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Memories of Hudson: a great movie!
The first 20 minutes of the film was very loud, even annoying. But as the picture began to develop, I realized the first part was necessary to set the stage for the rest of the movie....

And what a brilliant rest of the movie it was! We've seen this story line a dozen times, but the "cars" made it all new again, –– and wondrously done! I'm a hearing impaired, 72 year old man, and I still picked up on almost every line, and every pun or in-joke! Great animation, great dialogue, and an even greater memory of America past!

I got tears in my eyes many times during the last half of the movie. I learned to drive on my dad's '51 Hudson Hornet; and was able to recognize most of the 50's and 60' cars. Nostalgia time! But you don't have to be old to enjoy this film. It will appeal to every age group! My fifty-something wife and my ten year old granddaughter loved every minute of it!

Thank you Disney and Pixar.... I recommend this movie to everyone!!!!

Criminal Minds

I like the content and the characterizations of "Criminal Minds."
I have watched each episode of Criminal Minds, and I agree with the writer from Canada about this show (and also about their comments on NCIS, which seems to have more spark and humor than the other CSI shows).

Mandy Patinkin turns anything he's in to pure gold, and I hope "Criminal Minds" will get a long run! The plots are engaging, the cast interacts well together, and nobody comes off as being too "preachy," as you get with some of the CSIs and Law & Orders.

Thanks for the opportunity to support a fine show which is up against some tough competition. I watched "Lost" quite a bit it's first season, but finally got bored with it because it never seemed to have any resolution. Just episode upon episode of wondering why it wasn't going anywhere. In other words, "Lost" lost me! And I'm starting to get that same feeling with "Desperate Housewives," too. When I was a kid I really enjoyed ongoing serials; but not that much anymore....

Shows like Criminal Minds and Numbers and NCIS manage to make you think you've watched a complete story; and from my point of view, I respond to that kind of entertainment much, much better!

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