fun you know not to take it seriously. The four lead characters were all excellent joining the fun. You can't really make a parody of a parody and expect viewers not to switch their brain off and enjoy the comedy of the piece so anyone complaining of the large chunks of other movies and can complain to be surprised. The Shed itself is the centrepiece of the film as well as the bathroom of the main character. That said the humour is very crude and not for family viewing. I didn't expect much from this so the enjoyment I took from it was intensified. Only one other significant character was Bill Mosley, who I didn't initially recognize, who has a lot of fun in his role. 5/10. Seems like a poor rating but it's not. It is very amusing and the fantasy world the main character sometimes lives in added to the fun a lot. A low budget horror comedy and parody of a parody! Made me laugh a lot. Bit more of the imagined fantasy world would have added to the enjoyment but I imagine the budget didn't stretch to it.


Nerve wracking.
Was expecting much from this but the lead actor drags you in quickly with a brilliant, as is often with him, performance. A tight plot that is gripping with tension constantly rising. Not a horror film but an intense, story slowly revealing, script. But I can see why this can be judged a horror film. Horror films can have monsters and this does in what horrors people are prepared to do. Would strongly reccomend this to anyone who enjoys, enjoyment is an odd word to describe this type of film, strong thrillers. Compacted in more than one way. Direction, actors....everything drops in very well.

A Million Ways to Die in the West

Second viewing 2020. Still 10/10.
Firstly. Do you like Family Guy yes/no? If yes you may like this film. (Possibly) If no you probably won't. (Probably). If you have never seen Family Guy but have a knowledgeable but slightly twisted but are not offended by humour some consider bad taste in many ways but can see through it because you are intelligent enough to see through it and know the humour is intended to offend those who carry those views and are really the offenders of distateful and offensive or much worse views. Then you may or may not like this film.

The film itself I found incredibly amusing, well directed, great at times cinematography, and brilliantly acted by talent who got the humour in the first place. But humour like this on a film length needs a good story to put it together. Is it very original or predictable? Not really. But the pace of the story is excellent and the strength of the humour is so strong, if you like it, will actually be disappointed when it ends it so amusing.

Seth MacFarlane has proved himself as a director in Family Guy, of course a very different media to a feature length film, and proved himself as a director of film with Ted. Of course he acted in that too, if unseen in a way.

In this he actually as well as directing and co-writting, acts and takes the lead role. His comic timing is spot on. But his acting also holds the film together. He has done serious roles since and gave a double slap in the face to viewers who think he is not a good actor.

That all aside I watched this film many years ago and found it massive fun from the first scene. If you don't like the first scene it is not for you.

I love film. Of every genre. If the film is quality. My favourite film is Subway by Luc Besson. But I don't concentrate on one genre. I delve in to all. Sometimes you find just plain bad film. This I did not. It was a joy first time. Probably better second time. Picked up a few jokes and Easter Eggs I missed first time. I only watch a limited number of films more than once. This? In a year or two I will likely watch it again.

Know what you are going to watch before you watch it.

And I hope you laugh as much as I did and will. A full 10/10. If only i could turn it up to eleven as I would rate it that highly.


I came in to this film with a, ahem, open mind. I didn't expect much of it as it was released in 2018 and passed me by. Visually stunning. Great story. Top class acting and direction. I only knew the basic premise of the film and it just stunned me again and again sometimes at a non stop rate but never loses the plot itself when doing so. I would advise anyone considering my inadvertent approach and just watch it without even watching trailers. It was not the expected low budget looking daft b movie. It was not. I was so encroached in it I did not notice it was filmed in Australia but set in America. If I watch it again, which I will, I would not notice again. I can see why some reviews I have now read see the comparison with Black Mirror episodes. Again I didn't pick up on that either as it was so engrossing. Massively good 9/10 film. I may change that to 10/10 when I get my breath back.

The Dark Red

Stunned me.
Lowly rated film. For me started well and got better. Even when it finished I was puzzled by the ending and its implications on the whole plot. Reality or a perceived easy or hard reality for the main character? If it is reality it raises more questions than it answers on many levels and likewise if it is only a partially preferred reality. It is either a very clever thoughtful movie or one that is just that is accidentally or partially intentional. I knew nothing about this film before I watched it and avoided reviews and the IMDB user rating which would have put me off. Glad I wasn't and enjoyed it as a film I can't place into any category or categories as it depends how you think about it. I am still unsure now after thinking about it and may need to watch it again. If you want a straight joyride this is not for you. For me it was an enjoyable, at times exciting, disturbing and complex film. But I cant guarentee I am right!

