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It took me 3 days to complete this atrocity. Worst movie I've seen in a while. Too much shaky camera work while the movie had no direction. Jumped around too much to go nowhere and have no ending. (Well, think dream sequence). The whole switch from black and white to color was annoying.


Terrible and annoying
Terrible movie. It was neither scary nor interesting. I found myself getting irritated because it went nowhere. The movie had no direction. Dumbest ending ever

The Prodigy

Seriously??? This movie was a total crapfest. The acting was pretty good but come on man!!! Who couldn't have overpowered a little hit like him? Unless he had telekinetic powers he would have been handled in the first half hour. Trash this and try again


Another bad mothman movie
I gave this movie a 2 instead of a 1 because the female lead was quite good. The male lead should give up acting because he is the worst actor I've ever seen. His outbursts were annoying at best. I will look for other movies with the female lead but do avoid this one


This movie was horrible. Bad acting. I think the old woman was literally drunk! I suffered through most of it. When I saw the direction the end was taking I turned it off. So expected! Do not waste your time!


Are you kidding???
Worst movie in a long time. These high ratings have to be put up by cast and crew. It was horrible. Really? Needed the devil for the rape scene? This movie was bad beyond any standard

The Samaritans

Stupid waste of time. Acting was subpar and the whole film was annoying. The end was the most idiotic of all. Don't stay in films....all of you!!!

Cruel Will

Not very good
This movie had promise but bad acting stole the show. Totally unbelieveable acting. The husband was bad but his friend needs to leave acting and work as a stockboy somewhere. The more people they bring in the worse it gets.

A Darker Reality

Stupid! Perverted!
Utter nonsense! A waste of time. Who the hell wants to watch a movie that kills off all of the victims of abuse? People want movies that gives them a sense of closure. This was basically a perverted snuff film. If I could give it a negative review I certainly would!!!

The Incantation

Worst movie in a long time. How the hell does a terrible actor like dean cain still get parts? Dude cannot act! The ending is the dumbest thing to hit the screen. One suffers thru this horrible "movie" only to have the ending at a total loss. Unless you understand french, and I don't, the ending is a waste. Thumbs down to the writers and producers. 👹


Too long
Movie had a good premise but fell short. I felt I wasted my time because of the ending. Stop setting up sequels and focus on satisfying your audience


Good pretense but terribly written. I don't mind the time jump but it got irritating after the 3rd time.

Ouija Seance: The Final Game

This movie was terrible. Some of the worst acting I've ever seen. And I saw napolean dynamite (also bad). These people need to find employment outside the film industry. PLEASE! Don't torture us anymore

The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie

The worst
This was truly the worst movie I've ever seen. If there were awards for worst ever this movie is it. I hope these actors have day jobs. They need to leave show biz and maybe even the working world. Terrible is too light a description for this crapfest. Avoid at all cost

Episode 50

Wow! So bad
This was truly a terrible movie. I hope most of the cast has other work because they were awful actors. The best acting was performed by the lead females (and they were not that good). Maybe if the females had a better script to work with. The male actors were bland and unbelievable. This movie is a total waste of time

Riding the Bullet

Really Stephen?
Wow, not as good as I expected. Kept putting off wayching it an now I know why. Too all over the place. I felt a bit schitzo. Drifted off twice

End Trip

Had potential but failed
This movie had potential but failed horribly in storyline, acting, and continuity. Flipped around too much and the ending (or lack thereof) was a total fail! I felt cheated of my time.

The Amityville Horror

Sad attempt
Nowhere near the original. All the added extras ruined the film. The whole based on a true story is false! If you want to produce a remake then do so. Don't embellish so much that it becomes totally unbelievable. This attempt was that.

The Cropsey Incident

I watched 3 minutes and had to shut it off. It was the most racist and terrorist favoring rants I've ever seen! If you want to make a point about social injustice this is definitely not the way to go. I'm saddened that this kind of crap makes it on streaming channels. SHAME ON THE WRITERS AND ALL INVOLVED!!!!

Would You Rather

This has to be the dumbest movie I've seen yet. Complete stupidity! If I had been watching it alone I would have turned it off 20 minutes in. Movies like this should be banned for senseless violence. Kill off the idiots and end this crap!

Come Out and Play

Needs negative rating
This had to be one of the most idiotic films yet. Seriously, if all these demon kids are killing everyone then who wouldn't run their asses over? I sure would. Movie had sparks of interest but failed across the board

Semester's End

Lame acting, lame characters. What can I say....LAME!!!!

The Cycle

Had potential
Typical horror crap with an idiotic ending. Could have at least had an evil hick with a brain. I've seen ratings above 7 that complain about other imdb reviewers. Hey, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Don't hate because they don't agree with you. Did you have something to do with the production of this film? If so then sure you'll love it. I found it trivial and predictable. And I'm sure many will disagree. But...hey, that is my opinion.


Got through 15-20 minutes and could take no more. Boring and didn't seem to be going anywhere. Avoid


Completely idiotic
Wow! Where does one start on this stupidity? Beginning had promise but ventured into impossible possession. Don't waste your time

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