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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Isler Gucler, follows a path of post-modern comedy path in which it thrives with a fast-paced dialogue tempo, pop culture references, over average editing capabilities for Turkish TV show industry. Pop culture references mostly include local Turkish music, film and artistic personalities and events which may make it harder for foreign watchers to follow.

    The show is constructed as an "inside look" to the film and TV show business in Turkey which is very cleverly established by actors (who are friends in real life) using their real names and backgrounds. Self- depreciation and bantering among the actors become powerful tools for this show.

    The usual mishaps for Turkish comedies (over-acting and exaggeration) are almost never seen on the show which is very promising.

    The main characters are played by very talented staff of Murat Cemcir, Ahmet Kural, Sadi Celal Cengiz, Burak Satibol, Yilmaz Gruda, Sinasi Yurtsever and very good direction allows the rest of the cast keep up with these great performers.

    Scripts are usually cleverly written and well organized. You feel like nothing is put on the screen before serious consideration and deliberation which is also very positive step for Turkish TV show industry. Most TV shows are ridiculously filled with unnecessary lines and artificial dialogues.

    A natural, clever, witty comedy show which doesn't abstain from ridiculing itself.