The Black String

Muniz is excellent in his role with his portrayal of desperation as all his roads to get away are seemingly closed but keeps you unknowing if his running away from what he perceives is real or in his head. You learn early on, so no spoiler, that he had issues in high school. But these are not explained and may not have been issues at all. No one close to him seems trustworthy to me or maybe I was thinking wrongly too. The utter desperation he feels make this quite an emotional wrenching film. This is classed as a horror film. It was for me. Yes it took me by surprise. Muniz coming from a sitcom I have never watched still seemed to be tagged by it before watching. That was kicked away very quickly. I am not sure if his required use of a bicycle at times was slapping you in the face for having pre restrictions of what you thought a child actor could achieve in later life and calling you an idiot. If it was they did it very well and I felt a bit of guilt for thinking this was a film I would turn off after ten minutes. But I digress. The film itself was very unnerving and disturbing for me. Some of the editing from scene to scene at times seemed abrupt. It could have been that was the intention. But it didn't sit well with me at times. Overall the story was kind of take or leave it. You watched it and raised more questions than answers. When a film does this badly it is awful. This did it quite well. Made me think s lot. If you want a mindless slasher movie look elsewhere. It's not for you. Keep walking. Nothing to see here. Anyone who wants a film that surprises you how good it is and leaves you wondering whether you liked it or not this is ideal. 6/10. Maybe a 7/10 but I had some issues with the editing.


Very intriguing and enjoyable movie.
If you are after a thought provoking film this may be good view. If you are after action or flashy scifi avoid. It made me think so deeply that I rated it 6/10 after viewing then thought it through again and raised it to 7/10. As I read a quick summary of plot I was expecting what I got and it delivered. The film is quite slow moving hence my initial 6/10. But on review I appreciate this was intentional by the film makers to draw you into the story. I had my suspicions on how the movie would conclude but certainly not completely and more than enough to think back through the film for characters actions and intentions. It certainly made you consider how you would react to being within a group of people who could control the minds of others. Made you wonder whether they had only performed actions in control of people, who are unaware they are being controlled, that the people would normally do anyway and to what extent they could push the moral boundaries of what they would do themselves. For me this was explained at the conclusion sufficiently though I can understand why this has left some viewers confused and feeling that they needed more explained at the end. For this movie to fully explain what exactly was going on it would have required to double it running time. And it would also ruined parts of it conclusion as they were the main things to be focused on from the beginning. So yes there is an element of mystery to it. The fact I enjoyed watching it, liked the central and for want of a better words emotional element, then left me wondering about the unexplained and imagining possible explanations made it a very good experience. It is the type of movie that is hard to write a review for as I always do so for anyone who reads this has or has not seen so try to give away too much details of the plot. So I hope those who have viewed the film see where I am coming from in my thoughts of the film and give enough, just, information for those who are considering watching it.

Deep thinking, pun intended, thought proving experience.

The Hasty Heart

A review of a movie that moved me many years ago.
I remember this film clearly though I was ten at the time. It initially intrigued me because Reagan was in it, a politician I certainly did not admire as I was politically aware even then and I am English by the way but still entitled to my views, so seeing he could act surprised me. That was soon forgotten as the plot became more important. Reagan, and the other actors and especially actress all contribute to the gripping emotion of the film. Todd though is stunning and invokes emotion of sympathy to extreme dislike stunningly. The premise of the film is quite simple but because it tugs at your emotions left to right, pun intended, it absorbs you and what you want to happen very well. As you are aware of the health situation Todd's character is in it still manages you to like and dislike, sometimes simultaneously, him as the plot develops. I have an admission to make. Though I started to take a deep interest in film very early of all genres though I had a deeper interest in comedy, understandable as a young, and horror this film still is a film that sticks in my mind deeply from my mind. It kicked me hard emotionally. And I remember clearly that I cried during the film. I remember the shock that a film could provoke such a deep emotional response. Personally I could not watch this film again even though it is in my opinion a classic because of the reality of life and death and also the intention of people to cope with it. I would recomend anyone watching this. Even though it must seem odd to see someone who became the President of the USA to film viewers especially younger people I can say this is an excellently made film and maybe you will never forget the performance of Todd too. You may even shed a tear? I did.


