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The First Traveling Saleslady

Ginger deserved Better
I am a huge Ginger Rogers fan. How that studio let her down. Did anyone else notice that they made her talk different to make her appear younger. She was 45-46 years old. I believe a woman of her age could do anything she sets her mind to do. But was it necessary to change her so much. Her hair was so brassy, voice too high. Who were they kidding. She was a beautiful woman, with a sultry voice. They should of showed the true Ginger and this film would have survived a much better rating. Good to see Clint Eastwood and James Arness. They looked great, even though their characters were fairly weak. Carol Channing what a dud. Who did the hiring of this cast. Her voice is enough to send you. Oh, she may of had the best lines but her acting ability was poor. And she was 9 years old than Eastwood. In real life no man like Eastwood would have anything to do with that Molly character. I hate it for Ginger. Those loyal fans will always remember the true Ginger. The one we miss on screen.

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