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Malice Aforethought

liked the 1979 version better
I binged both versions in a day and must say, the original has many aspects rendering it an endearing, warm, entertaining, funny production.

This version being shorter naturally misses out on scenes enabling viewers to dive into each character.

I highly recommend the original - yes this one was entertaining too... but the original had just this certain something making it much much better.

Run to Me

Recommendable for housework
It's your typical mediocre 'thriller' like the one with the yoga instructor.. and all the others in that section.

If you have some ironing to do, feel absolutely flat, empty and need to fill the silence while not being challenged mentally...go for it.

To the 8 star raters... - I would like to know what a True Detective gets... or all the other really good thrillers...? 5 at most from me. For 'creating' jobs and not using the cheapest set design.


don't you fall prey!
A real pity this got financed. There are so many scripts out there deserving attention and then this gets the dough? Actually I can't contribute more than was already said in the 1-3* reviews.

For me this is: disconnected fragments thrown together into one.

But maybe we are all just stupid ... and this is some Dada art statement.

Or perhaps it's a code ... nobody of us can yet decipher.

Or maybe ... our time is really not even worth speculating about this.

The Women and the Murderer

I agree with the other reviewer, could have gone into much more detail, i'd have watched all episodes glued to the screen - I didn't know about this case/these cases which shocked me as I really suck in everything 'forensic psychology'/ crime etc... Nevertheless, it is an extraordinary documentary with original footage and various povs.

Especially the ending rendered the whole thing outstanding in my eyes.

I totally recommend it.

Otwórz oczy

I'd like a 2nd season please.
And again we obviously have quite a few reviewers reviewing the series after one or two episodes.

Well, your loss. I binged it in one afternoon, was planning to do some work next to it but really couldn't get to any mentionable progress because... the series was that good, interesting.

All i can say, nice project. For the budget - actually amazing.

The story/plot is really good & has massive potential for a big hit in my eyes. If they commit to a second season that is.

The actors were ok - who really stood out to me is the crazy girl... oh God she pulled me in.. she was amazing, I loved her.

The others were great too for their characters.

Adam's Ignacy Liss (?) has extraordinary potential to rise to a widely recognised actor, he seemed authentic in 98% of the scenes and is easy on the eye. The main actress has that smile I've seen somewhere else, or reminded me of someone... I can't put my finger on it yet, but it will come to me.

So, the plot: Girl wakes up in an institution for amnesiacs after an accident, makes friends there, falls in love & starts to doubt the institution's premise to make them 'well' again and the mind cocktail really starts in the last 2 episodes.

I was astounded. And I'd like a 2nd season please. I can't remember when I said that the last time about a movie/series plot.

Don't listen to the haters, if you get bored ... pull through - you will be rewarded the last 2 episodes.

Dr. Death: The Undoctored Story

Almost perfectly executed
If you watched "Dr. Death" about Dr. Duntsch (which is absolutely recommendable! Slater and Baldwin were exceptionally great and surprised me with their chemistry on screen..anyway...) ... this is about the real people.

Each one of them interviewed - surgeons, surgeons who operated with him, the mother of his child, his best friend and patients... (with deposition excerpts, court snippets) I am happy about very little re enactments/filler material - it"s really not worth mentioning (blurry operating rooms etc)...1 star less for that because I'd have loved them to go even more into medical details of each patient instead.

I cannot criticize anything besides that. Thank God, there are no distracting filters, flashy editing, or overwhelming sound design.. I always love to watch & listen to the real, actual people involved and perhaps get opinions of specialists regarding the subject matter.

In Treatment

...that's what happens when you have to switch therapists...
I had to get used to her...but that's what happens when you have to switch therapists.

Now, one could find all possible reasons to reject further therapy - because.. defiant, stubborn, spiteful - or one could give it a chance & see what happens.

Well i came to like her. A lot. (She is not comparable to Byrne. She is different.) I respect her. I am excited to see how she reacts, what she does & what's behind her personality..life... The cases are fine ( & Joel Kinnaman as her lover, too - adds a great dimension to her personal life).