Very original funny and disturbing.
No spoilers. Amusing and disturbing. To find yourself backing a pregnant woman to kill people shows how well this was written, directed, edited and acted in a low budget movie that was filmed in double quick time as Alice Lowe was actually eight months pregnant at the time. Her performance is top class in a film she wrote herself over three days as she wanted to keep acting despite being pregnant and came up with something exceptionally original and hard to find which genre it is mainly in. I would class it in order horror, comedy, thriller and drama. There are many loose ends (pun intended) left open which I suppose adds mystery to its list of genres. Alice Lowe is the main and overriding character in the film so the uncertainty of the reasons for her behaviour are vital to be done well. And she does.

If you want something different and original it is a good watch. If you think you will find this pro- feminism trash, as some reviewers say here (do we have moderators still?) pick up something in would probably find rubbish. We are all different and have different views. But I have seen far too many reviews here complaining films are just pro liberal, pro left wingism, pro black, pro Mexican (???) and pro feminist etc. I dont know what drivel these people watch but can they please avoid films that make you think too much and dont write offensive reviews.

Enjoyed this film very much. Hope I have explained it sufficiently without giving spoilers for you to know what to expect.

The Sound Barrier

Classic partially fictional but a classic nonetheless.
Absolute classic. If you push away it is not a true representation of the race to break the sound barrier it is a fantastic representation of the race itself at the cost of lost pilots willingly risking their lives in the thing they love doing. The technology is simplified and incorrect in many ways but it goes unimportant as the movies blends the emotional cost weighs against the increasing technology to the extent you feel the pain in the drama. Ralph Richardson brilliantly plays his character making you wonder if he actually cares about the human cost or is just suppressing emotion in the way many people do. David Leans direction is excellent and it is a shame this film was not made in colour but an excellent film nonetheless. I have watched this film more than once which I dont do for a lot of films but many I do are David Lean's. Not his greatest film. But still a classic.

I'll Take Your Dead

Very enjoyable.
As I watched this movie I thought it had been misrepresented and misadvertised. In a way it was. But it tips it toes in multiple film genres but does so quite quickly in a slightly short running time. By doing so it does not give you an obvious clue in to which genre it is going to develop into. But the direction, editing and great performances by main characters does not make this a problem for the movie in my opinion. It is not a spoiler to know what the main profession of the father figure is. It does not become a major problem of the immoral profession of the father, though enforced, to dismiss him as a sympathetic character. In case you dont know I want reveal what it is although it is splattered all over the advertising and was correctly anyway as it is revealed in the first scenes. I could pick up on plot holes in this movie and issues with incredibly quick bonding relationships but as I say it is short running and the characters well played, written, edited and directed. Some viewers may be disappointed after viewing as it was not totally the genre they were expecting which is understandable. For me, after viewing I could not give it an overall film genre it fits in to or even of the many it presents you is the dominant of them. That could be a reason of why this was not a major success which is very disappointing to me as I find it so enjoyable and more people I am sure would be if they were aware of this film. It is obvious to anyone reading this I have not actually included any details of the story any details of the film within this review. This is because if I did I would not know where to stop and tell the story start to finish and this would out point it does not really drop in to one genre completely and also how unlikely some events are such as the aforementioned quickly developing relationships. The only thing I can say it was quite a short film but didn't feel plodding as a lot happened quickly but didn't feel rushed. And if you do watch I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Hell Is Where the Home Is

Not great! Not bad and from someone who hates home invasion films 5/10 not bad.
I read little a about this movie but as it was on as a premier and the short description suggested supernatural or outright horror I gave it a go. After going back and reading more short descriptions it is clear it is a 'home Invasion' film or however this horrid sub genre is described. They reached and continue to with The Purge and its sequels. I find those incredibly distastefuI I dislike them more than found footage films. The Purge had an original concept. But because it was original doesnt meant the make it a great original concept. Both are a stream of cheap trash.

