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Virgin River

Viewed the complete series The outstanding acting of the cast in particularly the leads make the characters very believable. The story lines within the individual episodes make for great viewing. The Canadian countryside is a fantastic backdrop for the series it gives it that something extra The incomplete story lines in the final episode were a big reveal that another series would, like as not be made. Guess what series two has been given the go ahead. It can't come quickly enough.

The Crown

Lost Interest
Loved series 1and 2. Spent months waiting for series 3. Have viewed the first 5 episodes of the new series and basically lost interest,a view shared by my partner. We cannot identify with some of the new casting. The stories are grey and basically boring. the Investiture and Coup episodes for example. That's it no more Crown viewing for us

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

This film is such a disappointment. Where's the structure. It's riding on the back of Breaking Bad. It pales in comparison to what is generally accepted as the one of the best series ever. The film flits from one unrelated episode to another. The number of flash backs is irritating. Why didn't the makers admit this is an extended trailer for a Jesse Series

Beecham House

What's there to say. Managed to watch 20mins of the first episode. The acting was so wooden. The script was abysmal. What an absolute waste of money. I know ITV can do better drama

Cleaning Up

Waste of Time
Saw episode one and wasn't particularly impressed due to the unsympathetic iead. The writing and general plot did not keep me interested. Halfway through episode two no improvement in the plot lack of tension decent writing. Called it a day and turned off the TV. had better things to do with my time.


Best Ever
The best western series I have ever watched. The actors were outstanding. The director excelled. I was drawn into plot. It was a story that made you care. The final episode should go down in history as the greatest hour of western storytelling. I had to watch it again and again . The editing of the final shoot out made the episode breathtaking.

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