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When a Stranger Calls

Theatre Seemed Like Romper Room
My wife and I should have known better than to see a PG-13 movie on the first night of it's release. The second we walked into the theater I was transformed back into 9th grade study hall. We should have left right after the lights in the theater came on, the manager walked in and told the crowd to behave or they would spend the evening with officer so and so. My wife commented that there were only about 8 other "adults" in the movie and that it looked like Romper Room. Constant talking, unnecessary screaming and cell phone games kept us from really enjoying the movie which to my surprise wasn't too bad. Kind of an abrupt ending and predictable scares throughout, but considering my track record for seeing good movies lately, I guess I have become programmed to expect far less from Hollywood these days. I would go see it just for the suspense.

The Perfect Neighbor

Don't waste your time
Let the foolish people who were dumb enough to rent this give you a piece of advice, go to bed early and skip this extremely predictable movie that apparently ran out of film at the end. This "film" was shallow and appeared to be dragged along in an effort to fit it all in within the allotted time. The best part of the entire movie was that the two leading ladies were very attractive 50 something women who in another setting may have been able to better capture and retain your attention.

Yet another disappointing waste of time, next time I'll read the previews before renting.

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