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Childhood favourite...;)
Really dont know how many times i've gone through it. We can enjoy the movie with all family❤ One if the best ever contribution by (2*PR) Prithviraj and prakasraj combo😀

Natpe Thunai

Matured questions.....
Yeah...! Before criticizing the movie you have to take care of the age and experience of the crew who worked behind.. From that point of view it is thouroughly a decent entertainer. First half made completely for youngs, and everything is in second half . Amature can be seen in script,acting etc But making came well. ! Literarily there are 3 seens 1, aditya playing hockey for first time in movie. 2, riots because of religion iassue 3, climax

These three scenes with slow motion & adhithya's bgm is all enough to understand that how they try to made us sit in front of this movie. Yeah crews being youths, they wanted our recognition so they tried their maximum effort also they tried to hit some social issues.

Hope they will improve if we give proper recognition. Nice movie...!


Again Lived HSE
Don't know whether this movie needs this much of marks. But I gave it because I once again got into those beautiful school life-: that ending...:)


Life is a boomerang👌👏
Ending of the movie literarily doesn't satisfy me, because it ended up with " hope"->that never going to happen...

After kaththi, this movie really stands close to the heart. R.J Balaji Anna, nailed his role. Atharva is also tremendous with the mass scenes..

I don't want to say much about the actors because you can take a look to this movie just for it's script. It won't disappoint you,if you know what is wet by sweat✊


Picket 43

Not only goosebumbs...
One of the best ever army movie the mollywood industry ever made... Climax scene where the hero asking again going to picket 43 made everyone cry.....

Sila Samayangalil

Films like this are crafts...
The common say , experience the adrenaline rush... That is this movie... Plots it story as a slow drug carrier. Soon reaching climax we involve in that movie as much. Each scene of the movie has lots of meaning. Try to watch this. Prakash raj sir nailed it as well... Also the new actor is also brilliant..

9: Nine

I'm pretty sure that it will worth reading a book, Prithviraj sukumaran and Jenuse nailed it


Craft from shyamaprasad
Happened to watch this movie today. This may test your patience by the way it executes the theme... But I am pretty sure that at the end you will surely get a cup of tea... Worth watching.. personally favourite

Thimiru Pudichavan

Brilliant script again
The movie plots another excellent message with same Vijay Antony.. Movie ends well.. But still illogical elementries rises a bore situation to watch full movie.. Don't think that director is much experienced one, he still have to study lot better.. Especially those particular scene ,vijay saying his brother that he is SI in charge, will be high mass scene if someone else took this. Anyway director have to study the mistake and move on.. addicted to movie's message🙌

Kammara Sambhavam

Made us to Think about written history
It generally says that, History is within the hands who write it. Class movie,awesome making💕

Njan Prakashan

Second half dominating First half
Really , the movie will be linked with each and everyone who watch this.. Njan PRakashan👌

Pretham 2

Salute for Director
This movie got same storyline a part from it's first part.. But still it made us to smile,fear etc.. A complete family entertainer too.. Laughed very well after a long time(didn't yet watch ladoo). This movie gives a 100% neat and brilliant theatrical experience

Kaatrin Mozhi

They said... this is language of wind..well said
Best ever Family feel good movie..Most them think that this is old par fashioned movie..whatever it be one could easily fall in this movie who really watch their mother(ma)in kitchen..who are wasting their entire life like an apprentice..

The best director brilliance I saw in the climax that.. The boy who normally uses the smart phone started to use rubix cube..


Theatrical Experience was absolutely memorable
Script seems to cliche but still that was neglected due to its brilliant making...

"ending will always lead you to an optimistic start" -_ that what A Ranam movie can advice you...


Each scenes with message
I donna know why this movie's reviews are mixed.. As they mentioned in title card this is not a movie to entertain you.. It make you sit and think what all are going around you because of politician..

goosebumb events.. mentioning jallikkattu,

made me shame They mentioned that in now a days TN it's original Tamil is used to say secret..

made me think.. the pictures of previous leaders are still living freshly within our hearts..they explained ot why..

what I learn.. I wont miss any election


Occassion turns to consideration
I didn't watch the original version but still the script of the movie is brilliant. Making, bgm , plotting the story, portraying characters was terrific according to me. The movie's teaser and trailer gave much anticipitation about this movie for the mass masala fans.. when it completely turns to an unique one the mass masala fans couldn't receive the movie..

This movie will be a cute memory in my life..


making deserves 100 marks
Pride for Indian film industry.....i still praise the efforts that had been taken by the entire crews...brilliant output


Pride for India
Technically the movie puts everything to you...from 3d to vfx the movie scores excellent.. but movie failed to utilize the emotion that has been developed after pakshi rajan flash back.. after wonderfull first half , the second half combining climax made the serious emotions conpletely a comedy entertainer... technically satisfied with 2.0 and 3.0❤

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