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Intriguing story line
First episode was very good, interesting and different from other turkish series - hopefully it will continue like this - there is lot of talent amongst the actors.

Sol Yanim

Incredible series
I have so far enjoyed each episode, the acting and story line is fenomenal - well done to the writers of the story.


one of the best!
Incredible series which protrades real experiences of peoples life.....the acting skill of every actor is first grade!

Son Yaz

very good series
Love this series - lots of action and the actors are very good

Menajerimi Ara

Very good show
Very well acted and the plot is very intriguing! Great show

Seref Sözü

This has to be one of the best Turkish series I have perfect in every way!!! every little details has been thoroughly thought!

El dragón

Season two - ending not happy
Love the series but extremely disappointed with the end of season 2 -I don't think I will be watching season 3 (if there is any).

El silencio de la ciudad blanca

Not sure what to say
So half way through the film one learns who the killer is .... that's fine but the end is pathetic.... two cops, drugged in the same way as the previous victims, tied in the same way as the previous victims....... how come they managed to escape..... the wife is actually fed the dangerous wasps and she manages to survived??? And then the detective is shot in the head.... same as the criminal and manages to survive???????? Wow I wish I had read the book......because is not a very good plot at the end!

Sevgili Geçmis

Very god drama!
Excellent series, not too long but very interesting and well executed. Enjoy every minute of it!


Incredible, amazing, well acted etc etc
This is an incredible series, the main actors are fenomenal ( let's hope there is a happy ending) ...enjoying every episode very much!!! The only thing that is annoying is waiting for an episode with English subtitles ... Ilove the plot, the tension, the love between the two main characters ... what an amazing series !

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