That said I did watch this so 5/10 is a surprisingly high score from me. Why? Because I wasnt disappointed. It was quite tense if a bit predictable, nothing new for these movies I imagine. There were some quite original unexpected turns in the movie from start to finish. The acting was quite good and direction and cinematography good also. I cant say if it is really quite original though as I watch little of these films. But I did find it as I say quite original, story turning and well acted etc so no complaints from me. The actress who says she is a neighbour and asks to enter the house use the phone as her car has broken down, not a spoiler it happens very early, I found very unsettling but played it so well as to guessing to whether she is just a likeable neighbour or else. One moment you find her amusing and insightful to the other characters as they discuss their relationships and makes you think she is a red herring even though you ask yourself why didn't she just walk home. Makes you think she may have just entered the home and inadvertently got herself in to danger. This a good point in the movie making you question whether the couples individually in their attitude to her shows where this movie is going. I am sure I have seen this friendly nosey neighbour actress asking for help in other films or tv but should cant remember at the moment so my next step is to look in IMDB for her past work. So overall if you like home invasion films you may like this better than me. If you dislike home invasion films you may enjoy this film as much as me. So I reccomend it as a 5/10 film. I thought it was quite enjoyable but because when I realised the sub genre it was that score may have been slightly boosted from 4.5/10 (which would have boosted it to 5/10) anyway. It is edited well so doesnt overstay its welcome and makes the story fast moving without losing the sense of unease, mystery and tension. Not great. Not in anyway bad in my opinion.


Not recommended in my opinion.
Acting was ok but script gave characters with little or logical depth. At many times I thought characters with small roles would deepen and develop the story but then they seemed to disappear from the story even though their roles in the story if expanded would have given this film more sense to a confusing story. The hospital priest seemed to have unexplained insight into what was going on then suddenly disappeared. There was a role of an expert in to the afterlife and possession. I think. Very confusing character. I assumed this would be explained more later in the movie with his help in the couples situation. But then he was not to be seen again even though he seemed aware of the situation and consequences. The concerned sister who appeared quickly and put the couple in contact with him disappeared from the film too. The major role of the husband was just baffling. He seemed to be dismissive of the supernatural. Then a believer. Then not. And so on. His father was a policeman who's wife left him to bring his son up alone. Why? Was this an upcoming strong plot point. Nope. The wife had a father who had committed suicide because of his beliefs in supernatural. Was he mentally ill or actually able to see spirits etc? Could be an important plot point. Nope never mentioned again. The ending did not make any sense whatsoever. I think I know what it was trying to be. But I could be totally wrong it was that confusing. There was an ongoing terrible special effect that could have been forgiven if the story was better handled. But it wasnt so made the film look even cheaper. The quality of the actors was hard to judge as the material and story was so poor. Very disappointing for me. So many directions the film could have gone in that may have been better.It may have been edited badly and had a more coherent plot removed that made the film seem worse who knows? All I can say is in my opinion this is a very poor movie. I dont normally read too many reviews of movies I am attracted to to avoid spoilers so ultimately the blame lies in me for not looking at others views especially on IMDB for a little insight before viewing. And again that ending? Oh dear! If this review contains spoilers I would really like to know what they are and I maybe misunderstood a classic. But I find that highly unlikely.

Happy Death Day 2U

As enjoyable if more than the first. The same but also very different. Almost like an alternate universe(HA!).
Lots of negative reviews here. Some of which come from people who liked this movie but didn't like this. Some of those because of the change in direction. If it was just a repeat of the first that would have upset them because of repetition. In a movie about repetition? Others didn't like the first one anyway. That surprised me as they watched this. Do they like repetition or not? Sorry. Couldn't resist that. Others didnt like the fact the genre completely changed. I was expecting it to be more of the same and was very surprised it wasn't and was done so well the change of genre I didnt even think about as the film was so engrossing it was not an issue for me at all. But we are all entitled to our opinion. I didnt expect the first film to be any good but really like it. Expected this film to blow it but was great fun for me. If you haven't seen the first film I would advise you strongly to watch it first. The quick catch up at the beginning is not going to be enough to anyway near understand this. The plot is full of holes and lack of logic. Doesnt matter one bit firstly because it moves so fast and is such fun it doesnt give you the chance or the willingness to dissect so you sit back and enjoy. Secondly the first was also full of plot holes and logic but also for the same reasons it didnt matter. Some reviewers, without giving spoilers, didnt seem to fully grasp that the characters action didnt effect other characters in they way they thought. You need to have a basic understanding in how the theory of infinite dimensions work. But that is understandable because it is quite a mind blowing concept or theory anyway. But I digress. Fast paced. Excellent acting. Great script. Great direction. Slightly less tension than the first film but more decisions to be made by the characters against an increasing run against time and odds and with mysteries to be solved as quickly as possible. My score of 8/10 is quite a high score for me to consider for any. But for the type of film it is it is a very good one of them I found.