Where I find myself constantly rolling my eyes... is Laila. I don't know what my problem with her is.. i am tempted to say it's her inauthenticity? I might have "disliked" some of the patients during the whole course of 'In Treatment' ..but that did not affect the process of putting myself into their position and identifying with them. With her, for the first time, it's just so off. She is an ok actress for sure, ok at crying and acting like a pretty, entitled, spoiled, protected thing.. but there is no realness coming across for me.

Funnily, a lot of my friends are in therapy and we talk about the show - every single one of them feels the same, so the why is something to be further analysed... i don't know what sort of projection is going on here ... :)

If you loved the show, i would suggest, give it a chance. (Her house is so so great !) I too felt uneasy and thought: wtf-why? And why not call it 'In Treatment II' ... Close to the end of s4 all that seems so irrelevant

AND I don't know why people review/bash a whole season after the 1st episode.. I don't know why people don't review the episode they watched on it's page.

PEOPLES! If you click on an episode you get to it's page...you can leave a review there the same way you do it on the main page!

(Unless of course, one wants to come off like a child throwing an unreasonable tantrum on purpose..)

Jeffrey Dahmer: Killer Cannibal

a disgrace to the notion 'documentary'
Random vintage footage of 'things' and places; irrelevant re-enactments; the narrator: beyond annoying; interviews with random people giving their 2 cents offering no insight whatsoever.

What a waste of funds i would like to know: why was this made? What was the thought behind this 'project'?

If you like documentaries, if you are interested in crime... skip this & save your precious time.

Fall River

truly astonishing
Very intense this one.

Very Great: masses of original footage and pictures.

I was watching this in unbelief, the first 2 episodes not knowing whose lies were closer to factual truths.

You will see moral & emotional degenerates, incredible abuse, ignorance and the inexplicable actions and stance of police.

I don't know how to believe into something like a 'justice' system after this. It's shattering.

It left me sad, speechless, breathless, deflated. To hear Andy Maltaises' daughter defending him, hearing and seeing what various police officers/state troopers involved at that time have to say about it now .. ( .. Thomas Joaquim, Paul Fitzgerald, Alan Silvia?) The pain so many people have to live with because they were ignored, discarded by the police, prosecutors, D. A's... i have no words.

For me it ended up being - not so much about who had done what - but about the extent of corruption and abuse of power that led to this enormous pile of destroyed lives.

This documentary was brilliantly done.

Highly recommend.

Pereval Dyatlova

brilliant - beautifully done
Oh my God was this a beautiful surprise!

I honestly loved every minute of it & I'm still in a kind of haze.. and worn out.

Storytelling - pace.. just ace! And so beautifully executed.

The camera was insane. It had a graphic novel feel, some stills could be paintings... during a war flashback i thought i was in a flight simulator.. The set design was divine.

The music/sound department: the exact right amount of everything in the right color.

The actors: each character was perfectly casted. I don't know how they managed to make it so ...wholesome.

The whole composition was quite rich, never rushed though. Never been to russia - it really made me feel as if i was there at times.

You can just feel it. The horror of it all, war, humanity, this terrible incident... despair, the cold. I have to admit i was tearing up.

Also one has to note how they choose to include much of the "known evidence". The carvings in the trees along the way they hiked... the autopsies... I am not sure how much they deviated from the atmosphere depicted in their diaries though.

I could gush and gush - maybe because i was so deprived of good stuff the past 1,5 years... but check it out for yourself.

If you're not glued to the screen by the 2nd, 3rd episode, then there is probably really nothing for you to get out of.

I am wondering what the budget was?

To me, this was the best tv-present since The Terror.


remember the bonecollector last year?
Remember Lincoln Rhyme - Bonecollector from last year? i kinda kept watching because Brian O'Byrne as the bone collector made it interesting to me. the chick/amelia quickly annoyed me with the overacting of her anxiety issues... (unrelated but same degree of annoyance about "Prodigal Son".. cringed every time he started with his attacks ) same pattern applied here - yet here i'm afraid it's gonna turn out worse? i felt a little bit like sitting through a school play, "pupils, this year we are gonna work on a new interpretation of hannibal..

might watch while cleaning or trying to sleep..

