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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Men at Work
Episode 17, Season 2

We've come so far
This is it, the first time I review an entire cartoon episode instead of a movie, amazing. Like most people I discovered this from memes, but had seen the movie before, and I must say, this is actually a pretty good episode. The episode starts off with Jimmy finishing some hover hats or something, but when the gold needed to use it is destroyed (and a clever joke is made) Jimmy must find a job, with his friends Carl and Sheen, this leads them to mcspanky's, a fast food place run by Skeet, after a few job failures one of which is like Arnold Betrays Iggy but shorter and better, Jimmy makes it look like it came out of one of those sci-fi cartoons, after Jimmy's dad sings about how he loves Taco Shack, mcspanky's goes on a rampage to destroy all places that sell food, Jimmy makes mcspanky's into the sun, in which aliens find it and say they must find Skeet, ending at a non continued cliffhanger. Personally there could have been a sequel in which Skeet couldn't pay for his house and had to live with Jimmy until he got money, while the aliens came to earth to find him. I would give this 10, but it isn't much of a masterpiece to me even though it is really good, and Jimmy was a know it all. I rate it a mcspanky on half a bun with a side of chilli fries out of 10. Big mcthankies from mcspanky's.

Cuccioli: Il codice di Marco Polo

It's been 3000 years...
Ok, so I finally return to the hell that is the film industry, I actually saw this obscure movie when I was young and they guy who inspired me to make reviews actually made a review on this, before I start the picture shows a bear and a, frog? But I don't remember a bear appearing and maybe the frog (if he was a crocodile, when the coconut was his you would fear his pirate's scorn) was in it but oh well. So as far as I remember the movie starts in a town and well, that's it, they go to some places to find Marco Polo's code (Marco Polo strangely looks like that lion from that sword in the stone movie on DVD in this film, i think there was even a trailer for it at the start) there is some ghost, some evil crow witch (creative name) the another nut song (Lenny face) sung by the god of film characters, Coon Coon, who is sadly not as much of a god compared to Escargoon from Kirby right back at ya! And an interactive moment from a 3 year old film that would have caused workers to come in due to the loud noises in the cinema. I sadly gave this movie to one of my mom's friends for their daughter, I can't express my problems cause I need to watch a sequel made by a nut job (wink wink) but what I DO KNOW IS THERE WAS A CARTOON OF THIS! YES! A CARTOON! I'M SERIOUS! I need a break, all the wolf children fans found my review not useful out of rage to make me seen bad, but I need to prepare for cringe, goodbye!

Delhi Safari

Peta + movies + other stuff = this
Quick note: i have nothing against peta, they want to protect animals and i'm OK with that *falls through roof* SERIOUSLY!? guess i'm gonna have an entrance gag, *sigh* oh hey! it's me! and today i'm looking at *drumroll* jungle safari, turns out a guy who inspired me to write reviews posted a review on this, if you thought Sam, you were correct, now let us see, jungle safari, still better then wolf children am i right? Oh! i forgot, i'm watching wolf children again to see if i was wrong, anyway the movie starts with a lion cub talking about something, but since i have no heart i didn't cry at all, even at the death, seriously i don't think i ever cried at a death in a movie, turns out he fought his father, then a song then the father dies, they go to Delhi to get them to stop, they also kidnap a parrot (WITH TEETH) to talk to the humans, after a long crazy trip, a crazy violent bonkers monkey almost kills the parrot and later becomes friends with it, they stop the forest from being destroyed, a park is made from their forest, and it is over, before you ask, why haven't i made a review for some time? i had to have an operation and i didn't feel like it, i also hadn't seen any movies lately so yeah, this movie stole some stuff from other movies such as the dad coming back as a ghost! (lion king?) and yeah, since the dad came back as a ghost here is my ending expansion, the lion or whatever it is gets sent back in time has a child then lion king happens! i'm sorry i'm just done. goodbye!

Ookami kodomo no Ame to Yuki

want to see a good anime about animals? watch the cat returns
oh my gosh where do i begin, oh hi! didn't see you there! this is my first review! let us see what i am reviewing! *looks at paper and burns it* NOPE NOPE NOPE I'M NOT DOING THIS *gets dragged back into studio* this is wolf children, just so you know there are spoilers so watch out the movie begins with someone talking about a dream or something, it then shows a school, a girl is having trouble with stuff or something (it has been a long time since i watched this) and sees a guy who it is obvious he gonna be a wolf or something and gonna marry her! after her chasing him they get married later and he can become a wolf (if this is like twilight although i haven't seen it get me out of here) they have 2 children then the dad dies (did Disney work on this?) and, wait, he was a wolf when he died and he was getting food, what was he gonna get her? you know what i don't want to know. after some troubles where she lives they move, one of the children wants to be a wolf and another accidentally cut someone's ear, after tons of boring stuff the children grow, they boy being a wolf to take the place of a dead fox, and the other grows up and probably gets married the mom lives on her own blah blah blah happy ending, this was just bad, i would watch Garfield's fun fest over this and that movie is terrible! in the end if you want to watch a movie about animals that is anime watch the cat returns, how do people like this and it got awards and stuff? i don't know to be honest.

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