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Busou shoujo

Wonderful and massively underrated
This series is one of the most underrated show ever. The main character may feel like a jerk in the beginning but he is awesome, story is good, characters are wonderful. Just watch it.

Game of Thrones

All time best show
The best TV show till date .I think it's matchless TV series and best cinematic achievement ever. Great storytelling and character development combined with amazing visuals. Every frame is a work of art, almost every frame is a masterpiece. Overall, this show is simply beyond compare. In Game of Thrones, you will find everything you want, from the importance of family, to politics, to brutal, realistic war, romance and so much more. The character development, costumes, plot and twists are on point and simply phenomenal. The storyline is full of unpredictable surprises which leave you scratching your head and craving for more. Every season has its own set of twists and turns which keeps the audience entertained, thrilled and glued to the screen till the last episode. Also, it's though it falls under the fantasy genre it has great humor, good action seen, plenty of romance, humongous amount of politics and lots more. Although in season 8 the ending was quite tragic but seems a little dissapointing. It's definitely a must watch show and shouldn't be missed #gameofthrones

Kimbiseoga wae geureolkka

One of the best Romantic drama, I've laid my eyes on.
I'm a big fan of K-dramas specifically, but not the romantic ones. I originally never intended to watch this to begin with, I was searching for some good ones. After finishing the first episode, I was completely hooked and fascinated by the wonderful story line up and ended up watching the whole 16 episodes in 2 days. The actors have done a marvelous job, they portrayed their characters exceptionally. Loved every bit of it. The romance, the comedy, the sorrounding mystery between the two brothers, everything was fabulous! Just give it a shot. You'll regret later if you don't. It's from one of those "must watch" categories. Even if you ain't a romantic fan, you'll love it!

Isekai wa smartphone to tomo ni.

It's a very entertaining and fascinating series. I don't understand why the rating is low, it's deserves more than 7.5, to the least. The story is very enjoyable, characters are pretty good, art is mesmerising. Everything so far is very good. I strongly recommend it to everyone. It's better than most anime from its genre. Just give it a go!

Sakurako-san no ashimoto ni wa shitai ga umatteiru

Mature and more on the intellectual side.
This is a pretty good mature show with undertones of educational reference when dealing with bones and crimes. The character development and the story are impressive. All the characters are likeable specially the leads, Sakurato and Shotaro, an eccentric osteologist and a High School kid. As the story progresses we get to know more of them and it's wonderfully placed. They don't share any romantic or any such sort of relation, they just have an infatuation for each other one that thrusts for mysteries. Once you start watching this anime, you'll know. Some of the cases were little slow to begin with but it got better as the story progressed. All of them had a deep meaning and insight with them along with thrill. I found the art fascinating with cut scenes that are exceptional for special moments. Even though this show will deal regularly with death and mystery, it explores the deeper meaning of life itself with concern and respect. To be precise, I'd recommend this wonderful anime for anyone who wants to explore the deep insight about life and wants to get engulfed in mystery keeping in mind its aspects!

Kaze no stigma

Lived upto its expectations!
Before I started watching it, I had a bad feeling that this anime will turn out to be a booring one, that's bcz I saw a few reviews which suggested that I'd be an average series. But to tell you the truth, my perception completely changed after I completed 3-4 episodes. Everything about the anime is good, the main character Kazume is a solid badass. He kinda reminds me of Light Yagami from 'Death Note', smart, composed, calm, quick, powerful and handsome as well. He is kind of an anti hero. You'll find him pretty cool. Speaking about the story, it may not be the best one out there but I'd rather say it's pretty interesting. The more you watch, the better it gets and that's how it's gonna be. The soundtrack is good as well. The only thing that I personally think would've been better was the animation style, it's not bad but I reckon it'd been better if style was more the fighting type which the anime is based of. Overall, I'd suggest you to give it a go if you're looking for a good action anime with a rather intriguing plot and a badass main character.

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