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Tipping Point

Great murder mystery but not as good as the game with all them coins

Tipping Point: Chad, Vicky, Tom and Marilyn
Episode 5, Season 1

I like the bit where the coin goes to the wrong side of the drop zone and not near the jackpot coin.

Tipping Point: Anthony, Helen, Lance and Erika
Episode 4, Season 1

I like the bit where the coin goes on top of the other coin and doesn't push it along

Tipping Point: Margaret, Gary, Hannah and Paul
Episode 3, Season 1

Ha ha
I like the bit where they passed because they thought the other person didn't know the answer. But they did !!!!!!!

Tipping Point: Karen, Andy, Emma and Terry
Episode 2, Season 1

I like the bit where the coins fell down after his go so they didn't count

Tipping Point: Premiere : Emma, Mick, Kelly and Steve
Episode 1, Season 1

I like the bit where the coin went right to the edge but didn't fall over

Parker Lewis Can't Lose: Operation Kubiak
Episode 2, Season 1

I like the bit where Larry punches a bus and it falls apart

Saved by the Bell

Is screech the funniest guy in the whole world? Nah probably not


Scary as the title suggest but they did a heap of funny stuff at the end too

Jumanji: The Next Level

Fresh as bro
Probably in my top 600 movies that contain both the rock and kevin hart.

21 Bridges

21 times better than The Bridge
Great cop movie. Not some soppy girly movie like the Bridges of Maddison County

Rainbow Ruby: Show Crazy
Episode 2, Season 1

That rabbit is soooooooo annoying. Apart from him it's a pretty solid episode

Lethal Weapon: Panama
Episode 6, Season 3

The best
I like this episode. It has a lot of punching and shooting people


I like the hamburger. Almost as good as the one on pulp fiction


Awesome drama rom com action adventure. Some mind blowing stunts

Guest House Paradiso

Pheeeeeb hello. Pheeeeeb one boiled egg. Pheeeeb hello!!!! Lol

The Butler

Great Rom com. Probably Robin Williams' funniest role however I was disappointed that Ophra didn't give away any cars

My Bodyguard

Sweet rom com with some of the slickest well choreographed fight scenes ever


I watched platoon instead
My wife watched but she said it wasn't very good. I watched the footy and then platoon.

The Hangover Part III

Funny as ever
I'm amazed how they can keep all the jokes fresh and original and as funny as the first two

Proof of Life

Quaint rom/com. Brutal fight scenes with some awesome acrobatics

The Black Adder

Good first up series. But the other series had wittier names for each episode

The Black Adder: Original Pilot
Episode 0, Season 1

It was really good. Better than some but not as good as others

Yes, Prime Minister

Poo poo
Probably not as good as the original. I didn't watch it but usually remakes aren't as good

Yes, Prime Minister

Ha ha
Pretty good show I reckon. I don't get most of the jokes but they have a laugh track to tell you what bits are funny and stuff.

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