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A pretty good movie with a solid cast
The title is OK but I would have named it after the most frequently repeated dialog. It was noticeable by its prominence but did not detract from the overall quality. My name for the movie would be Son of a ***ch! It was the only slightly off-color dialog in the film (other than references to external genitalia) and was frequently applied through out. One element sent me to google where I learned that there really were Harvey Girls attached to a chain of 19th century hotels/restaurants.

Twin Peaks

Episode One 24 minutes 30 seconds in ...
Whatinhellisthiscrap? Actually, this review Does Not contain a spoiler other than the revelation that this series is every bit as weird as the original with some of the characters returning and being even stranger than they were in the beginning. Kyle MacLachlan was pretty good in Dune though that movie is rated only a little higher than Plan 9 From Outer Space. Actors sometimes mince about and talk about "Perfecting Their Craft." McLachian has been perfecting his weird which was pretty global in Desperate Housewifes but has now reached its apogee.

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