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Born in China

Must See Cautionary Tale
Yes, this film makes a clear case for the serious consequences that happen when paternalistic societies fail to value and provide equal rights for women. Whether it's rabid anti-choice proponents in America who clearly feel that individual women should be denied the right to make reproductive decisions for themselves, or Chinese communist authorities who perpetuate the party line to force abortions and sterilization, the losers are always women and all of society. We all need to learn this lesson and this film makes this point in a devastating and personal way.

The Dead Don't Die

Black Comedy Fun
If you own a MAGA hat, you're probably not going to like this film. Those of us who lean left and appreciate deadpan social commentary will be laughing out loud. I think this may be my favorite Jarmoush film.


Wilde Perfection
While I believe that it should be illegal to be beautiful, a wonderful actress, AND a a great director, I'm willing to forgive Olivia Wilde since she's give us the BEST high school comedy EVER. Just go see it. It's a delight.

American Woman

Beautiful, Subtle Film
It's too seldom that we get to see small, character driven films on the big screen, and I'm sad that this film is showing on so few screens in my area. All of the performances were excellent and it was nice to see so many underused actresses in this film. Seinna Miller was wonderful, as were Amy Madigan and Christina Hendricks. I loved the story and being given the time to watch the main character change and grow. Please see this excellent film.


We Need to Remember
I think this is a documentary everyone should see. Many don't know about or have forgotten the ravages of AIDS. This look back at just a few extraordinarily courageous people is inspiring and heartwarming. You may be able to quibble about the clear point of view of the directors, but you can't deny that these inspiring and kind individuals are deserving of recognition.

Loopers: The Caddie's Long Walk

Entertaining Documentary
Thanks to a through review on IMDB, I decided to see this film. I neither play nor follow golf, but I really enjoyed this film. It was very engaging and thoughtful with a delightful cast of characters. I loved the animated history of golf and the beautiful scenery throughout the film. Thanks to the previous reviewer for putting me on to this delightful film.

The Brink

Good Documentary - Despicable Subject
I think Ms Klayman did a triffic job on this documentary. I look forward to her future work. She let the subject speak for himself - in all his abhorrent, idiotic glory. It's scary to see, but we all need to understand how insidious Bannon and his ilk are.

Finding Steve McQueen

Lovely Love/Hiest Movie
I thought this was a delightful little film. I liked the structure and the way the story unfolds. Anyone who lived through Watergate will also appreciate the time. I loved that we had an appearance by Deep Throat in his official capacity as Deputy Director of the FBI. I also loved seeing Forrest Whitaker as the dogged FBI agent

Don't Come Back from the Moon

Realistic Dystopia
The previous reviewer was right - this film deserves an audience and should be showing at more than one out of the way theater in a major metropolitan area. It's beautifully shot with interesting camera angles and extreme close-ups of its fresh young stars. It's set in a poor area that has been further ravaged by some natural or man-made disaster. While what has happened isn't spelled out, what is clear and poignantly portrayed is the effect poverty and hopelessness have on families and the young people left behind. Even though the landscape is bleak and the future uncertain, the movie still leaves you with a sense of hope.


Wonderful Film
I was blown away by this film. The writing, acting, and directing is excellent. The use of rap in the script was great and Shakespearean in its use of complex language. I am in awe of the two talented leads who also wrote the crackling dialog. The issues covered are topical and need to be discussed in our society so badly. Even though the film raised serious issues throughout, they didn't forget to add humor and humanity.

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