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Not ok
As series finales go this one was the worst and this is how you do batman, an icon in the dc universe, this should have been alot longer finale.

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

what is this crap
I have seen all the puppet masters and this one is but far the worst. the low budget movies were better and had better acting and the new puppets are even garbage they reversed the role of andre toulan to make him a nazi. whoever wrote this should not be allowed to write anything ever again cause this was terrible

God Bless the Broken Road

a few discrepancies
Over all good movie but not happy with the way the messengers delivered the news they were wearing boots and their uniforms were just jacked up. why was she not getting benefits for his death from either the military or the government. it's a good story but to many holes


This is a direct insult to the original they have turned a good show into a feminist rant and changing the girls color was a huge mistake i foresee this show not making it a whole season and definitely not a second

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