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Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi

Immensely human
A greedy capitalist in the form of a sorceress, labors in the form of frog, spirits and a human is a special labor to be envied!

Also, the other side of the sorceress is a socially kind person yet she lives alone and poor.

A magical world that is real and immensely human!


This is not just a mere success story of a young boy who wants to be a drummer. It dissects the torments, the blood, the tears and the cost of somebody who wants to be '' great.''

The warmness of the scenes are very striking and whatever is not warm, is something the character has to avoid to be ''great.''

Great performances by JK Simmons and Miles Teller. As opposed to the short film, Miles nailed it better.


Saoirse's realism.
Stories like these always touch me. Especially, from a young person like me living abroad for years now.

A subtle, convincing performance from Saoirse. Her eyes express homesickness, innocence, endurance and everything.

Otherwise, the director can play more with the camera and sound, to not just rely on Saoirse's performance.

When They See Us

Keep fighting
A series that tells a story about all of us, all over the world. We receive injustice, we are oppressed and it's only cinema that can keep us fighting for the truth.

How to Become a Tyrant

Super Cliche
Yeah, we know it, we know it, all boring, one-sided, cliche, tyrants of the world.

What about those tyrants like Suharto of Indonesia or Marcos of Phillipines who are backed and praised by the US?

Teströl és lélekröl

Dreamy Journey
The sweetest romance in the most eccentric fashion ever....not turbulent, just flowing harmoniously...

The melodious rhythm of music, charming camera focus establish a dreamy journey of the movie....

Hable con ella

Listening to their lovers
« I think that girl is me »

What a tender story about unrequited love of a male nurse towards his coma patient and a dubious love of a writer towards a coma bullfighter. As a result, these two men unexpectedly formed a deep friendship.

The pace of this film is smooth as if in coma, listening to their lovers.

17 years and still it's a masterpiece.

The Two Popes

Pure Truth
At first, I expected this to be such a hardcore drama delivering a serious subject.

But no.....

The story between two opposing popes is presented so light, so elegant that ended with something truly unexpected. I couldn't stop smirking, cursing on truths bouncing like tennis ball between the great performances of Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce.

This is a drama that is half documentary, half comedy but pure truth....


The Spirit of my Youth
Watching this for the second time, now as a 20 year old guy, sticking till the end of the series made me to understand that this is such a memorable anime about unending belief of ourselves, determination, hard work, friendship and love!

This is more than an anime, it is a lesson of life.

Every person must watch this regardless of age!


Family Drama + Comedy + Thriller = Social Message
From a thriller of Memories of Murder to a monster film of The Host, Bong Joon Ho could transform a family drama as entertaining as never before.

Truly an unexpected, perfect, blend of genres to satirize class division and hypocrisy.

Even the dialogue scenes are not tiresome, but intriguing and often hilarious.

Well done Korean Cinema, proud of you!

Geung see sin sang

An amazing blend of culture and entertainment
I am so glad to watch the actual movie that triggered hopping vampires, notes sticked to their heads to control them, that I knew in my childhood.

All the action sequences are super hilarious, immensely memorable!

What an amazing blend of culture and entertainment!

Pengabdi Setan

Indonesian horror films of the 80's had immensely spooky music.

The ghost and zombies are hilarious!

I wonder why fellow countrymen in the 80's were terrified. Although, there were terrifying instances, like the ghost of the mom visited the son by the window.


This is the reason we live
Only Kurosawa can turn a drama to be a compelling, moving investigation on our reason to live.

To live means to serve other people and our source of happiness.


Why do we need art?
Kurosawa, in full command of script, cinematography, direction, editing, provided one of the most entertaining and moving depiction of human beings....

After watching it for the fourth time and as age unfolds, it never ceases to impress me...a relevant masterpiece in this absolute imperfect world... and we need art forever..

Pengkhianatan G30S/PKI

Honorable Production, if we ignore the historical content...
Immersed from the beginning to the middle, but attention was dropped reaching the end...

There are closeups that were creepy and hilarious at the same time of the communist characters like DN Aidit... everything is building up and doesn't immediately jump towards the omen of the crows that turns to the right moment of massive nightmare for The Generals and the audience....

The scars of the generals are spiteful...a great job from the makeup department...great casting, there are almost no difference between the actors and the real characters they are portraying specially with Soeharto and Nasution...

Honorable production, if we ignore the historical content...

The King 2 Hearts

Wish this is reality...
One of the best dramas....a love story overcoming borders....wish this is true beyond fiction....


I never expected Lee Chang Dong to be on this's as if he is burning...


How can we be so touched on a story of a couple that has never met before?

Such a super melodrama with social commentary on immigrants.


A decaying world
I see a full director in full command of his vision, powerful script with a stabbing social commentary of how society tolerates seven deadly sins.

Horí, má panenko

Not a heavy laughter, but still enjoyable
I don't laugh fully as in watching Pee Mak or The Quiet Family, but it is still an enjoyable journey. Each moment is symbolic Of Czechoslovakia by being real, for instance all the stealings.

Great film!

Dare mo shiranai

Moving, in our hearts
Life can be unfair with us, but does that vanish our responsibility?

Hirokazu Koreeda succeeded in portraying the unfair abandonment of four kids and their struggle of survival without tearjeker, melodramatic depictions, but it is moving, in our hearts.


Don't mess with love
I was watching this movie with my mom. She suddenly commented, " how could they be in love?"

Exactly as we would ask...

Well, love can happen to anyone, love conquers, love ignites, love wakens...

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