But if you intend to watch this film you need to watch the first one before. But if you intend to watch this film you need to watch the first one before. But if you intend to watch this film you need to watch the first one before. But if you intend to watch this film yo.....MY LORD! IT IS HAPPENING TO ME NOW!!


Surprisingly good.
Caught this late at night whilst being unable to sleep, I have actually just finished watching it. It has has prevented me sleeping more as it captivated me. I knew nothing of this film and wasnt expecting a classic. It isn't. But I found it very entertaining and largely unsettling. I assumed it was a slow burning story of psychiatric treatment in that it is not a definitive science of talking treatment, drug prescription or both and even then getting a balance of it right. And it is in a way. But it has a strong thriller core to it and to whether the fear element is imagined, drug treatment effects in this case self administered (not a spoiler as this is revealed early though the viewer are not aware what meds and if they are taken excessively). I began to think it was some kind of statement that psychiatric treatment is in some way dangerous, which it is not from what I know of it, but it is just a well developed thriller built around it to good effect as it has three doctors with different approaches one of whom comes across as obnoxious. Ultimately this is all just to build a very interesting thriller and not a dig at psychiatry. I found the plot very surprising and I normally see turns in a movie coming a mile away. Not because I am extremely intelligent and films cant shock me. Normally because I see it in a film with a poorly written script. Reviewers here pointing out plot holes and unlikely events. But it is not an intended blockbuster. But great performances from all actors and took me on a journey I did not expect. Sometimes people should remind themselves it is not a documentary but a film. I could pick out plot holes etc. out of any film I have ever seen. But it is when you are entertained by a film your brain is clever enough to shove them to one side. So, quite a difficult review to write as I can not give any spoilers. I just hope others come across this film as I did and be as entertained as I was. But I also hope for them, as it has been for me, not on a dark, sleepless and windy night alone!

Pet Sematary

A poor remake of a decent film of an excellent novel.
The source for this film, the Stephen King book, is an incredibly emotionally intense story that manages to make an extremely unlikely premise believable. It was always going to be unlikely to make a good movie though Mary Lambert did a pretty good job in 1989 to the extent I have I watched it more than once. Who can forget Fred Gwynne's performance!

As it is such hard to transfer to a believable film I was surprised it was remade. I shouldn't be as so many movies are these days. I dont use the iditotic description of these movies as reboots. Sometimes they are done quite successfully. More common are disasters. I was tempted to watch Psycho just for its scene for scene remake just for ludicrous comedy value. This attempt is not a disaster. Just feels like a poor B movie straight to DVD or ill funded cable channel time filler. Very inferior to original adaptation. The film itself seems to be very rushed. Poorly scripted. It tries some changes to give it a new feel. Some of which are interesting. Others bordering on amatuerish. It is had to gauge the actors performances especially with some of the dialogue they had to spout which they must have been tempted to refuse or change themselves. The sudden exchanges between a couple married for years that the wifes details of her childhood sister's death were incredibly badly scripted. And the husbands sudden relevation to the wife that he didn't believe in life after death was laughable. Did this married couple just meet and have never talked to each other on their views and beliefs? If you have never read the Stephen King book, seen the 1989 adaption and dont mind below class b movies this may pass some time for you. That is the best recommendation I can give. If John Lithgow just had a 10 second cameo in which he walked past the camera, stopped to give a quick wave and walked off screen he still would have been the best thing in this. He must have been giving his lines in this through gritted teeth in anger. 3/10. Would have been lower if not just the presence of John Lithgow.

