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Quirky and at times cheesy, but it is absolutely darling and fun. I wasn't expecting much, and to be honest I don't even know why I clicked on it, but I'm glad I did :)

The Kissing Booth

I watched this because I am a sucker for romance! But about 20 minutes in, I honestly thought this was going to end with the older brother physically harming her and holding her captive. He literally had no redeeming qualities, and was super manipulative. The writing and storyline are terriblely underdeveloped! I don't know who wrote this but I can only imagine it was either a 15 year old girl, or some sick perverted older man. The moral of the story is appalling!! Everything that girl does is horrid, and everything that is done to her is horrid! But everybody acts like it's no big deal and that she is this amazing strong woman! My biggest beef is the scene where he yells at her to get in the car, and then she does. If I were her I would have left and never looked back, because that is a a huge red flag for someone who is not a good person to be around. But instead she sleeps with him. It's just all terrible! I could probabaly gone forever, but that would be a waste of time, and I'll probably just start rambling ( if I haven't already) just don't watch this. It should be deleted from movie history.

13 Reasons Why

To be honest I am a little heartbroken. I read the book, I believe it was my freshman year of high school, and I thought that it had a great story to it. I felt that what we were supposed to take from it was that we should be careful about what we say and do to others, because we may never know how it will effect them. However, in the end suicide is a personal choice and it is no ones fault except for the one who did it. However in this film it seemed to be everyone's fault except for Hannah's. Now I'm not trying to degrade her or demean her in any way, the pain she felt was real (maybe at times over dramatic or unrealistic, but she felt it just the same) and she came to conclusion on her own to kill her self, no one made her do that, if they had that would be murder not suicide. However that seems to be the overall theme in this series that it is everyone's fault but hers.

I was also disappointed in the language and content, now I'm not one to complain about such things I strongly believe that if you don't like what your seeing then you have the right turn it off or walk away, just like the producer and writers had the right to use that language and content. But I was disappointed because I felt like this was something that I should have been comfortable sharing with a minor, but I myself was uncomfortable and skipped over most of it. The point is the lessons of this story should be taught to minors so they can learn from it and make the world a better place, but to be honest I wouldn't show this or even recommend this to anyone especially a minor.

One more thing, the way they told the story was unrealistic for sophomores and juniors in high school. Now I come from a very very small Christian town, so to be honest there wasn't a whole lot of crazy parties with alcohol and drugs and things like that( at least I never went to them) but even so I felt like a lot of the situations were melodramatic and unreal. I also felt most of the things that were going on would have been more realistic in a college setting, but like I said before I was never apart of that stuff so I don't know.

OK I lied one more thing, the scene when clay took a picture of the stalker kid and sent it around the school, was just awful, instead of becoming apart of the solution he became apart of the problem, now I don't remember if that was in the book or not, it's been too long, either way one of the worst parts of the show. Oh and the whole thing where Hannah just let ex friend get raped( I'm pretty sure did happen in the book) also sucked and was stupid.

Anyway sorry I don't usually leave long reviews, just wish they would have done a better job and had thought more about the kind of audience they should be showing this to.

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