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Another Owner of the Land
In 1913 two African-American brothers were accused of robbery, rape, and murder base on the testimony of Anna Davis (Brittany Lucio). They sold they farm for their defense and subsequently sentenced to death. It was a scam to get the land. A store wishes to purchase the land and in a search for heirs to the three owners after that, Lyndsy (Ashley Whelan) is told she is related to Anna Davis and is in for a cut. She travels to Blackstock, SC with three friends billed as both the final girl and the one most likely to be killed. As the land grab grows near, the brothers rise up from the grave to enact revenge (The part not based on a true story.)

A lot of pretty girls. Stereotypes. Plot that wasn't that exciting. The hooded killers need some theme music, like Jason. They were just big hooded killers who came back to life.

Guide: F-word. Sex/rape. No nudity.

Su ren te gong

You played me first
This film is also marketed under the title:"Deadly Force Mission Budapest." Zhao Feng (Talu Wang ) is a high tower parkour climber. He has a video following that includes the bipolar Interpol agent Miao (Sandrine Pinna) pronounce meow. She wants to kill someone, anyone. Feng makes an emergency landing which lands him in the middle of a criminal deal involving a gas that can turn people into plants and the Holy Grail held by the Flamni Brothers in Budapest. A man called "Iron Fist" wants them. Bruce (Milla Jovovich) is a member of the Phantom Knighthood which dates back several centuries of Freemasons. She recruits Feng to join the group and save the world. Feng is followed by Miao and two others in his amateur group.

This Chinese film is a spoof of spy action films. It has a silly car chase. A group that looks like "Kiss" called the Robbers is shown a badge with the word "Police" on it. I had a couple of LOL moments, but for the most part the film was adolescent silly.

Guide: No sex or nudity. Almost spell out the F-word.

Trigger Point

He's still better than any of us
Louis/Nicolas (Barry Pepper) has been of the grid and living remotely in a small town for about a year since the incident. We get a back story where he was drugged and lost part of his memory, but before that he was tortured into giving up the names of others who work for the agency and they were subsequently assassinated. His boss locates him and asks him to help find his daughter who was taken by the bad guys.

We don't know exactly what "the agency" does other than "move stuff" which I assume is arms. They seem to have people in every small town in the Northeast. The background information was at best fuzzy. This is another tough guy killing folks with a hand gun vs automatic weapons. Leads to a second part.

Guide: F-word. No sex. Skinny girl wearing pasties.


When this is all over, so are we
Damon is a retired decorated police commissioner who is dirty. He is confined to a wheelchair and still runs the operation from inside his mansion outside of Biloxi. He does nothing to hide his wealth. Victoria (Ruby Rose) a former Russian courier cares for him. She has a daughter who is ill and needs expensive medical care. Damon "kidnaps" her daughter and asks Vicky to make 5 large cash pick ups. The first pick up was from the guy who had killed her brother (small world) and things go downhill from there.

If you like a tough girl killer, this is a decent film. There was minimal background build-up on the characters. I felt they were strangers. There is a "twist" that you see coming miles away. I would do the cheap rental.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Vratar galaktiki

We be of our blood
This is a Russian science fiction film with the basic plot, kids save the planet. The production has great graphics and special effects and a plot with some complexity. A cosmic battle took place near Earth. It devastated the planet, destroyed the moon and imprisoned the bad guy deep into the Earth's Core. Certain people on Earth (4 to be exact) have special teleportation skills which allows them to play the game Cosmoball, which like Quidditch, no one can figure out even when the rules are read. The game is practice for actual way. Like emperor Ming, the bad guy has a sexy daughter who goes after the protagonist. The form of the bad object in the end reminded me of the Stay Puft Marshmallow man.

Good for the teens.

Guide: No swearing sex or nudity.


Somebody's Looking for you.
This film was made in Paraguay. I watched it with English subtitles.

Diego Martinez works for a security firm and does fill-in work. On his way to his girlfriend's place he accidentally hits a pedestrian walking in the middle of the road on what appear to be an overpass. Diego opts to go home not tell anyone. He gets a call from the city hospital/morgue that he needs to fill-in as security. The guy he hit is laid out on slab.

Work does not go well for Diego who is having visions of ghosts.