In Fabric

A horror, comedy, arthouse or all three film on LSD. I think? Waiting to read a full synopsis.
I couldn't rate this film honestly. Could be a 1/10 or 10/10. The significance of the dress went completely over my head. The effect on the first character to wear it was baffling to me. I can see why people hate this film. I can also see why some love. I was just unsure. Some of the scenes genuinely disturbed me. Even more so because I didnt understand them. This may have been just a collection of scenes with no narrative and just meant to consider by the viewer like a Pollock painting. Or there may have been a message or collection of them to consider. There may have been an obvious plot. Again I was left unsure. There is a hint of Argento a lot but his fims had an obvious narrative. Well, some of them. It had a similar effect as A Clockwork Orange. Not in content but in the fact it had scenes and images I did not think were acceptable for me to be put to film. But I understood message and (shakey) plot of the Kubrick film and he managed to put to screen a book that was deemed impossible to film. It was the only work of Kubrick I watched only once and regretted I did and will never watch it again. I have the same feeling of this film. I regret watching it. But the lack of coherence made it an even worse experience. The are elements of black humour in this. But I found them horrid. Which I do think was the intention. I could not recommend anyone watching this film. It is your own choice. I would not want to be responsible for anyone who found it as repulsive as me. But at the same time I would not like to be responsible for those who see this as a great piece of art or those who actually understand it. So I cant from a personal point of view give it 1/10 as I watched it all and dont know if was garbage. I could have turned it off. But I cant give it 10/10 as I did not enjoy the experience and will never watch it again to try to appreciate it more. So I give it 5/10 but dont take that as a recommendation to view. But if anyone does watch it and take in more of an appreciation, or not, and maybe the actual plot please write a full synopsis here. It would be an interesting read for me with your view and actual plot, if there is one.


Not a bad horror film. Nearly! Lots of good aspects. Too many poor ones. Spoilers at end of my thoughts!
Not a bad movie IMO. I enjoyed it mostly. Small amount of characters in movie and they all did an excellent job especially excellent the father role Plot holes? Yes. What movie doesn't? But like all good movies they can be easily disregarded. Building anxiety with the unknown elements slowly developed with what I found the more that was explained the more it wasn't or more uncertainty building. But not all to slow or more uncertainty becoming frustrating, very well paced. Almost all story in one location which was done very well. BUT... SPOILER BELOW!

The ending did not work for me at all. When Jess is revealed to be Jess only and not Jessabelle the ending fell apart for me. Jess it is explained was probably adopted as the white mother had a baby with a black lover. White father is furious as colour of baby confirms his wife has had a lover who is babies father and brutally kills Jessabelle and her real father. Mother than had died from her illness though I wasn't sure whether the husband played some part in her death. The role of the voodoo became quite confusing for me. And in this day and age the misinterpretation of voodoo being all evil, chicken sacrifices and curses etc is outdated as the Voodoo beliefs is as far as I am aware based on Christianity. Still this would be acceptable (within a horror movie) with the death of the father as he was horrific a baby and adult murderer. But at the conclusion when under a voodoo curse Jess pushes herself into the lake, believing her mother was pushing her tied in to the wheelchair, I thought it was just going to be some kind of cleansing when Jessable kissed her on the forehead the curse would be released untied to the wheelchair and she would swim to the surface both mentally and physically both Jess and Jessable at peace with the past. Even then it would not have made total sense as she was totally innocent of the violent and evil precedings but hey, it is a horror film. But no! She is mentally drowned and vacted her body taken over by Jessable. Despite Jess herself being totally innocent of any crimes or evilness. With such an abhorrent ending all the plot holes just become too much. How did a pregnant woman who gave birth to a baby be quickly allowed to adopt another baby so quickly. Why was Jessable's murder not be investigated by police and why didnt Jessable's mother tell the police? Because she feared her husband was going to kill her even though she was dying anyway? Jess being totally innocent of anything but her mother and her lover BOTH be insane enough to kill her as a grown woman from beyond the grave to resurrect their child? Jess was wary of her unstable and aggressive to the man she thought of as her father but she still had to be killed for his crimes. Wouldn't Jess's love of high school days notice a huge personality change when Jessable occupied her body? Plenty more unconvincing or ludicrous parts of plot but there is plenty I have stated here to say how the film for me fell apart at the conclusion. Overall very disappointed in conclusion of movie though I did enjoy it overall mostly. But could have been so much better in my opinion.

The Lazarus Effect

Maybe I enjoyed the other which I read after viewing making for me thins 5/10 instead of 4/10.
Spoilers and lots!

