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Cemetery Stories

I endured this movie, so you wouldn't have to
Two psychics "reading" tombstones to learn the interred stories, before their deaths. Great anthology/series concept.

The writing, acting, directing, special effects and cinematography are the real horror, not the movie itself.

This is equal to a junior high film project, that couldn't ascend to the "so bad it's good" level.

Acting is cringeworthy, wooden, nonexistent and, I've seen better special effects in horror movies from the 30s.

All the stories were your typical generic anthology shorts, nothing even slightly original or interesting. You knew where each story was leading after the first two minutes of dialogue.

There are fantastic low budget horror films, unfortunately, this isn't one of them.

A Haunting in Ravenwood

I'm being generous giving this a 3
The lighting, acting and cinematography are all over the place. Some good, some bad and, "what the heck were they thinking.

The final quarter of the movie, looked like a bad parody of a "Tales from the Crypt" episode.

Anyone giving This a high rating is obviously involved with the "film"


Believe the bad reviews
Sub-par acting. Laughable "twist" at the end. Do yourself a favor, believe the bad reviews. If the producers of this film spent half the time actually making a movie instead of soliciting good reviews, they may have had a somewhat good film.

Everyone who rated this well, never reviewed a film before. literally.


Just bad
Wow. Where to begin. Starts off like really cheap and cheesy porn movie (even the cheapest of porn films have better actors) and goes quickly down hill from there. No timeline, impossible body disposal (you're not going to turn bones into ash in a fire pit). Impossible...everything. I know with horror, you stretch your imagination but, with this film is ridiculous.

God of Vampires

Grindhouse wannabe
This is a, I'm trying to be Quentin Tarantino and make an Asian Grindhouse movie. It fails on all accounts. It's just trying way to hard and comes across as a bad, 70s style, semi martial arts film. I had to stop and make sure this was made in 2010 and not 1970 something. It would probably make a great drinking movie.


Finally an exceptional horror movie from India
This is not Bollywood! There are no song and dance numbers! There is no over acting and ridiculous cliche camera angles. This is a well acted, beautifully written, beautifully filmed horror folktale. Well worth the watch.

Haunted Boat

Even worse than the 1 star reviewers stated.
I'm fine with 0 budget movies and unknown actors, writers, directors. I really have nothing positive to say about this flick. I lasted about 15 minutes before turning it off. I had to reread the plot synopsis and genre because this film comes across as a " what not to do" when making a film. Let's put together all the cliches of people who are in their 20s. Everything was awful. Run dont walk away from this "film"..

Two Sentence Horror Stories

Not as bad as some reviews stated
This anthology really wasn't that bad. They weren't great but, as mindless upcoming Halloween fodder, it's fair. Definitely no "true scares", the outcomes were predictable. the acting again, was fair. A time waster


HAD great potential
The storyline was nothing new, it's been done thousands of times. It was interesting seeing a Mexican point of view on the genre. The only drawback was the lead actor which, made it almost impossible to enjoy the film. All the other actors were fine. The lead character was laughably over acted, badly acted and rarely acted. I believe another reviewer wrote the same thing. I was left pondering why was this actor put in a lead position. because of that I honestly cant give a higher rating than 3. Tons of potential, lead actor destroyed what could have been a very good film.


About as scary as Sesame Street.
I saw, once again, that Netflix is touting yet another "to scary/nightmare inducing to watch" miniseries. I watched, no nightmares but, I did fall asleep off and on during the first 3 episodes. after 3, I gave up. The cinematography was about the only thing good here. Netflix should stop believing it's own hype. Other reviewers have already stated the flaws of this series and the obvious plagiarism of other films/series. If India wants to compete and integrate into this medium, it's time to break out of its self imposed box of mediocrity and plagiarism. If you want to watch an awesome Indian produced film, watch Autohead.

House of Forbidden Secrets

The only thing that should be forbidden is, the writer, director and actors ever making a film again
This is definitely not a grindhouse or giallo film as other 9-10 star reviewers stated. It does not pay homage to those geners. Its an insult to great indi and 0 budget movies. The cinematography was bad, the acting awful.

If you enjoy flat, slate beer infused with cigarette butts and aerosol spray cheese on stale limp crackers. you will definitely love this film.

30 Miles from Nowhere

A solid 2 star film
Ok, the acting was not that awful, just horrible writing, so that's 1 star. The cinematography was fine, that's 2nd star. This was not a comedy even tho billed as such. Not horror or even thriller. it was just a predictable muddled drama. This definitely HAD the potential to be a really good film. It was destroyed by abysmal writing. This film doesnt come close to "genre bending". It didnt take very long to "guess" what was really going on with the plot and where it was heading. Watch "The Invitation" instead.