Low budget film that was done fairly well. Don't expect a lot.

Guide: No swearing or sex. Brief corpse nudity.

The Deep Ones

Vessels for the Old One
This Red Box Rental was inspired from "Rosemary's Baby." They even used the same type of camera lens (low budget). They mixed in a bag of Aleister Crowley and a bad rubber suit representation of the god Dagon. There is some humor in the film, but most of it was cut. The theremin adds to the eerie effect and humor.

Petri (Johann Urb ) and his wife Lexi (Gina La Piana) have a second honeymoon at the swanky Solar Beach Colony just a quick drive from Oxnard, perhaps the first joke. Gina stars in this film because she is supplying the location. (I watched the deleted scenes and the making of the film, DVD extras). They are being watched by a cult. Ingrid (Silvia Spross) who we see running naked across the beach in the opening scene is about to pop. They speak a foreign tongue, most likely made up, but use the word "Ea" which was Akkadian for the God Enki. Like Dagon they were water, fish, and fertility.

Low budget. Bad costume. Some campy acting by design. Timothy Muskatell was allowed to improvise. Also had a fire dance which also goes back to ancient times, but I will spare you.

Guide: F-word. Sex. FF Nudity (Gina La Piana, Silvia Spross )


Evil Power of Light
A virus destroys much of mankind and those it did not kill it made blind and somehow it caused a genetic mutation that made folks blind. Having sight is considered to be a witch and that person must be killed. The evil Queen (Sylvia Hoeks) lives inside a hydroelectric dam that still produces electricity and she listens to a 1,000-year-old unscratched record. The building was a gift from the gods. Jerlamarel was born with eyesight and has been spreading his DNA around. Twins with sight are born in a village that sets off a war and later a Shakespearean palace drama.

The characters are good. There are many questions and issues. How is it the races are still so divided if we are all blind? Wouldn't we all me mixed race by now? And the cave is dark, so one one goes down there. Seriously? How does that matter to a blind man? I wake up in middle of the night and can't walk 10 feet to the bathroom without stubbing my toe. How do the move so fast outside with falling down? Battle? How does one prevent from getting fragged? Oops, Sorry. Didn't see you there. Didn't see anyone without sight getting food either. It was blind leading the blind.

Guide: F-word. Brief sex. Brief nudity.


Look Inside
The film opens with plot narration. There are people who remember all of their past lives. They are divided into two groups, one that wants to make the world better with their experience and another group that wants to destroy all life on the planet so they can end the cycle of reincarnation memories. People who have past memories drive cars fast and do a lot of fish tailing. It was a bit overdone. Evan McCauley (Mark Wahlberg ) has memory issues and only has glimpses of his past and a metal plate in his head. He is the only person who knows where the "egg" is located a device that can destroy all living things on the planet.

Now they do have bullets that can stop the reincarnation process, but rather than shot themselves in the head, they must destroy the world. Since Evan is the only person who knows the location of the weapon, why try to make him remember if you are the good guys? Let him forget. Lots of fighting and crazy stunts.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

One World One People
Karli (Erin Kellyman) doesn't like that folks at the Global Reparation Council want to return the world to how things were. She liked how the world became united with half the folks gone. Karli gets and takes the Superhuman serum creates some tough characters to help her. Falcon (Anthony Mackie ) with the help of Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan ) and a few other folks I forgot existed because this was in a movie shown 6 years ago and I didn't think they would follow up on a zombie plot with the world having blinked.

There is a Captain America who has a steroid rage and a punch of other subplots as Marvel comes up with filler sidebars until they get their act in gear. The climax is the long exhausting speech Mackie gives at the end somehow avoiding the phrase Black Lives Matter and nearly quoting Maya Angelou "And Still I Rise." Don't get me wrong, I liked the ending, I just wasn't crazy about how they constructed the plot. Better than Wanda Vision.

Friday After Next

Santa Claus
The cousins get their own apartment at the Shady Palms. They are robbed by Santa Claus and don't have the rent money. They are working as strip mall security guards (do they even have such a thing?) until they lose that job.

