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Chris Stuckmann Movie Reviews

Typical movie review channel and I LOVE IT!
Chris Stuckmann has been making film reviews and analysis' since the year 2011. When there is a movie that I anticipate watching, I normally go to his channel and see what he has to say. I'll start off by saying, he is probably the best online film critic I know of. I am now going to give the reasons on why he is better then JeremyJahns. Jeremy talks too fast, he's never clear on his opinion, and his rating system is confusing. Chris is the direct opposite. He expresses his thoughts very thoroughly and are still entertaining.

Board James

Who knew that board game reviews could be this entertaining?
James Rolfe decided that it would be a good idea to do another AVGN-style web series, but this time he reviews board games. And it's absolutely awesome! These reviews are well written and it's clever how the episodes all intertwine and all reference back to each other. There are three main characters in this series, and in every episode, they either play a game in a montage, we watch them play it, or they just jump straight to a conclusion. They normally are followed by a comedy/horror sketch. Mostly comedy. Great examples are the "Mr. Bucket" review and the "Dream Phone" review. For those questioning if they should give it a shot, DO IT! Even though AVGN is better, the Cinemassacre style is written all over it, and it's (surprisingly) a very good time.

The Angry Video Game Nerd

Fantastic Show!
When I came across this web-series for the first time, I couldn't stop watching it. Filmmaker James Rolfe is very talented when it comes to writing reviews and comedy sketches. In this show, he combines both of them and makes extremely well written video game reviews. These games are mostly from the 70s, 80s and 90s. This appeals to me and it gives the show a nice, retro vibe. It is clever how all the episodes intertwine with each other. And above all, IT'S SO FUNNY!!! I can't think of an episode where I didn't laugh. He takes the bad elements of the video games and pokes fun at them and rants about them in ways that make you laugh and also think "That's a good point. This game does suck." Never before have I seen a web-series do this. Over all, The Angry Video Game Nerd is one of my top two favorite series's on YouTube. Perfection!

Super Mario Logan

Very good and overlooked
Ever sense I came across this YouTube series, I have had a soft spot for it. Logan Thirtyacre along with the rest of these very talented voice actors have been making these Mario-themed videos for some time now, and they have not lost their sense of humor. Every episode has a huge comedic side which is what drives these videos along. All of the characters have their own separate personalities and each of them have perfect chemistry with each other. Over the years, SML has perfectly blended Mario characters with random puppets that no one knows about such as: Jeffy, Brooklyn Guy, Goodman, Chef Pee Pee and more. This is a beloved YouTube channel and an inventive use of Mario characters.

After Last Season

The direct opposite of a good movie
Before I saw After Last Season, I was unaware of what the worst movie was like, and then I saw whatever this is. This is easily the worst film I have ever seen and what anyone will ever see. The cinematography isn't creative at all, the sound is dull, the editing isn't paced well at all, the acting was bad, the soundtrack was horrible, it has the worst set design to ever appear on a screen, and the CGI was worse than a modern independent shark film. What angered me most (visually) is that there is cardboard and paper everywhere. Let me talk more about the editing. It is used in a way that you don't understand what is going on in the story. They also used a soundtrack that are just slow-paced piano and clarinet solos. Back to the cardboard. The entire film was shot in someones house and they used long strips of paper to try to cover windows up, as you can guess, it wasn't believable. The characters are broken apart with actors who don't know what they are doing and the most forgettable dialogue I have ever heard. Over all, nothing worked at all. All the things that didn't work were: 1. Camera-work 2. Editing 3. Set design 4. Acting 5. Sound design 6. Visual FX 7. Camera quality 8. Lighting 9. Direction 10. Plot and so forth. The worst movie I've ever seen.

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