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Martin Mystery

I like it very much
I should like to register my opinion that this cartoon is an absolute bloody delight. It is consistently well written, with exquisite animation (I notice there is frequent use of purple). The distinctive voice acting is also charismatic. In some respects, the cartoon seems to me somewhat like an animated version of Doctor Who; there is even a line of dialogue "You will be exterminated" which I think may be a deliberate allusion to the Daleks. From what little I know of the Italian comic from which this is derived, this seems to be pretty loosely based on it, but it has a distinct, definitive feel to it all of its own. There also apparent references to various films, such as Ghostbusters (particularly with the incidental music), The Exorcist, and The Thing. Probably several more as well. For some reason, I can see a bit of a resemblance to the old Tintin cartoons as well, with the wide range of superbly animated location settings. Like Doctor Who, a lot of the programme has a strong scary quality to it. I personally don't find it frightening, but I might have done as a wee'un. If it gets released on DVD in Britain, I suspect it will get at least a PG. Well done to all involved in the creation of this programme. Yaaaaay!!

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