Into the Forest

67 minutes of my life I'll never get back
I think the appropriate punishment of the persons involved in soliciting false 10 star reviews should be made to watch this film and, only this film until they confess or go mad. Awful and as frightening as a fuzzy puppy. Pathetic acting. The "twist" ending was anything but. Laughable. Hope anyone involved with this doesn't quit their day job


Being generous with a 4
I was never a comic book fan nevertheless, I usually enjoy the movies. Loved all the Xmen, guardians of the galaxy, iron man and so on. This, not so much. The underwater CGI was fantastic. The land fight scenes were laughably bad, cring worthy. Acting and dialogue cheesy and that's being kind. The lead actor is just eye candy. Pleasant to look but, He cant act. He's best with 0 or extremely minimal dialogue (he was perfect in GOT).

Book of Monsters

Very fun low budget horror comedy
This fits in well with movies such as What We Do In The Shadows and Burk and Hare. Definitely low budget however, they spent their money wisely. The choice monsters where influenced by quite a few films and lines obviously taken from other films also. The acting was very good compared to other low budget horror movies. storyline was also pretty simple. This would be on my list of fun Halloween films. Definitely recommend


Nothing remotely similar to an Argento film
Not in the same ballpark, hemisphere, planet or galaxy. Now that's out of the way....this wasn't a bad indi film, it just wasn't that good either. Mother has gone off the deep end and husband and daughter act as if nothing is amiss. Mother covers every reflective surface with black paint, its splattered on the walls and all over her...let's sit down for a family meal...enough said


Not your Atypical superhero movie
Mr Shyamalans movies, you either love them or hate them, there's rarely a middle ground. I personally really enjoyed this film. The acting was fantastic all around. I didnt find it boring in the least. If you're expecting smash up, beat em up, you're definitely not going to like this. Mr Shyamalan is a storyteller not, an action packed, churn out yet another formula based superhero film. In his movies, superheroes are ordinary people that find thems capable of doing extraordinary things.

Malevolent Shadows

Not good
I made it through 20 minutes and gave up. The acting was wooden and seemed as if the actors were reading cue cards, literally. In one scene, two people are talking facing each other. The one talking is looking above the other actor seemingly reading a cue card. That was it for me


Not the typical awful Bollywood tripe
This film is very realistic, reminiscent of Henry Portrait of A serial Killer. If you enjoyed Henry, you'll enjoy this. Its gritty, dark and dirty. No ridiculous song and dance numbers when someone dies, is happy, depressed and so on. A truly uncomfortable film. Kudos to the actors, writers and director for breaking out of the Bollywood box. I rarely ever give a 10 for a film. This honestly deserves it for breaking the confines of Indian film making


Typical americanized teen drama
I'm not giving a bad review because of cultural differences, it's just another teen drama with supernatural overtones. Its been done soooooo many times, a cookie cutter teen drama script with a different supernatural entity. I made it through episode 4 then, lost interest. The protests over this series is humorous. I believe more people tuned in because of it. This series would have flopped on its own.

The Perfection

You can pretty much tell a movie is going to be awful when, flashbacks are used to "explain" parts of the plot. A big hint to the writers, directors and producers of this film, the flashbacks were useless and killed any suspense you were trying to achieve. I can overlook the plot holes. I can suspend beliefs. This was not a horror, psychological suspense or even a thriller. it was a waste of time.

The Pining

What did I just watch?
Awful. I couldn't finish. A pro photographer that works in a blacked out studio? Huh? The acting was awful Sets, awful 0 suspense Convoluted script

Paranormal Investigation

Paranormal Boredom
There was nothing remotely scary about this film. Yes, low budget, even a blockbuster budget couldn't save this movie. The acting was wooden and silly as was the action of the characters. Pink night vision? Still trying to figure out the whys for that choice. I fell asleep halfway through (I didnt have nightmares) tried to finish watching after rereading the "glorious all posted on the same day 10 star reviews " nudge, nudge, wink wink. Waiting for anything to happen. No. You dont need millions of dollars in special effects to make a great horror film. You do need a good scrip, believable actors, a director and halfway decent photography. this failed on all levels. Skip it unless you're having sleep issues. you'll fall asleep quickly.

Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word

Not what I expected, which is great
I thought this was going to be the typical revenge from beyond the grave flick. I was wrong. This was a pleasant surprise. "Based" on factual events stories are usually horrible and full of cliches. This could almost pass as believable. the story telling, acting, script, directing was above average. definitely not your typical slasher type flick. The only problem I had was with the colouring of the film. Other than that, I'd highly recommend.


Visually, a beautiful film but falls flat
The cinematography is beautiful and sets the mood and tone for the film. The story in itself is intriguing. It reminded me of the setting of the movie, Cold Skin. Everything else is inconsistent. the CGI goes from incredibly amateurish to good. Some of the "ghost" scenes would have come across much better and a bit more frightening with makeup alone. The acting vacillates between good and again, amateurish. I wont say skip it, because it is beautiful to look at. I just cant give this a higher rating. Its really a 3.5 film.

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