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Power Rangers

This one's just for the trashers
I had formerly written a review for Power Rangers which was really shallow.But now,due to the IMDb rating dropping uncharacteristically,I'm writing a new review to essentially negate the trashers and the naysayers.This movie is awesome,and I stand by my words,that's not saying the movie is not without its problems which I will address further on,but none of them drag down the awesomeness factor of Power Rangers.On with the review

I love Power Rangers,I've stuck on with the franchise even in its worst years like any other fan,sometimes I wondered whether I should even be liking Power Rangers because as much as knew how much this franchise means to me,I will not hide the fact that the shows are unbelievably cheesy even by kids show standards,the production values are laughable(At least until Time Force),the acting is terrible,and the producers of the TV show just don't seem to care(ahem Super Megaforce ahem!),AAND I'm 18,I should watch prime time dramas instead of this nonsense right!Anyways,When I saw the teaser,my balls were blown off!This is your take on a franchise about 5 teenagers in spandex kicking rubber suited monsters in archived Japanese Footage!Shut up and take my money!When I saw the trailer and arrived at the Zords part,I'll be honest with you,I was thrown off immediately.But I wanted to give this a chance,I did,and I kid you not when I say that Power Rangers blows every Robot movie or Kaiju movie I have ever seen out of the water(Transformers franchise and Pacific Rim).The characters in this movie,the Power Rangers,Zordon,Alpha 5,Rita Repulsa everybody turns in great performances.The Power Rangers themselves are relatable unlike the saccharine heavy do gooders from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers!Mind you,the action setpieces are in the third part of the movie(The Rangers,the Zords,The Megazord),but they are awesome,worth the wait,make sense unlike the Transformers movies where I don't understand what the f**k is happening,and feel earned as these teenagers Jason,Billy,Kimberly,Trini and Zack 'connect with each other',face adversities together and finally are willing to die for each other!The Character development in this movie is something even Marvel Movies haven't managed to nail,and if you hate the movie because it didn't have nonsensical action,well screw you!

Jason/The Red Ranger- The Leader of the team and a Star football player(Centre Quarterback),Jason has some serious daddy issues but is by no means a bad guy.After a failed prank involving a cow,Jason is sent into detention with 'Weirdos and Criminals'.Jason is angsty,brash,rushes things and reckless but each in ways that make him feel relatable,but as the film progresses,we see Jason grow beyond his angry self and become a more level- headed,caring leader

Kimberly/The Pink Ranger- The 'Mean Girl' of the team,Kimberly is someone whose bad books you DO NOT want to be in!She knocks a guy's tooth out when he calls her the 'Meanest Girl' he had ever met!The realization of her actions ultimately makes her a better person and she bonds with the team!

Zack/The Black Ranger- The Crazy guy of the team,Zack is unfortunately the least developed character in the team.His story involves his sick mother whom he is scared of finding her dead one day.

Billy/The Blue Ranger- The most beautifully written character in movie history which if not well handled could have ended up becoming a joke!Billy is on the spectrum.He will make you laugh,cry and just feel happy!

Trini/The Yellow Ranger- Aah,the first LGBT superhero in movie history,which created sort of a controversy,this is another well written character in the movie.Trini is very personable and you will sympethize with her!

Well,that ends the Power Rangers character descriptions.There are Zordon,Rita,and Alpha-5 but I have to prevent this from being a long ass review which it already is!And besides,they are really good characters!

Power Rangers went up against a juggernaut of a movie,Beauty and the Beast and it saddens me that a cashgrab with absolutely no heart earned a billion dollars while Power Rangers reeled under its shadows.

Bottomline-This movie rocks,period!

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