after watching this movie. Lots of different opinions both positive and very negative. I can see why. It is a short movie and does feel rushed. The past memory of the resurrected lead(?) seems to me an almost forgotten element of the film. Not seen many reviews mentioning this though and if you have already I apologise. I couldn't read them all! It is not clear that off the character did not have an awful memory of causing a fire as a child leading to fatalities caused her to resurrect as a powerful source of evil. Would she have come back as a source of evil if she hadn't had this memory, if it is a true memory or aggravated by her guilt? Well the dog came back as a devious 'character'. Why? Did he feel guilty of urinating on the kitchen floor on the past? The two of them came back evil so the memory she had seems irrelevant. Accepting her childhood pyromania would not it seem make her less evil. Which means her lover she resurrects would come back evil even if he had lived the life of a saint. So the past memory is it seems just a plot ploy to explain her being so demonic. If she had dealt with her guilt she would still be evil. The only point of it seems to be her using it to hide herself as a saviour firefighter to conclude the film. Possibly. On other reviews I see I missed the references to Reanimator and espically Event Horizon which is now blindingly obvious! Maybe more of a rip off than a reference? But it never occurred to me during viewing despite me watching Event Horizon two days earlier. I did though get the posdible reference to The Shining. The film is almost all in the laboratory location, which though would cut costs works well. Acting pretty good by the cast. Being a short movie also works well, maybe inadvertently, as it does not overstay it's welcome. 5/10 is not a bad score for a movie of its calibre. I enjoyed it. Quite a bit really. I can see why it annoyed some reviewers. But I watched it at home. If I had paid to watch it in the cinema my score would have dropped. Significantly. Also as a laboratory worker I enjoyed the things sciencents perform which are just daft to represent what happens in a lab. Oooh I could write 10k words on that. But that made me smile. I enjoyed it. Not bad. But not great!

Mountain Fever

A piece of brilliance?
Many reviewers on IMDB could be giving this movie a low rating and review as they don't seem to understand the deeper meaning, the philosophical comment on human life and society and bleakness of reality of the human psyche. When I understand it I will get back to you. I doubt that will be any time soon as I didn't get what it was trying to say either. It did have good points. Two main acting talents were quite good. If it was trying to express bleakness it got that very right.

The plot twist as it was wasof the it came to the male lead ending up having a leg injury like the female character and may have shared the same culprit though that was not clear and more importantly he ended up in cabin where she, possibly, came from and she ended up living in his house though again it was not totally clear if that we she disappeared to.

The overall point or meaning of the film I was not totally sure of and I will not be watching it again to find any deeper insight. The nature of the virus fever was not explained at all. This did not have any issues with me, I would just liked more insight in to the characters and their motives. I did not require a total explanation, just a little to build up plot and raise my empathy to the two leads. I made a joke earlier in my review about the deeper meaning to this movie, it may well have on. I just did not get it. I actually did want to see how the characters story evolved and concluded. There was a conclusion the story, it wasn't left totally open ended. A movie being left totally open ended anyway I don't find a problem in film as long as I have some kind of plot to work with.

I really do hope some reviewers find this movie a better experience than me as there is talent in it and it is well filmed in many ways. Just not enough for me unfortunately.

Oh, and the cat was brilliant in it!

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

The one star is not the films fault. It is my fault for watching a found footage movie which has a lot of good ideas. When anyone can find one please tell me.
Low ratings by me this low are rare. I don't normally watch found footage movies. The first one I watched was Cannibal Holocaust. Without the animal cruelty. Had an amazing soundtrack and the found footage part worked as it was blended into a movie. With a plot. I will never forgive anyone involved in the movie for anyone involved except the local tribes who helped make a stunning film. Of its time! A film you watch once and once only. The OST was so good I should find a way to purchase it. Then along came The Blair Witch Project. Luckily I saw it at home not in the cinema. I don't rate any film as my favourite or even best ten. Movie genres are wide. Picking your favourite or indeed your worst change and develop. So I don't have such a list. The Blair Witch Project was an awful so called movie. The rumours and such prior to release were garbage. I wasn't interested. But I watched it. And I was I admit stunned at how bad it was. I thought it would not be good. I have a brain. The only interest I found for it doing so well was to find a friend, a work colleague, a family member, a stranger on the street from who I demanded an opinion anyone who liked it I found none. And my belief in society's ability to not have a large portion of people who liked it made me feel more sane. But for some reason it spawned more lost footage movies. I have never seen the The Blair Witch Project sequel but at least that had the sense as far as i know not to be a lost footage movie. The blame of the one star rating lays with me. I am away of the Dyaltov Incidient vaguely. A mystery as far as I know. A present day movie based around it? I thought give it a try. If I dislike it I will turn it off. But I find it very hard to stop a movie when I have watched it for a bit. Once you start a movie it is hard to stop as you have put some time in to seeing how it will develop. Otherwise you have wasted 30, 40, 50 minutes. So I watched it all. Admittedly I may have drifted off because when I read the synopsis here on IMDB I didn't recognise the ending. It seemed to have No relation to what I saw. Maybe I watched a different version of the movie. Unlikely. When you spend so much time of cameras wobbling around and actors in character telling them to turn them off or turn it away...When it comes to the end you really do not care about the conclusion. I liked the synopsis here. Sounds like a good story and ending. But I did not take that from the film at all. Found footage movies worked once in Cannibal Holocaust . Even then controversially correctly. What is forgotten is that it had a plot and actors acting normally wrapped around it, not particularly well but they did. I thank IMDB immensely and the synopsis writers for this movie. Other than that I would never be tempted with an interesting premise to watch a found footage movie again. It is not cinema. It is not it's future. It has no future as the odd film made here and there occasionally. It is not pleasant to watch. Not because the camera shakes and some people get motion sickness. It is just not good filmmaking. Strangely pheraps, the acting was, at the moment it kept my attention, quite good at times. The script/screenplay seems interesting seems more interesting when read from a viewer who actually kept attention for the entire movie so there is obvious potential talent there for better days. Other than that, if you watch this movie and enjoy I am glad it satisfied you. For me I thought it was quite terrible. Not a word I use often, or ever, to describe a film. For the I apologise to the talent who made it. And I will never, ever, watch a found footage movie again. So the criticism for this movie, as I began this review with, lays with me go watching it.