The hunt for the Santa thief fills the film as well as Pimps and Hos who have a store at the strip mall. Same style of humor that has worn thin.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Next Friday

Rancho Cucomonga
The film gives a quick background of the first one. Deebo has escaped prison and is coming after Ice Cube who lives with his rich uncle and cousin who are going broke. He need money for taxes ASAP and look to robbing the Mexican dealers next door.

The film lost some members of the original cast and was replace with toilet humor. The production lost a step as does many sequels.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.


Bye Felisha
Craig (Ice Cube) loses his job and hangs out with his pot selling buddy Smokey (Chris Tucker). Craig has a girlfriend but wants to get rid of her and hook-up with Debbie (Nia Long). Tom Lister jr. Plays the neighborhood bully who rides a bicycle. Faizon Love is Big Worm, the supplier to Smokey who has been smoking up the product.

It is a watchable light comedy without a lot of linear plot. Well get to hear Ice Cube say the words, "Bye Felisha" which will most likely outlive him. Chris Tucker is a bit flamboyant as if he was warming up fro his role in the Fifth Element.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

A Quiet Place Part II

Be Very Quiet
We get a flashback to day 1 and then catch up with Mom (Emily Blunt) and two mute kids and baby Yoda walking barefoot which would make me scream. Maybe a few pair of socks? They spring some traps but manage to stumble upon Emmett (Cillian Murphy) in an abandoned steel mill who is not happy to see anyone. The game of quiet hide 'n' seek continues until Regan (Millicent Simmonds) gets the idea to go live on an island like they try to do in some zombie films. We discover (plot spoiler?) that the aliens can't swim too well and like Killer Tomatoes explode when they hear the song "Puberty Love" or something similar.

Guide: No F-word, sex, or nudity.

American Traitor: The Trial of Axis Sally

It was all scripted
This film is based on the true story of Mildred Gillars (Meadow Williams) who was the voice of Berlin during WWII as Axis Sally. Al Pacino plays what starts out as a half-hearted attorney who agreed to get a conviction. I did not know how things would turn out, so I watched the courtroom drama with flashbacks to her life. The climax consisted of the defense closing argument. Good, but not great.

Guide: F-word. Sex. No nudity.

Death in Texas

Wrong Answer
Billy Walker (Ronnie Gene Blevins) gets paroled from prison because his mother (Lara Flynn Boyle) has a liver issue that appears terminal without a donor. She is too far down the list. Billy discovers that a doctor can perform the operation across the border with a black market liver for $160K. When Billy's old drug-dealing friend flashes a lot of cash in front of him, Billy decides to make a withdrawal with deadly consequences and the cartel looking for him.

This was a slightly different drug crime movie. The acting was solid but the plot and dialogue could have been better.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Why is Irrelevant
This is yet another story from the Warren case files. There is no introduction of the Warrens as the film expects you know who they are their previous films. The film starts out with an exorcism and Arne Johnson (Ruairi O'Connor ) does they "take me" to the demon/devil to save the boy. The thing is, he doesn't jump out of a window afterwards. Instead he kills a man. The Warren's are working on the Flip Wilson "The Devil made me do it" defense which takes them across New England.

If you seen these before, you know they all end the same way, with Ed adding an artifact which he stole to his private collection of demonically possessed pieces and ugly dolls.

Based on a true event and juiced up to be entertaining.


I ain't a snitch
"Dutch" is a courtroom drama. Dutch (Lance Gross ) is a New Jersey drug dealer charged with domestic terrorism, investigated by the FBI and is being trialed in a state court. We get to know Dutch through multiple flashbacks, mostly through testimony. Our protagonist is not a nice person.

This is not the worst crime courtroom drama out there, but it is low budget and suffers from it. Story just didn't grab me and Dutch's actions didn't really make any sense with his character, apparently a Jekyll and Hyde thing not developed.

Guide: F0word. Brief sex, nudity (Bellamane )


What will become of us?
This is the unlikely story of the back channel negotiations that took place to broker the historic Oslo Peace Accords. A private think tank came up with the idea and a Norwegian couple who worked for the Norwegian Foreign Ministry hosted the meetings when Palestinians and Jews met for the first time. The Accords were made possible by a large helping of Johnny Walker Black.

