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Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

It was okay. I wouldn't watch it again unless there wasn't anything else available.


Watch it more than once
The first time I watched this film, I didn't feel it and scored it 4/10 but after watching for the second time it got me in the feels. I cried. It's worth watching more than once especially if you weren't blown away by it the first time.

Soldier Soldier

Excellent to start but...
I loved this show for the first few series. The magic of it died when they killed off Corporal Anthony Wilton. After that, the show lost what made it great. Too many new characters who you couldn't root for. Storylines became depressing. The Irish guy and his mate were clearly written to be a replacement for Tucker and Garvey and quite honestly, the writers shouldn't have attempted it. They killed their own show.

The Hustle

Worst Film
This is the worst film I have watched in a long time. I switched it off. Tried again but had to switch it off again. I wanted to watch because of Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway. It's not a film I think they should brag about.

American Son

Had To Switch It Off
Washington with her face making and voice drove me to distraction. I couldn't watch it at all. She is so bitter, scared, hateful, arrogant, defensive, aggressive, whiny. I couldn't listen to her any longer. I'm surprised the character even met and fell in love with a white man in the first place.


So much potential
This show has so much potential. I enjoyed a lot of it however I felt like it was rushed which for me spoiled it.

The Pages

Thoroughly Enjoyed
I really enjoyed this film. It's popped up as a 98% match on Netflix and with no other better options I chose to watch it with zero expectations.


So much potential
This show has so much potential. I enjoyed a lot of it however I felt like it was rushed which for me spoiled it.

A Simple Favor

Charming and unexpected
I watched it and I liked it. It's not a movie to take seriously. It's charming. Blake and Anna work together well in this. It's worth a watch.


Another Book Adaptation Gone Wrong
What is the point in making a TV series from a book adaptation which was good and would have made a great TV series anyway to then not even attempt to match it and only use crumbs from it? It's pointless. People go to watch a book adaptation to see what they imagined on the screen. Switched off during the second episode.

Russian Doll

It's deep and funny
I loved it. The accents. The acting. The humour. The fashion. It goes deep when you don't expect it too. I really don't know if they would manage to do a second series or leave this as a one off drama instead. Watch it. You won't regret it.


I used to love the show...
Series 1 and 2, I loved. I fell in love with the show and of course Jamie and Claire. I happily scored it 10/10.

Series 3 was okay, major scenes from the book were missing, a characters storyline was completely changed, the introduction of Roger and Brianna. The actor and actress of those two characters clearly didn't read the book or research who they would play as they didn't quite get it, they missed the mark of who they were meant to be. This resulted in my lowering the scoring of the show to 7/10.

Then series 4 happened. Midway during episode two, I switched it off and removed it from my Prime watch list. I won't even bother with series 5.

From series 1, I could look past that Jamie's hair is meant to be more ginger than what it is or that Lord John Grey should be blonde or that Claire's hair is meant to be more curly. These were minor details.

But series 4! Jamie's hair is darker rather than lighter and less ginger but more brown. Making Claire a depressing character to watch when she isn't and the same goes for Jamie! Playing random songs during fight scenes. Changing storylines of characters again! Major characters completely missing from the show entirely. Getting the colour of the dog completely wrong. The location of River Run's house again, completely wrong. Missing scenes which would really bring everything to life and make the show less dreary and depressing. The scenes filmed on the barge made it too obvious from the terrible lighting that it was filmed in front of a green screen.

I already wasn't looking forward to watching Roger and Brianna as I struggled to maintain watching the awful portrayal of their characters the first time around. Everything else mentioned in the previous paragraph killed the show for me.

The magic has died.

Mary Queen of Scots

Inaccurate, long slog of a sad story
It's a period film trying to be PC. Any person of a colour that wasn't white were viewed as savages and this was taught so how on earth did they have persons of colour as ladies in waiting, top advisors in the privy council?! At least be historically accurate instead of trying to please the PC brigade! A gay husband? Really? A gay lover for the husband who was also a "lady" in waiting? Sodomites weren't tolerated in that age as it was a crime against God.

Mary would not have had a Scottish accent, it would have been a French accent if she was speaking English. Sometimes the scotch accent flipped into Irish.

The views of Scotland were lovely. The two leading ladies bar the Scottish accent did a good job. I liked the way it ended.

The film did begin to feel rather boring, long and I felt I had sat there a lot longer than I had. That's when I know I have seen a film which I wouldn't watch again unless I was channel flicking and there happened to be nothing else on.

You're better off watching this at home rather than cinema or buying on DVD. Wait until it comes online/the TV.

The Secret Scripture

My heart broke and I loved it. There's nothing else to say.


Going Downhill Fast
I really liked this when it started. I've stuck with it over the years. The latest series though. Talk about being politically left and PC. It's really put me off what was once a good show. Series link is switched off. Recordings are deleted. I won't be watching it again.

The Favourite

Rather witty
It has the strangest ending of any film I've seen. It's different. Witty. Laugh out loud moments. Memorable one liners. A good film.

Bird Box

Not what I expected at all
This film was not what I was expecting at all. By the end of it I have been left an emotional wreck. A brilliant film. Sandra Bullock as always is brilliant!

Angela's Christmas

I loved this and my 2yr old niece has asked for it on repeat since watching it. Beautifully made and a lovely story.

The Christmas Chronicles

It's now up there with being one of my top favourite Christmas films. Outstanding.

Hotel Artemis

Witty banter and great to watch
It's not entirely what you expect and don't be put off by others reviews. It's funny in parts and has some witty remarks and comebacks. Watch it. Decide for yourself. I would watch it again. Jodie Foster is brilliant in it.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

What a waste
There is something missing from this movie. The magic quality all other films of the franchise had is missing. It felt disjointed and there was no substance. The visual effects are stunning. Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law are brilliant in their roles. I feel they cast the wrong person in Johnny Depp, he doesn't give a vibe to the character like he had done in other roles in the past that he has done. It's too forced. The whole movie is forced and felt rushed. What a failure for the franchise and most importantly as the second instalment of Fantastic Beasts. Any future films for this franchise, I'll wait to watch on the TV rather than going to the cinema.

Ocean's Eight

It is not a remake!
Don't take note of the other reviews. It follows on in the same light as the other Ocean movies. It also isn't a remake. Who cares that it's an all female cast? It shouldn't matter. Don't take it seriously exactly like you didn't with the others. It's funny, light and good to watch.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Watch It
I liked this a lot more than what I expected to. It gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. A very cute movie.

Lost in Space

Don't Judge It From The Original
I haven't seen the original however reading other reviews, there clearly is one. I watched this as it's own programme and I can honestly say I liked it. Amazing CGI effects. Witty lines appear every so often. I would say it's one for families to watch. I enjoyed it. I couldn't give it ten stars as I wasn't keen on one of the characters storylines.

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