The Boogey Man

Probably the worst plotted nonsense film I have ever seen.
Spoilers here. But I think spoilers only apply to movie that make seven a little sense anyway. Abusive lover killed by the woman's son after he is tied then released with a knife by his sister after hehad been tied the abusive lovers mum. Abusive is stored in the mirror reflected his murder then possesses people and objects to kill them or caused the possessed people to kill others. Mirror is shattered but mirror, I think can possess other mirror too. Mirror is pieced back together who I couldn't tell was an of the original little girl who was tied to bed by murdered abusive lover. Or was her cousin. Or her foster father. Or now husband. I think he was her husband. Not totally sure. The boy has been mute since stabbing to death her mums abusive lover. It was not whether he had been in a mental hospital for a period. Or somehow the law found the murder of the abusive lover, who was a horrible man it seems, justified. Or ok because he was a child? If you have not seen this movie but read this anyway you may be confused. If you have seen the movie and this description so far makes sense you are on a much higher level of intelligence than me. People die. When the grown woman visits her old home with her, I think as i have said, husband the parents children are there but because they claim to be interested in buying the house they look around. See the mirror. She sees abusive lover in the bedroom mirror so smashes. Her husband, as I will call him from now, brushes the shards together and takes it home and puts it back together so, well I have no idea why he did so. I may have fell asleep or had a seizure (sometimes my epilepsy is beneficial to miss a bit of this garbage) so missed a bit. The deaths of the children living in the old house goes unmentioned. I think. An aunt and uncle are murdered by the mirror somehow in the barn. Terrible event! Then becomes a throw off side event. The mute son murderer, someone help me please, was that unjustifiable murder? was he attacking the mother or did they like violent sex???? then attacks a friend or cousin or God knows acquaintance of the family by strangling her and picking her up by her feet. But then stops and releases her. Was it the mirrors fault? As she was flirting with him was he traumatised by viewing a sexual event AND STABBING SOMEONE TO DEATH as a child. She is safe and sound. He doesnt kill her. I assumed this will be shown in the movie the consequences of his act. Erm. Know. Two teenagers are killed by a shard of the mirror from the opposite side of the lake they are. Massive plot event. No. Just kind of dwindles away from story. There are so many more things wrong with this film. But I think that is enough. Oooooh. I have a mirror in my bathroom...the movie scared me so much....zzzz.

I actually thought the cut of the film maybe an issue here. Not the goriest film ever. Maybe when trimming the gore off a bit, though there is quite a lot still in the film, they put the reel back together in the wrong order. That or it was just ameutureish. If on the final cut the makers slapped their hands together they should have been outlawed from making a film again. I think the only thing in their minds was to have a final scene screaming SEQUEL. There are some. I wont risk viewing.

Ultimately the major fault in this movie lays with me. I did view. From start to finish ( I think). I watched it. I kept watching what I hoped would be an entertaining 80s slasher or supernatural horror movie. I kept watching. I didnt switch it off. I do though have a mirror in my living room. Maybe that forced me..........SEQUEL REVIEW COMING...

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