Florida Man Murders

i am sure you HAVE seen something like this .. many times before
Each episode: one case -not a hunt for one man as the title might imply.... & unlike the description tries to tell you, i am sure you HAVE seen something like this ...

crime rate must have really gone done - rehashed old cases, sprinkled with new pointless filler stock footage of for example blurred blenders or people working out - episode 1 - thank the lord for no extra re-enacted crimes. so, if you are into true crime & have your house to clean or other things to work off... press play.

(and then i got super confused [(episode 2) 'actual crime scene photo' shows perfectly ok feet of a body rolled in a carpet, yet they keep talking about the body being so decomposed you couldn't get any DNA.. ? i felt being sold for stupid and moved to 'snapped'... ;)

Inside the Criminal Mind

disappointing - there is better material out there..
Very poignant premise but sweeps very superficially over the cases. narrator is unbearable. it's like the voice over in trailers for hollywood-action-blockbusters. & they should have let the forensic psychologists talk for more than a minute instead of showing dramatic stock footage re-enactments as fillers.

you could skip this one there is better material out there..

Helter Skelter

loved the retrospective
I really loved the retrospective on his origins, especially the original footage from that time. many interviews with people who knew his mum and him when he was little. i cannot find much fault in this project. to me it was not in any way an attempt to justify his actions.. i loved it because it attempted to show the path he walked and painted a psychological picture that way.

& no, i would not "put the 'manson-story' to bed" .. reviewer jmihalchik-67031 mentioned some things that i find interesting & unsettling - & curbed my interest in his 5th paragraph. now we need another documentary going into that...

Love Fraud

I say watch this!
I really really liked this one.

People criticizing the 'artistic editing'... well, for me it was kinda in line with the whole documentary. it wasn't distracting at all even though I am the first to pick that apart.

I was biting my nails by the middle of the 4th episode.

It ended with a bang for me. I never ever expected the story would wrap up that nicely. The last interview just fostered the picture that was painted. I was shocked, surprised, astounded, highly entertained and at times laughing.

I say, check it out.. it is a very well made documentary about betrayal in all its colours .

American Murder: The Family Next Door

chronological account & original footage - YEAH!
The whole documentary is chronological & consists of only original footage (starting with recordings of her friend texting her and then looking for her, police recordings of him and ending with the sentencing)

although i have seen most of the footage and the topic being familiar - it leaves you with an interesting feeling of knowing but not knowing him. it's strange because the docu enables you to watch his demeanour and actions and I ended up being intimately pulled into it but left again with the psychological question mark (& a sense, yet again that everyone is capable to do anything.)

(i was relieved there were no re enactments or commentaries from nancy grace)

if you're a fan of 'the staircase' and the like.. this is for you!

Making a Monster

i should have known better
This is too disturbing. not because of the content revealed but bc of the absurd color-'correction' and distracting sound-design. each person interviewed, who sadly doesn't offer new information nor insight into old cases, serial killers, is drenched into a different color. magenta, sepia ..you'll get the whole rainbow..not one photograph or scene in normal color. why? the sounddesign, consisting of strings & crows cawing, i assume is supposed to induce horror..& those unneccessary filler scenes, re-enactments.. of nothing..

i should have known better, the choice of such a paradoxical title should have already revealed the sensationalistic approach to me. calling them monsters and attempting to uncover their reasons for doing what they did with psychologists..? certainly not happening here.

this is so bad, morality & a basic duty to truth - reality, prevents me from adding this to my docu list 'realities' - which really holds every docu i come across, to watch or have watched.

my opinion: skip the whole thing. there are much better documentaries unfolding the subject matter..


an absolute must watch!
There is not much to add to the summary... it is a raw record. this lady deserves another 20 awards in my opinion. i have never ever been so satisfied with how the interviews were conducted. as for the 'subjects'..well there is not much to say. it just gives you a really really good insight.

seriously, this is a must watch. it's hard because it gets to you - but Ferguson with her demeanor and neutral, factual confrontation pulled me through it. (she should have interviewed scully imo)

Real Detective

exceptional & in the line of 'the detectives' & 'the case that haunts me'
This one is exceptional. in the line of "the detectives".. also brilliant, check it out. now, normally i am not a fan of re-enactments and dramatisations - which tends to end up in ridiculous sensationalism - but this one, through the choice of known and well chosen actors (as the detectives) lends the whole thing - in my opinion - a nice dimension. the story doesn't get lost and it feels very authentic. it is narrated by the detective on the case with no intrusive commentary of other people. i really loved it and wish there were more seasons... please make more!

