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Happy Valentine

Very interesting
Very interesting short film, the final twist is amazing and makes the short film a very strange experience.

Götz Otto is wonderful, unfortunately, despite story's good ideas, we guess who is Alexandra Kamp's character from the first seconds and some effects are too artificial...


Amazing short film
I had the chance to watch this short film, sincerely it was first for Götz Otto, who is an actor I admire... very talented... But I loved that short film ! The story is very complex, like a David Lynch maze story, with Hitchcock - and most generally Film Noir, 50' Hollywood movies - allusions. The characters are very rich, perfect, Götz Otto's character is very surprising and original, in some ways a ghost who haunt his wife, played by the French Agnes Godey. She is fantastic in her role too, very implicated and emotional. The atmosphere is also incredible, lighting work creates a frightening closed doors, and the soundtrack underlines this fearful aspect... Story's final twists are incredible and make the short film a very strange experience and make it much more darker... Then I understand that the director is very young, 18 when he made the movie, it's awesome!

Wonder Woman

Not bad !
The film is not than bad that expected, even good. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are very good, the war dark atmosphere works a lot and the story is very interesting. Fortunately, action sequences are not too much and very good made, unless the very end. The soundtrack (with Hans Zimmer main theme) is wonderful. A very good entertainment, among best superhero movies with MoS and Dark Knight Trilogy.

House of Cards

Must watch serial
Season 1 is incredible, the story is very fascinating with a lot of suspense, actors are so so amazing, the best TV serial I ever saw, looking forward to watch next seasons... very good soundtrack, the main theme is incredible and create a very interesting atmosphere in Washington. The two main characters are perfect.

The Pillars of the Earth

Very good
The Pillars of the Earth, produced by Ridley Scott, very good with a lot of suspense, very interesting story and very talented actors, Ian McShane is wonderful, Götz Otto, who is an actor I admire, is amazing. Unfortunately last episodes are less interesting but the whole serial is incredible, and we want to watch next episodes...

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