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Bye Bye Vietnam

Not worth watching at all.. unless you want to see some hilarious bloopers. So watch it. After 15 minutes of watching this awful movie you will thank me for warning you.

I just don't understand how a movie can be so lame. The acting is terrible, and as for the script, well i'm angry.. Here's some dialog from this embarrassing , awful movie.. Wounded pilot : Who.. Who are you ? Soldier : I'm 4th infantry, but you can call me Luke

And if I still haven't persuaded you enough not to come near this movie.. this will. Here's my story : It was Friday, and as I am fond of war movies, i decided to check this movie out. After 10 minutes, there was a scene in a forest, but, as soon as the camera swapped angle, you could see the cameraman's hand move some leaves, so he could get a better view.. I could see this was turning out the be a long Friday. After about 20 minutes I noticed that not one trooper had a M-16 rifle, which was the most popular gun of the Vietnam war, every single trooper had a different gun...

I have watched it again, just so I could see the embarrassing moments over and over again.

And Arne shouldn't be wearing armani.

The Office

Great, truly fantastic, 10/10
This series is great. "Perfec" as David Brent would say. The combination of a fat boss (David Brent - Ricky Gervais) and a suck up employee (Garreth) together in a office full of low-life co-workers is fantastic. Every minute is fantastic.

David Brent, the boss, played by Ricky Gervais, is the perfect example of a fat, know-it-all, worthless boss who thinks he's hilarious. This gets him in to extremely embarrassing moments (for all you people who've seen it, remember the dance ?) which are hilarious for the viewer.

Of course, in every office there is a big suck up, named Garreth, he must be the most irritating person in the world. Not only does he think he is hilarious, he actually thinks he's cool. HE IS NOT. But yet again all this makes it just so funny its embarrassing to watch.

These 2 hansom hero's enjoy irritating other members of the office, which they think is funny.

And of course, there are the 'normal' people, who DO NOT think they are funny, and who really make them look embarrassing.

Although you may think its pretty lame, seeing as it is a bit cliché, believe me, its not, this is definitely a must have for everybody.

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