Dirty Money: The Wagon Wheel
Episode 1, Season 2

Thank you for this!
Thank you for putting your energy into exposing. everyone should watch that.

this is not a liberal vs conservative discussion although naturally politics weave into this. but please lets stay reasonable in the reviews and comments.


..wasted potential
I was entering this excited with an open mind, knowing basically close to nothing about the plot. 1st episode, it starts off interesting but by the 3rd episode it's dwindling into some dull stew & we kinda know who's pulling the strings to the mystery. (& why do i have the feeling that fleur was heavily influenced by eva green's penny dreadful appearance & performance? it's like a bland copy.) the potential of robert finster, as freud, gets blurred until it arrives at mediocrity.

i mean, just the premise of hypnosis, freud's stance & presentation at the hospital bears so many possibilities. the idea of the unconscious as hidden rooms is so big & so potent.. in imagery and presentation - content wise! why oh why? what substance drove the writers to their 'creative' implementation/interpretation and execution of such matter? this failure is only underlined by their choice of symbolism for me. it seems like a pathetic attempt to be 'sensational' & ends up being somewhat ridiculous.

all in all: wasted opportunities, wasted potential. (i must say the only thing standing out is georg friedrich, the guy playing the police inspector.)

EDIT: to get an idea of the content, think of 'the alienist' crossed with the seance episode of 'penny dreadful'

Murder 24/7

up to date the best insight into police investigations
Investigation into the murder of courtney valentine. what makes this special is the way they follow the investigation. we are live there. from the call the murder was reported to each step the police takes, the apprehension of suspects, questioning of suspects, the forensic investigation... we are there.

i recommend this to anyone who is interested in crime, crime procedure or who contemplates a career in that field.

The Pale Horse

i think a lot of reviewers misplace their loyalty to christie into hate for phelps
Amazing set design 10 stars for the costume department. scodelario was good! you've gotta love the roast scene! actually i loved her in all scenes here. sewell was good! seriously, the only thing i was a little irritated by was clarke's a little too extreme pouch mouth-upper lip.

i had to think of poirots taken at the flood for some reason at the end of the 1st part - - and it reminds me of sthg i cannot put my finger on yet... now, i have not seen any other versions yet, but i watched almost everything christie..and to slag this off to the extend as it's been done here is just plain unfair in my opinion. (and somewhat irrational since this is a movie & not a book ?)

it was a super nice mystery and i was really excited towards the end. give it a try.

The Outsider

nothing to criticise, except please give me all episodes NOW
First episode watched, oh man...

i was engagingly glued to the screen. and i am left - unlike with true detective s1 where i was clever and waited till i have the whole season in front of me - impatient, anxious, longing for more, nervous.

acting, pace, cinematography..everything good. good-good! i have n o t h i n g to criticise, address or wish for, except to please give me all episodes now. (& mendelsohns voice is the s*** ) (additionally, what made a difference to me & i hope that doesn't change is the use of music/sounds. it's perfect how it is now.)

check it out, i think this could really be a diamond. i hope i'm not leaning too far out but this could be as good as True detective S1. Seriously.

The Outsider

nothing to criticise, except please give me all episodes NOW
First episode watched, oh man...

i was engagingly glued to the screen. and i am left - unlike with true detective s1 where i was clever and waited till i have the whole season in front of me - impatient, anxious, longing for more, nervous.

acting, pace, cinematography..everything good. good-good! i have n o t h i n g to criticise, address or wish for, except to please give me all episodes now. (& mendelsohns voice is the s*** ) (additionally, what made a difference to me & i hope that doesn't change is the use of music/sounds. it's perfect how it is now.)

check it out, i think this could really be a diamond. i hope i'm not leaning too far out but this could be as good as True detective S1. Seriously.

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