Ruth Wilson gave us a passionate and convincing performance. As a news and history buff I tend to enjoy this type of film more than most people.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Attraction to Paris

Call the Police
Heather (Dina De Laurentiis ) is an American studying art in Paris. She meets some rich people and parties at their apartment located in the same building as wanted terrorist planning another attack. Plot spoiler: Odd man out dies while Heather manages to kill the massive terrorist. The three go on the run while Interpol agent Remington (Christopher Atkins) who has never seen a Liam Neeson film is after him. He is going to be canned by Tara Reid in a few days because he wants to hunt down the terrorist who killed his son in the 2005 London blast.

The drama acting was bad. Tara Reid looked like she was auditioning for an elf part in "Bright 2." The plot line had all kind of holes. Does anyone pick Dina De Laurentiis over Olivia Jordan? I just didn't feel it.

Guide; F-word. Brief sex. No nudity.


It is pronounced De Vil.
This is the back story to a Disney villain. Like Maleficent they create a complex character that is not all evil and certainly didn't start that way. Estella lived as a street orphan at an early age and wanted to be a designer. She becomes employed by the Baroness only to discover they have a history she did not know about.

I am a fan of Emma Stone and didn't think she was right for the part. She proved me wrong. It was a great story and a great supporting cast. What I loved most was the soundtrack, even though it was sometimes anachronistic. At the (possible plot spoiler) supposed death of Cruella, they play "Come Together" a song about Paul being dead when actually still very much alive. Now if you are looking for the subliminal evil, the license plate number JOH1930 could be read as John 19:30. This has some darker moments to it and I did not see it as a child's film.

I could watch it again just for the soundtrack.


Peace is Chaos
The crew once again comes together and saves the world. They had to create a past and make John Cena the brother of Vin Diesel and the bad guy. Jordana Brewster is back and Helen Mirren in a cameo. No Jason Stratham, but we do get Charlize Theron as the bad girl.

The plot is immaterial. There is more car wreckage than what Bruce Willis did to Moscow. Roof top jumping becomes bus/truck top jumping. There is a scene which pokes fun at the FF series by discussing the infinite impossible missions that they go on and they don't die, or even get a scratch.

And of course all ends well with the extended family meal.

I learned you can drive through a mine field but you must be going 80 MPH or more. If you zig-zag when running away from someone shooting at you with an automatic weapon, you never get hit. Nobody know how to shoot out a tire. The Pontiac Fiero (plot spoiler) is rated for the icy vacuum of outer space. And Yoda was a puppet. Grab the popcorn, leave your mind at the door.

Feral State

Eternity in Hell is a long time
If you guessed Florida just from the title, give yourself two bonus points. Mack Monroe (Ronnie Gene Blevins) appears to be inspired by Fagin as he leads a group of orphan teens on a crime and vigilante spree. He has disdain for the government, authority, and drug dealers although he has no problem killing and doing their drugs. Mack and his gang are in trouble with the law and also the crime boss whose labs he has been taking out. An outside orphan girl join the group under odd circumstances. Kody (Baldur Thor) is the most passive in the group and disapproves of a lot of Mack's actions.

I thought the characters were interesting even if the plot is about a C-.

Guide: F-word. Sex? No nudity.

Blind Ghost

He's a suspect too.
Lilly (Alix Villaret ) is blind from an accident. She suspects someone in her family wants her dead over an inheritance. But who?

This is a dark comedy that reminded me of "Murder on the Orient Express" before the murder and everyone want to kill the person. In a way, it spoofs those types of mysteries and adds a ghost to the story. Clever at times, slow at other.

Guide: F-word. Sex. No nudity.

Wrath of Man

Let the Painter, Paint.
Patrick Hill (Jason Stratham) joins Fortico Security a few months after they had an armed robbery with people dying. It is clear he is a "dark horse" doing some undercover work, but we don't discover what the back story is until the screen flashes "Five Months Earlier." At this point, what was a simple plot becomes slightly confusing.

Jason plays the no emotion "reptile" Jason, shooting everyone in his path. At least he doesn't lose a limb and puts it back on with superglue and a needle and thread. They build up "Hot Betty" and then we never see her. I was also confused about a line in the opening scene about backup at Fenway. The film takes place in Los Angeles.

Guide: F-word. Implied sex. Brief back nudity.

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