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Alone Across Australia

Must-See Documentary
I saw this documentary during the Environmental Film Festival in Washington, DC during Feb. 2005 at the Embassy of Australia (the perfect backdrop). This is not just a story about "a man who takes his dog for a walk..." This is a story about one man's journey through the harshest of terrains who, left (by choice) practically to his devices, persists one step at a time to reach a seemingly insurmountable personal goal - - to walk across Australia completely unassisted. Living entirely off the land like the Aborigines once did, Jon Muir is constantly tested by the elements and in spite of all the trials and tribulations, Muir manages to delight and captivate the audience with his own brand of natural charm and humor. His story is remarkable!!! A must-see!! His jack Russell terrior, Seraphine, Muir's reliable confidante, is to be credited, too.

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